Pezza’s Way video with Pardo & House of Gilli!

hello everyone!

i had a FANTASTIC weekend i must say!  Saturday I was feeling down and hubby took pezza and sent me upstairs to lock myself away and take a shower and such in peace.  Then we went out and did some errands and took Pezza to eat at Cici’s Pizza – her very favorite place!  Then yesterday Hubby took pez ALL DAY so i could work in my studio and get stuff done so we can go out of town on Wednesday – a full, uninterrupted day of creativity in my studio – PURE BLISS!!!  almost never happens, especially with Pezza out of school now!  and i got ALOT done thank goodness!  Starting with some major clean up!  my mojo had been suffering a bit and the clean up and day long crafting really re-energized me.  But i still have more to do before i will be comfortable going out of town.  we are heading to my mom’s in south Louisiana for her annual crawfish boil – one of my favorite things i get to do in life!  pezza is beside herself with excitement because she gets to see her little buddy brett who lives next door.  my om is pushing for an arranged marriage HAHAHHAAH!  the scary part of this trip…we are driving.  yep…driving…with pez in the car…for 17 hours….why? it’s just so so much cheaper plus we can bring whatever we want to with us.  the best advantage – we have to drive right through my brother’s area and get to stop for a visit and i get to see his house for the first time YAY!!!!  he has an old craftsman style house and he has been doing loads of renovating and stuff.  can’t wait!


The Design Team Call for Through the Craft Room Door is still open – you have until April 15th to submit!  This team is for the Challenge we will begin doing on the magazine website and it is open to everyone!

1.    MUST have an active blog that is OVER 1 year old

2.    MUST participate in each challenge (2 per month) as well as participate in chatter on the website and Facebook.

3. You *may* be called upon to contribute to the magazine from time to time but it is not a requirement

What do you have to do?

  1. Submit 2 projects – a card and something OTHER than a card – to  Your second project DOES NOT have to be a papercrafting item.
  2. Include your name, address and a brief bio in your email
  3. Give us the link to your blog as well as a list of what message boards and online crafting groups you participate in.

*There is no monetary compensation for this position.

**Anyone interested in sponsoring challenges please contact us!


I have a SUPER project for you today!  i love it anyway!  i was asked recently to be a guest designer for my friend Anary over at the House of Gilli blog.  Not familiar with Gilli – oh you should be!  Gilli is an adorable little character created by Anary and the stamps are available at Stamping Scrapping (along with LOADS of other awesome things).  The current challenge over at The House of Gilli is ribbons and pearls SO i created this little Relaxation Gift Set:

I started with an embossed metal pail – part of a stash of them i got at Joann’s on clearance for SUPER CHEAP.  I took a plain white cloth napkin and stamped Florist Gilli using Tsukineko VersaCraft Black ink.  Then I colored it in with Tsukineko Fabricolor Markers.  These two products are AMAZINGLY permanent on fabric.  i first tested them over two years ago on some rags we use for Pezza clean ups – these rags are washed weekly in bleach and hot water and the stamping is STILL THERE!!!!  but use a LIGHT hand – the ink will bleed/soak into the napkin if you use too much or apply it to heavily.  Next I used Heat N Bond strip iron on adhesive to attach the ribbons followed by some pearls using Liquid Pearls.  Finally I stamped some random swirls on the outside thirds of the napkin using another VersaCraft ink pad.

I filled the pail with some scented lotion, a good book (Gate to Women’s Country by Sheri S. Tepper – a MUST READ), a pretty candle and a little card with a tea bag inside.

My candle started out as a plain white candle – not exciting.  Alcohol Inks to the rescue!  Very simple to change the color of your candle – simply choose 2-3 colors alcohol inks, put some of each color onto your felt applicator and dab randomly!  it is only flammable while still wet – not once it has dried.

Next I took the same ribbon as i used on the napkin and adhered it to the candle with Scor Tape.  I finished off with some Liquid Pearls and a cute little Pardo Clay embellishment i made.  At the end of this post you can watch a video where Pezza shows you how to make these!

I used Pardo Clay by Viva Decor and a Mold From Sakura on Etsy.  These molds are amazing!  and SO easy to use!  if you get some be sure and tell her i sent you!!!  I brushed it with pearl mica powder from luminarte before baking – any mica powder will work.






And finally here is my card.  Florist Gilli is colored with colored pencils – no blending solvents used.  If you want to learn how to get the most oout of YOUR colored pencils be sure to check out my Colored Pencil 1 class on Color Me Creative.

