Just Buggin challenge 17: inky fingers & tutorial!


everyone back on schedule?  i love holidays but also find it difficult to be off schedule & out of routine.

i have another peek at Pezzy for the holidays for you.  pezzy begged for a gingerbread house this year as soon as they appeared in michaels.  the kit is a bit of a rip off – a few pieces of gingerbread & candy with a big bag of powdered sugar.  so next year i may have to look into baking the *walls* myself but she had fun!

today’s post is exciting for me – not only another project for another SUPERB challenge over at Just Buggin but i finally made another couple video tutorials!!

blog tag

Challenge 17 from our wonderful leader Samantha over at Just Buggin is Inky Fingers.  the girls all did wonderful projects so i sure hope you check out the challenge blog and the other members of the team.  My project is two little tags i did:

all pieces were cut on my cricut – shadow piece and two pieces for each tag base, snowflakes & little snow friends.  for each tag i cut the top piece with decorative scissors or edge punches to create fun layers.  every layer is puton with foam tape to give lots of depth and dimension.  the snowflakes have glittered crystal skittles in the centers.

I inked all of my edges with white.  i thought for these in particular white or lighter was better than the usual darker inking.  it adds to the *frosty* look of the scenes i think.  after inking well onto the pieces i added thin lines of crystal stickles & i also stamped white snowflakes across all of my die cuts.  the snowman’s face is a peachy keen stamp of course – kathy is fabulous over there!

and now VIDEOS!!  i will admit they are a little rough.  i have still not gotten a good method down for filming OR for making sure i stay within the fraame.  i was also working with new editing software but here they are – two new additions to the Stamping Basics Series:

inking die cuts:

inking edges:


These supplies for inking are available in my online store – Pezadoodle Designs and are ranger products – ink blending tool, foam ink blending replacements and non stick craft sheet.  See THIS POST for answers to some of the questions i have been asked…

i hope you found these useful – if you DID spur me on!!!  leave me a comment!  tutorials are extremely time consuming.  i love to do them but i need to know if it is worth it TO YOU for me to do more.  keep an eye out HERE for more info on future tutorials designed BY YOU!  a format change for the new year that i have in mind…….


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20 Responses

  1. The videos were very helpful. I will have to look for the Ranger Blending tool. I was just using the edge of my inkpad & I would get stray marks that were dark & in spots were I didn’t want them. Your blending is a soft muted color. Much better. Thanks for showing that. You couldn’t just describe that. The video really helped.

    • thatis precisely why i like this so much better! i have plenty of the blending tools and foams in stock now – just click on my store link upper right column!

  2. Great job on the video!

    Pezzy is just SO cute!! You did a great job on the gingerbread house!!

  3. Thanks Marti for the video! Great job explaining how to use the blending tool. Can’t wait to try it out 🙂

    Adorable gingerbread house!

  4. Great tutorials, Marti!! Yep!! We SURELY do want more videos!!! I, too, had been trying to accomplish this with my inkpads and couldn’t figure out why it didn’t look right! Thanks so much for setting me straight!!! Awesome!!! Keep ’em comin’!

  5. Nice gingerbread house! Don’t you love how kids always clump all the candies in one spot? For next year, homemade would be much better, but I don’t know how you’d have time. Lmk if you need any hints.

    The videos are awesome. I should’ve watched the bottom one first though. I just got the blending tool because I like the look of inking, but didn’t like how mine looked. I was more interested than what you were doing & saying, so I didn’t care if they are rough. At least you didn’t say um every other word like some people do.

  6. wow. I’ve been ‘inking’ for a long time and you are a GENIUS! I get frustrated by my uneven marks and your technique will solve that! I NEED that Ranger tool RIGHT NOW! Thank you for making the videos.

  7. Hi Marti, Love your videos. I’ve never used one of those little ink daubbers, but am going to get one. TFS! Your snowman tags are Adorable and so is your little girl!!!! : )


  8. Love your videos! I’ve been inking my edges for years, but your videos helped me see how to do them even better. I never thought to use a light and a dark color together. Duh! It sounds so simple, but it never occurred to me. Thanks a bunch for the lessons!

  9. Great video… thanks for the tips on getting perfectly inked edges. Keep the videos coming!!!

  10. I love your tags! So perfect for the inky fingers challenge!!!


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