i want to be a fairy…

good morning!

it looks like we will be having amazing weather today!  i hear the back gardens calling my name for some weeding and mulch!  the weeds are absolutely INSANE in the back gardens every year – it is driving me up the wall i tell ya!  the house next door is probably the culprit – the only thing they have in their yard is weeds – i think the grass has all disappeared.

i had a pretty nice day yesterday.  hollyn and kevin made me one of those reeses peanut butter cup bars – you know in the box.  it was pretty funny listening to him trying to make it with Pezza.  for one thing she kept eating his measured out butter.  the child is a fiend for butter.  i can’t tell you how many times i have pulled out a stick of butter and it had a bite mark in the side – SO GROSS!!!

today i have a cute little card for y’all.  it is based on the current sketch over at SCS and also inspired by the following challenges:

Paperplay – Show us your style
Papertake weekly – Anything goes (with the option of something round)
Fussy and Fancy – Spring

This is Forest Fairy – a victoria case exclusive over at SCACD. I had this cute forest-y paper laying on my table from the LO I used it on and it thought it would look perfect with her.  I used a couple of my Pardo Clay embellishments I showed y’all – i love them so much i didn’t want to put anything else on my card 😛

I decided she would look good in some all over shimmer so i painted her with Twinkling H2Os.  Mine are old – i have had them since before they sold the company to Creative Imaginations.  At CHA I stopped by the booth to see the new ones and they DO have more shimmer to them.  Her water and bubbles are covered in Glossy Accents for a bit of dimension and i gave her wings and the bees’ wings some extra shimmer with a coating of Smooch Illuminate. I used Smooch in Kiwi to dot her towels and a red spica glitter pen for the tiny hearts on her cup.

Susana has been getting all sorts of new goodies in the store so be sure you head over there and check it all out!

I don’t have pics today but momma and babies are doing well.  Momma must have been exploring because she knocked over a bunch of stuff on my other craft table 😛  now i am off to clean and weed so i can get it done and then sew today!



Pardo Clay Cuteness… on a card

hi everyone!

wow is it lunchtime already?!  pezza and i have spent the last two morning out in the front yard doing some major spring maintenance in the gardens.  apparently we are skipping spring out here in northern VA  entirely and going straight into OMG heat stroke.  even though the front of the house is in shade in the morning it is still rough out there!

so i forgot to tell y’all our best road trip story yesterday!  Trevor (my 18YO) was helping with the driving.  however he has now been banned from doing any driving in the state of mississippi if we are on a future road trip.  we were pulled over TWICE within about 15 minutes of each other for no reason whatsoever.  the first time the cop tells trev to get out of the car and takes him to the cop car and is questioning him – where is he going, who is in the car with him, has he ever been in trouble with the law, on and on.  i was NOT happy.  i cannot tell you how difficult it was not tog et out of the car and rip that cop a new one for interrogating my son like he was some sort of criminal – he is a super good kid (knockin’ on wood).  finally trevor walks back to the car and says the cop said we can go.  WTF????  then we get pulled over AGAIN and questioned and then the cop says he pulled us over because our license plate frame is illegal in MS.  really?  1. it does not cover any info. 2. that’s fine but i don’t live in MS – i am driving through.  so we had to take it off.  oh i was fiesty mad and hubby said if i open my mouth and get myself locked up in some backwoods jail he was leavin me there 😛  seriously – and don’t flame me – i lived in the bayou backwoods of LA for most of my life – but seriously, it was like *you’re a long way from home ain’tcha boy* (in my best southern drawl.)  anyway i drove the whole way through mississippi on the way home and we had no incidents.  i guess trevor looks sinister (NOT he is adorable!)

my card today is inspired by the follwoing challenges:

ABC – S is for Sparkle
Cute Card Thursday – no text
C.R.A.F.T. – Flowers
Crafty Catz  – Children
Make It Monday – Anything Goes – this is such a fun idea – blog linky parties.  i have seen several recently but this is the first one i entered 🙂

ANYWAY, y’all remember my gaggle of goodies yesterday made with pardo clay right?  not all of them were made with molds and here is a card with them:

i LOVE the happy colors!  i think this is some fairly old SU designer paper but i am not completely sure.