I used the Elegant Edges Cricut cartridge for the patterned panel – this is the Book creative feature.  If you cannot find this cart near you – just head over to see my buddy Terri at Stampsalive and you can get one there for a great price!

The little pink embellishment is the same as the one on the candle.




Inside is a little tea bag holder made using the Fabulous Finds Cricut Cartridge – it is actually a library pocket but works perfectly for this!  I placed a piece of clear acrylic on the window portion – i cut it from the plastic one of my cricut cartridges came in – i always save them.  i used Scor Tape to put it all together – that way i know it will hold up!

while i was making the clay embellishments Pezza had to get in on the act OF COURSE.  then she asked if she could do a video for folks and we had not done one in so loooooong!  so i set her up and she went to town as she usually does – check it out below!!!




what do you think????  easy peasy right?!

and now i am off to the post office.  i hope you all have a fabulous day!






Imagine This Friday: LOADS of Eggs!

hi everyone!

yay for fridays yes?  not sure what is on my agenda for today.  i was going to get together with a stamping buddy driving down from up north but i have not gotten an update so i don’t know yet if she will make it down.  i do so hope she does tho!  it’s always fun to get together with people who are just as crazed about this hobby as i am!  i also have some cake prep to do today for the 1st Birthday Train cake i am making for my next door neighbor’s little boy.  i have the idea worked out in my head – i just have to get it onto a cake 😛

but for now we are going to play with the Cricut Imagine again YAY!  anyone who has been following my blog for awhile now knows my mom throws a family reunion/easter egg hunt/crawfish boil every year the weekend before easter.  AND you also know she has me make the invitations for it.  AND you know she usually has crazy requests but i always find a way.  this year is no different.  she has requested a basket of easter eggs with a crawfish claw reaching out.  of course i can!  i have a cricut!

what do you think???  now to make 26 more…….

quite a task right?  well the Imagine is very helpful, especially with a few settings i will show you today.  For those who love and have been requesting the video version here it is:

and for those who prefer the written one:

I used the Blossom Imagine cartridge for the patterned papers and Doodlecharms for the basket and eggs.  I found that when i did the eggs and the baskets all together i ended up with alot of wasted paper.

So i did all of the egg pieces at once and then the baskets.  as you can see above – I have four eggs – each a different pattern PLUS their four matching shadow layers.  The shadow colors are just the darkest version of each color i found in the color palette on the cartridge.  Size is set at 3.5 on the REL side.  For additional info on these steps see previous ITF tutorials.

Now, I need 27 of EACH of the eight eggs above.  i can just choose the same eggs again, re-size them, and add the pattern/colors until I fill the page.  but that is tedious since each one has to be done one at a time.  Instead i am using the two settings circled in red above.  The one on the left is project quantity and the one on the right is art quantity.  Both of these are only 1 digit so 9 is as high as you can go.  So i can’t pick 27 on either one.  However, i can use them together.  So i upped my art quantity to 3 – this gave me three of each egg without doing each one individually.  this fills up my 8.5 x 11 paper.  Next I chose 9 for my project quantity – so i will print & cut 9 of these pages.  Now if i chose  7 for my art quantity i would have ended up with 2 pages for my project.  then when i upped my project quantity it would include ALL pages in my project.  so now i put my paper in, it prints and cuts all of my eggs, sends it back out and i put it the next one until it tells me it is done.  this is nice because i don’t have to keep track of what i have already cut – especially since i have constant interruptions – i cut these 9 pages and the 9 pages of the baskets over the course of 3 days!  YEP it’s that bad 😛

Now to get out the glue….ACK!

time to design a train cake…..i hope you all have a fun weekend planned!!!!

Imagine This Friday (finally)

hi all!

WOW i had one computer issue after another it seems.  i finally got the power cord problem worked out and then i ran out of memory!  thank goodness for the HUGE external drive hubby had gotten for me – i just had to sit down and take the time to dump everything onto it!  i kept saying i was going to sort through it as i went but well…..not gonna happen right now!

i had a great day though – went and did Cici’s pizza with hubby and pezza – it’s her MOST fave place to go.  then came home and she fell asleep!!!!  so i spent some time dumping my too full memory and making a few cards to submit to PaperCrafts – there are 84 sketches to choose from!!!!!!  i am doing them using the cricut which doesn’t usually get published but i always like to give it a shot!  i am hoping to fit a few more into my busy schedule tomorrow morning – the deadline is Monday!

But onto why you came here!  I have another Imagine This Friday segment for you – this time we are working on the Borders of your images.  here are the two cards again:

If you look closely you will notice a slight difference – the card on the bottom has all of the images outlined in a thin brown border and the card on top does not:

This is how the images are printed originally.  the border is only visible around the balloons and it is light blue like the sky.

And this is them after i added a thin brown border.  neat huh?  first up, the video for folks who prefer them:

and for those that don’t here is a step-by-step for ya!

I am using the Best friends cartridge.  As you can see here i have placed my image in the que and broke it into layers.

Tap the next button to go into your Project Preview screen.  Then tap the Settings button.

The Settings screen will open.  In the top right corner is your Border Preferences.  You can see it is set on default and the other settings are grayed out so you can’t get to them.

Tap the triangle to make the menu drop down and choose Custom.  Now you can see the border options are no longer grayed out and you can access them to make changes.  Tap the Define Colors option and your Color screen will come up.

This screen will look familiar from our last lesson where we worked with RGB codes and selecting our own colors.  This is the same thing.  You can either choose to input a specific RGB code OR you can touch your stylus to the little cross hairs in the color wheel and drag it around until you have a color you are happy with.  Remember the black and white slider on the right hand side will darken or lighten your color – which is shown in the custom color box.

Last you can adjust the size or width of your border.  Mine was originally set at .04 and i decided to make it thinner so i went to .02.  you can also make it wider.  once you are satisfied with your changes tap Apply.

Now you can see all of my images have a brown border around them!

You can really see the difference here!

so what do you think????

Leave me a comment and let me know.  If you have an Imagine let me know if there is another topic you have questions about or want me to cover in a future lesson!  up for grabs this week is a 12×12 pad (36 sheets) of REALLY FUN paper:

I will draw a name on TUESDAY morning!!!

have a fabulous weekend my friends!

Imagine This Friday! RGB codes

hi everyone!

my week FLEW by – not sure WHERE it went!  i am always glad to see friday but WOW!  we spent a good bit of yesterday having little friends over and catching up with the mommas 🙂    We had our monthly MOMS Club Dinner Divas exchange first and then my neighbor came over for awhile with her two.  i am hoping pezza spends some time outside this afternoon and wears herself out while she can before the weather goes back to cold.  i think the next break we have in temperature we are going to head to the zoo!

now let’s get this show moving!  i have our 4th Cricut Imagine lesson for ya today – using RGB codes to custom match your Die Cuts with your papers.  I made a little set of notecards for this one to experiment with several colors:

i used the Mother’s Day Bouquet cartridge to make a variety if layered flowers.  For those who prefer a video:

and for those who don’t:

I started with a collection of patterned papers and print outs of the RGB codes for Papertrey Ink, Stampin’ Up!, and Close To My Heart.  RGB stands for Red Green & Blue – many of you have likely already played with these on your computer to print off matching sentiments or journaling.  I matched up my colors and wrote the codes down on a sticky note to refer to as i went.

You can see i have 4 flowers up in my image que.  i have made each one a different size for layering and want them to alternate in color – i am using PTI Pure Poppy and Sweet Blush for this set.  I have already colored my first two.  To get to your RGB screen tap your image and then tap the pencil to go to your edit screen.

You will see your colors (patterns too if you happen to have an Imagine cartridge in your machine) in the strip along the bottom of your screen.  Drag it across with your stylus until you see the rainbow choice as the arrow is pointing to above.  Tap the triangle to select that one.

This brings up your custom color screen where you can control your RGB codes.  The arrow above is pointing to them – simply adjust them to match your color choice from the Code charts.  As you adjust the little bullseye in the colored circle will move around.

See this first square above?  That shows you the color you are making.  here it is Pure Poppy.

You can also adjust the lightness/darkness of your color with the sliding bar adjuster to the right of the screen (see above).  Notice how the color swatch square changes when that slider is moved up and down.  you can also just play with it by dragging that little bulls eye around the circle with your stylus.  when you are satisfied with your color tap Apply at the bottom right.

Here is my flower – now Pure Poppy colored!  Tap Apply again and move on to your next image.  now just print and assemble.

I played around a bit with my layers and i WILL warn you that the ink from your Imagine WILL RUN – it is not liked colored cardstock!  So keep this in mind if using products such as stickles and mists.  All of my centers are Glittered Skittles.