These cute little clay pieces couldn’t be easier to create – especially in bunches!  it does require some tools though – a clay rolling machine is fabulous and not a bad price if you get it with a coupon.  i roll my clay out first on a pasta/clay machine and get it nice and thin so the embellishment won’t be heavy.  i cut the green squares with a Makins Cutter set – love these and they have so many to choose from!  then i made the teeny flowers using some Kemper cutter sets.  then i made little dots with a pointy stylus (you can use a toothpick) and sprinkled on a little glitter.  fun things to have on hand for quick cards.

here is a better look at the lilac pearls – i did them with the newly formulated Ranger Liquid Pearls and i have to say i really do love the way these new ones look PLUS they *pearl* better.  i wanted to stamp an outline to follow with an awesome new stamp i got in a CTMH set but it did not work on the patterned paper so i free handed them.

ok i am outta here for today!  i have a banner to work on – and oh the colors are so gorgeous and an outfit i want to sew for pezza if i can get to it!  it will be part of an upcoming craft critique feature!  and if you have not already done so – head over to Craft Critique asap – not only does Dana have a fantastic review up of the Spellbinders Grand Calibur but you could WIN ONE!!!


perfect embellishments!

hi all!

well monday morning and back to work!  i have enjoyed my time off and our trip was great but the catching up afterwards isn’t any fun hee heee!  Pezza is definitely a road trip kid – she did awesome.  we had a great time when we stopped at my brother’s place in birmingham on our way back home.  he took us out to a great bar b q place and then walked us around the UAB medical center area.  he and i are both FASCINATED by old architecture, particularly victorian houses.  he has been doing alot of research on the houses that were in the area before being overtaken by UAB growth.  so he showed me the ones still standing as well as some of the sites of ones torn down and some of the history of the area.  i know i know – we are total geeks – oh well!  anyway, when we went to see his house the next day he showed me old pictures of the houses that were gone.  his house is an old craftsman style from the 1920’s and he has done ALOT of restoration work – it is adorable!  perfect house for him!  i desperately want an old victorian myself but hubby says no.  too much headache.  he says he’ll build me a new house that LOOKS like an old victorian…not real sure that is quite the same 😛

unfortunately poor pezza was real sick when we began our trip home – throwing up no less BUT not in the car (SO grateful) but she was run down by the time we got home so we have not done much since getting back.  yesterday she finally looked like she was back to her usual self.  and of course the easter snake came (for those new here – she hates bunnies and insists she has an easter snake).  she was thrilled of course and has begun making a dent in the giant chocolate bunny.

i arrived home to some fabulous goodies – there is the massive amount of martha stewart glitter and paper pads that arrived on my doorstep the day we left for a review i am doing for craft critique, new stamps for SCACD – oh my are they ever cute, a gift box of goodies from susana at SCACD – so sweet of her, and some little clay molds i had been lusting after for AGES.  of course pezza and i had to get the clay out right away and try out the new molds.

she is an expert as can be seen on her video.  here it is if you missed it:

and what else did we make?

we also used a new type of mold we were trying out but the details are top secret for the moment hee heee!  all of the clay is viva decor pardo of course – it is just so much easier to work with i just never reach for the others anymore!  it softens up so fast and with so little effort!  i have been getting all of my molds on etsy from Sakura – or you can go to Etsy and just google “clay molds” and you will get lots of options.  my fave this time around is the teeny cupcakes (plus the NEW molds but you will have to wait for that!)  this type of embellie has become popular from Webster’s Pages and Prima but i prefer making my own – it’s more versatile and more fun!  i can make any color i want AND ADD SHIMMER – my fave part!  (Pezza’s too!)