Some are embossed, Some are inked on the edges, some are misted with Perfect Pearls mists, some are stamped on….

what do y’all think???  Super duper easy right?!!

now want something cool?  How about the full collection of Mr & Mrs by Teresa Collins?

Just leave me a comment – i will pick on monday!

have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Imagine This Friday Lesson 3

Happy friday y’all!!!

yay friday!!!!!  mostly for my poor hubby’s sake – rough week.  the weekend is going to come just in time me thinks.  i have NO idea what’s on our agenda for the weekend.i do know it is supposed to be above 50 degrees sunday so we will all be runnin’ around here like it’s summer!  the temp as i write this is 13.  pretty lame….!  Pezza and i planted seeds in some egg cartons to see if we can make some things grow to transfer to our garden when spring hits.  i need to get a grow bulb from home depot though – cross your fingers for us.  she has one full of flowers, one full of herbs and we will do one more this weekend for vegies.

I also hope to spend some more time working on my colored pencil classes.  I am having quite alot of fun with them – to me the pencils are more soothing than copics – maybe because i have worked with them for a decade so it is familiar!   Here is an image i was playing with last night in front of the tv.  This technique does not use oderless mineral spirits for blending….

The image is one of my own images – Princess Pria.  She is 1 of 3 International Princesses (maybe one day i will get the rest of the line done!)

Now on to our focus for today!  Lesson 3 in the Imagine This Friday Cricut Imagine tutorials.  If you missed the first two lessons you can see them HERE and HERE.  This lesson assumes knowledge from the previous lessons so i don’t go over steps i have already covered there.

This week we are going to take a look at the other type of cartridge available for your Cricut Imagine – Colors & Patterns Cartridges.  Once again we will use our Imagine to make EVERYTHING for our card except our card base.

My card pictured here uses the Blossom Colors & Patterns cartridge coupled with the Cake Basics traditional cartridge.  Again all of my papers and images were done on the Imagine using the same cartridge so I have perfectly coordinated look.  The ability to use your traditional cartridges along with your Imagine cartridges really opens up your creative options and enables you to make full use of all Cricut has to offer!

You will still be working with layers as you would when cutting the images on a regular Cricut so you don’t lose any of the depth we are all used to.  Now let’s get started!  you can click on the video or scroll down for the written tutorial:

Begin by turning on your Imagine Machine.  Then load your cartridges – the Imagine carts fit into the slot on the right and the traditional carts fit in the slot in the left.

I clicked on the icon shaped like the old cricut carts on the left side of the Content Source Icon (you can see it is brown in this picture showing it is selected) and then chose my images as shown in the image que along the top.  (These are things we went over in Lesson 1 & 2 in case you missed those.)

For this card I have the bird – 2 layers plus the shadow – and the border piece which is also 2 layers plus a shadow.  I chose to do 2 each of the border pieces so I would have a border long enough for the front of my card.

Now it’s time to customize each shape using your Colors & Patterns cartridge.

Tap each shape one at a time and tap the pencil to get to the edit screen.  In the edit screen you will be able to see all of your pattern and color choices along the bottom.  Use your stylus to drag the patterns across the bottom so you can scroll through and see all of your options.  At the end you will find all of your coordinating solid color options.  Simply tap the one you want with your stylus and it will fill your shape.  Also adjust your size – be sure to use the REL size (on the right of the numbers) so your layers will fit together correctly.  My bird was done at 2” and border was done at 1”.  When you are satisfied with the shape tap “Apply” at the bottom and move on to your next shape.

Here you can see all of my layers have colors or patterns added to them.  In addition I clicked on the center icon in the Content Source Icon tray so I could get to the basic shapes pre-loaded on the Imagine machine.  I chose 3 squares, sized them to 5 ½” and added patterns to 2 of them and one of the darker color solids to the other.

Now it is time to cut.  Having this many items will require more than one sheet of paper so once the first one is done the machine will prompt you for the second one and so on.

Here are all of the pieces cut out.  In addition I have the piece of cardstock I used for the base of my card – PTI’s Spring Moss goes perfectly with the colors on the Blossom cartridge.

Now you have everything you need to create a perfect card!



Up for grabs – A zig glue pen (for glueing all of your small pieces) and an assortment of BNIB foam adhesive squares and glue dots!  just leave me a comment!  I will have a winner on Monday!


Thank you so much for joining me for Lesson 3 and I am looking forward to sharing Lesson 4 with you!!!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

YUM – cake!

hi everyone!

ahhhhh monday….being that i work from home and make my own schedule for the most part Mondays are usually no big deal.  BUT i have had quite a bit of trouble getting my butt back in gear since returning from CHA plus my mom has been here so i don’t work as much while she is visiting.  however today i really need to kick myself back into shape as i have ALOT to do!  i need to make loads of follow up contacts from CHA.  Pezza has been asked to do FOUR Pezza Way videos for different companies!!!  so i need to get that organized.  we have an interview to do with Barbara Trombley – the “Glitter Queen” herself – from Art Institute Glitter for our magazine Through the Craft Room Door.  I will give a fuller report on my CHA adventures tomorrow!

to top it off my poor pezza is sick AGAIN – she has been sick more this winter season than ever before.  her fever reached almost 102 yesterday so no school for her today.  She doesn’t have any other symptoms but her best buddy next door is going in today for a strep test BOO!


before i get to my project for today i have a winner from Imagine This Friday – Ann Shuman!  she will get te fun heart punch around the page!  congrats!


So who watched the Super Bowl last night?  i have to be honest the only thing i watched was the half time show and i have to say it ROCKED!  i loved all the songs they did and the peeps in the light up suits SWEET!  i spent the first half downstairs sewing the first of a number of little adorable summer dresses for pezza.  then i went to bed 😛  i know i am terribly exciting right…BUT I DID have some super bowl fun – i made a super bowl cake!  used my Cricut Cake machine of course:

Kevin rooted for the Steelers while trev and my mom rooted for the packers so i had to make a half and half cake.

I used my Everyday Paper Dolls Cartridge for the little football players, goal post and footballs.

the side has a banner from Cake Basics and then i added the little footballs.  i FINALLY had enough time and energy to do a bit of “finishing” on this one and added dots of yellow buttercream around the top and bottom.  Kevin said this was the best one yet 🙂  it was also the easiest one yet – i am really getting the hang of it i think!  i also have lots of brown and yellow gumpaste left over so i see something with sunflowers in our future HAHAHHAH!  Next cake on my agenda will be for valentine’s day – Pezza and i have big ideas for that one!

i can’t believe how easy it has turned out to be to use my Cricut cake machine.  i really struggled with it at first.  i will go through my steps again for anyone who may have missed it!

1. PLAN YOUR DESIGN – it is really the best to plan your design and lay it all out in design studio.  i make a file for each color of gumpaste i will be using.  i use the cake pan size as a guide for sizing my design.  By doing this you can cut your gumpaste quickly before it warms and softens when you take it out of the freezer.  Resist the urge to weld one long border piece – it will be MUCH harder to move and put onto your cake!

2. Make your gumpaste sheets.  i have been using the Cricut Gumpaste in the tub and have been very happy with it.  I use 3 mats when doing this but i may need more….be sure to knead your chunk of gumpaste really well to get it soft and pliable.  now put on some latex gloves, rub them all over with a bit of crisco and start coloring.  i use americolor coloring gel a drop or two at a time..  knead it really well to get the color smooth and not streaky.

3. Roll it out on a flexible plastic mat (cricut mat if you have enough) dusted with a mix of half cornstarch and half powdered sugar.  Roll it really thin!  like really thin!

4. Cover your Cricut mat with crisco – you want a good thorough coating so your gumpaste will stick and not move around.  Lay the mat on top of your gumpaste and then flip your “sandwich” over and carefully peel your top mat off.

5. Trim the gumpaste so it is within the borders of your Cricut mat.  Now roll it out some more – i can usually get it even thinner at this stage.  Trim again to keep from gunking up your rollers.

6. Now put the mat in the freezer for 30 minutes or so.  I do ALL of my mats at once so they can all sit in the freezer.  you can put some saran wrap over them so they don’t dry out.

7. Once the gumpaste has chilled you are ready to cut!  Since you have your design laid out in design studio you can cut all your items from each color quickly.  Once each one is done remove the excess gumpaste and put it back in the freezer.

8. Now you need to put your layers together.  I used some “glue” i made by dissolving a bit of gumpaste in water.  I painted it on the back of my layers as i put them together.  Once done i put them all BACK in the freezer, covered, until i was ready to put them on my cake.  this way they would be a bit sturdier when i move them.

9.  Bake your cake and ice it – i highly recommend Rick’s Special Buttercream – THE BEST!!!!!

10. Now simply add your gumpaste cut outs to your cake!

now off to start my day!  i hope you all have a great week – thanks for stopping by!


it’s here! Imagine This Friday debut! plus a giveaway!

hi everyone!

before we get to ITF i have a tremendously exciting announcement – i am the newest Staff Reporter for Craft!!!  i am beyond excited about this!  Craft Critique is a fantastic site focusing on crafting product reviews.  while they are primarily paper crafting they are branching out to cover ALL crafty areas and i LOVE that since i dabble in so many!  i love doing thorough product reviews and am really looking forward to contributing to this amazing website!  thank you sarah for the fabulous opportunity!  my first assignment – CHA coverage!  can’t wait!  they have already been posting sneak peeks!

this is an exciting day for me as i debut this new idea for my blog.  i realize many of you do not even have a cricut much less a cricut imagine BUT i hope to help new readers who DO have one or might be trying to decide whether or not to get one.  Be sure to enter the giveaway for ALL cricut users at the end of the post!

today focuses on a very basic concept for the Imagine.  for all of the adorable images on the Imagine cartridges you can choose to print and cut them as a one layer flat image OR break them apart into layers for a bit more dimension.  here are two identical cards done each way:

The cards use the current card sketch from Splitcoast Stampers.  The card on the right is the one layer flat image and the left is the layered image.

To accentuate the layers i inked the edges too.  you can further the dimensional look by using foam tape beneath the layers too.

I want to focus on this first because it is the most common thing i hear.  “i don’t like the imagine because it’s too flat and not creative.”  i totally disagree.

1. placing layers is placing layers – whether you made them with the Imagine or the regular cricut cartridges.

2. card making involves ALOT more than your focal images.

3. i don’t HAVE to print the image flat. i have a choice and i like choices!

many folks have also said they don’t like the layers because they are different from the way the original cricut looks.  i am GLAD they are different – now i have a machine that can give me two different styles depending on my mood.  the layering style of the Imagine carts is much more like “paper tole.”  and you know what they remind me of – Anna Griffin.  i was watching her on HSN yesterday and have been buying her stuff for many years.  one of the things she does alot of (and so does K&CO among others) is produce stickers with layers that are popped up on foam tape.  i love these types of stickers but rarely buy them because i can make them myself!  (hmmm file that in ideas for another ITF segment…)  but seriously this is a very popular style right now and i LOVE that i can make them myself but with more creative freedom to custom design them!

Now for the nitty gritty!  i have both a video and a printout for you so you can choose your preferred method of learning!

PDF file is available – email me if you need it!

Lesson 1
Using your Cricut Imagine Art Cartridges

Your Cricut Imagine can use the traditional style Cricut Cartridges that are used in the other Cricut Machines as well as its own cartridges designed specifically for the Imagine. There are two types of Imagine cartridges – the Art Cartridge and the Colors and Patterns Cartridges. Today we will talk about the Art Cartridges.
Art Cartridges have more contents than Color & Pattern Cartridges and are more expensive. Art Carts provide you with both images as well as pattern and color choices. The images are already colored and you have a choice of printing them as a flat, one layer image OR breaking them apart into layers for added dimension.

I will go through some initial things with your machine for this lesson only – future lessons will get right to the good stuff! When you turn your machine on (with no cartridges in it) here is what you will see:
The image on the upper left is Print & Cut – tap that with your stylus.

This will bring up your stock images – these are loaded onto the machine itself. They are very basic but quite useful shapes with no color at all – you can add any color or pattern you want to from your Imagine Cartridges.

Your Imagine Cartridges are smaller than your regular Cricut cartridges and those are inserted in to the slot on the RIGHT side of your machine. The machine does not need to be turned off to switch carts. Once your cart is inserted the images will appear on your screen. Use your stylus tool to gently touch the screen and slide the images over to the left to scroll through them and decide which one to use.

Today I am working with this image of a table with a cake on top and presents around the bottom. Choose your image by tapping it lightly with the stylus – it will appear very tiny at the top of your screen in your image queue.

If you choose additional images they will line up at the top of the screen. Here you can see I have chosen our image twice – once for a flat one and once for the layered one.

The Imagine has a default height of 2” for all of the images (not “REAL” size but in relation to the main images.) In order to EDIT an image, in this case change the size and break it out into layers, tap the tiny image at the top of the screen, it will pop up larger inside of a square. You will see a pencil in the upper left corner and a red minus sign in the upper right corner. The minus sign will delete the images from your queue.

Tap the pencil and your edit screen will come up.

On this screen you will see your image as a whole as well as just HOW your image would be broken up if printed out in separate layers. There is a tiny icon in the upper left corner that controls how it will be printed. The little girl on the left – browned out means it is selected – is all one layer. If you select the little girl on the right broken into layers your image will be done as layers.

Now let’s talk about adjusting your sizes. At the bottom center of your edit screen you will see the settings pictured here.

This is your size adjustment. When you are working with an image broken out into it’s layers you can choose Relative size (rel) highlighted white on the right side of the +/- or true size on the left. True size is equivalent to Real Dial Size on regular Cricut machines. If you highlight true then all of the images will be printed the same size and will not layer correctly.
Now click Apply at the bottom right of your screen and you will go back to your original page.

When you go back to your original selection screen you will see that you now have the layers in your queue along the top. You are ready to print and cut your image! Tap next on the bottom right and your print screen, or Job Set Up screen, will come up.

On this screen you see your mat with your images on it. This is a great way to check your sizing so there are no surprises – a rectangular shape might be set for 4” high but then it makes it much wider than you expected so this way you can really see it. If you want to make an adjustment at this stage simply tap the image again and then tap the pencil to get to your edit screen. Let’s look at the settings more closely.

You can make a lot of adjustments on this screen. If you are making multiples you do not have to select them and adjust them individually (this could get tedious if you are making 25 invitations for example.) Just do it one time and then increase your art quantity here to 25. You also have the option to have the machine fit your image to your page or fill your page with as many as will fit.
Along the bottom half you can adjust your multi cut, speed and pressure just like the regular cricut. You can flip your images in one step.

You can also set your paper size here. I use 8 ½ x 11 paper because the paper I like best (PTI) is not available in 12×12. The first pic shows the images laid out on a 12 x 12 piece of paper. The second one shows how the images were re-adjusted to fit when I reduced the size of my paper.

I also want to bring your attention to the size of the images in this particular picture – notice they are all the same size – NOT sized for layering like you saw above. This is what they come out like when you pick the True Size rather than the Relative size.
The next one is critical – Load Last. This is a little check box in the center of the screen. When you cut your images out you will have plenty of uncut paper left. On your next project run load that paper exactly as it was for the first project and then hit Load Last – it will move your images to the unused paper portion!
When you are satisfied and ready to cut tap Next at the bottom right of the screen.
Insert your mat with your sheet of white paper on it. Be sure you do not have any paper extending over the border area – the machine uses the black lines as guides. Lay your mat on the white rail that says insert paper and slide it in gently until it stops. Hold it in place with light pressure and tap the GO sign on the Imagine screen. (On mine I have to put slightly more pressure on the right hand corner of my mat.) Once the machine grabs the paper you are good to let go. Once the machine is done and spits your mat back out you can remove your image but leave your paper in place on the mat! It’s easier for the Load Last feature.
When putting the layers together consider inking the edges of each layer and/or using foam tape to pop them up and give them even more dimension.

now how about a giveaway ALL cricut users can love??? hate constantly buying new mats?  too lazy (like me) to go through all the work required for many of the re-sticky options?  check this out:

These two products are AMAZING.  and so quick and easy!  when your mat gets un-sticky simply cover the outer edges with blue painters tape, spray on a layer of Stick & Spray, 30 seconds later you are back to cutting!  3-0-seconds folks!  mat getting a little gunky and you need to kind of start over?  before taping off the edges spray all over with Stack Away, wait 30 seconds, wipe with a paper towel to remove the excess spray.  now take a credit card or an acrylic block and scrape the mat clean – this does NOT take long or require much effort.  you certainly don’t need to be sure you go down to the bare mat or anything.  tape off and spray with Stick & Spray, DONE.  the best part – this method of sticky-ing is actually BETTER than the way the mats come to you brand new!

***KEEP IN MIND – ProvoCraft has stated that re-stickying your mats will void your warranty if they find any sticky in your machine.  If your machine is no longer under warranty your do not have to worry.***

How do you win?  just leave me a comment and tell me if you have an Imagine or are considering getting one or just let me know what you think of the cards!  you have all weekend to enter and i will choose a winner on Monday!

now i am off to get my busy day going!  thank you for stopping by – it makes my day!