here’s the little cuppies – AWWWWW!  we just smooshed a teeny bit of white clay into the icing area and then put more clay on top to fill in the paper area and behind the frosting – SO easy!  then i brushed on some mica dust (Perfect Pearls) and baked!

my second fave – the chrysanthymums:

the top one is done using 2 colors like the cupcakes. they all have green mica powder in their centers.  you can see the difference in the two yellow ones – mica dust versus none.  both awesome!

and one last peek:

what do y’all think?  anyone else like to make their own embellies?  some of these were made by rolling the clay flat and using little cutters too like the purple square with the yellow star.  Look for Makins and Kemper cutters.  i need to do some with little rhinestones embedded……

leave me a comment and let me know what you think – i love hearing from you all!!!!


Pezza’s Way video with Pardo & House of Gilli!

hello everyone!

i had a FANTASTIC weekend i must say!  Saturday I was feeling down and hubby took pezza and sent me upstairs to lock myself away and take a shower and such in peace.  Then we went out and did some errands and took Pezza to eat at Cici’s Pizza – her very favorite place!  Then yesterday Hubby took pez ALL DAY so i could work in my studio and get stuff done so we can go out of town on Wednesday – a full, uninterrupted day of creativity in my studio – PURE BLISS!!!  almost never happens, especially with Pezza out of school now!  and i got ALOT done thank goodness!  Starting with some major clean up!  my mojo had been suffering a bit and the clean up and day long crafting really re-energized me.  But i still have more to do before i will be comfortable going out of town.  we are heading to my mom’s in south Louisiana for her annual crawfish boil – one of my favorite things i get to do in life!  pezza is beside herself with excitement because she gets to see her little buddy brett who lives next door.  my om is pushing for an arranged marriage HAHAHHAAH!  the scary part of this trip…we are driving.  yep…driving…with pez in the car…for 17 hours….why? it’s just so so much cheaper plus we can bring whatever we want to with us.  the best advantage – we have to drive right through my brother’s area and get to stop for a visit and i get to see his house for the first time YAY!!!!  he has an old craftsman style house and he has been doing loads of renovating and stuff.  can’t wait!


The Design Team Call for Through the Craft Room Door is still open – you have until April 15th to submit!  This team is for the Challenge we will begin doing on the magazine website and it is open to everyone!

1.    MUST have an active blog that is OVER 1 year old

2.    MUST participate in each challenge (2 per month) as well as participate in chatter on the website and Facebook.

3. You *may* be called upon to contribute to the magazine from time to time but it is not a requirement

What do you have to do?

  1. Submit 2 projects – a card and something OTHER than a card – to craftdoor@yahoo.com.  Your second project DOES NOT have to be a papercrafting item.
  2. Include your name, address and a brief bio in your email
  3. Give us the link to your blog as well as a list of what message boards and online crafting groups you participate in.

*There is no monetary compensation for this position.

**Anyone interested in sponsoring challenges please contact us!


I have a SUPER project for you today!  i love it anyway!  i was asked recently to be a guest designer for my friend Anary over at the House of Gilli blog.  Not familiar with Gilli – oh you should be!  Gilli is an adorable little character created by Anary and the stamps are available at Stamping Scrapping (along with LOADS of other awesome things).  The current challenge over at The House of Gilli is ribbons and pearls SO i created this little Relaxation Gift Set:

I started with an embossed metal pail – part of a stash of them i got at Joann’s on clearance for SUPER CHEAP.  I took a plain white cloth napkin and stamped Florist Gilli using Tsukineko VersaCraft Black ink.  Then I colored it in with Tsukineko Fabricolor Markers.  These two products are AMAZINGLY permanent on fabric.  i first tested them over two years ago on some rags we use for Pezza clean ups – these rags are washed weekly in bleach and hot water and the stamping is STILL THERE!!!!  but use a LIGHT hand – the ink will bleed/soak into the napkin if you use too much or apply it to heavily.  Next I used Heat N Bond strip iron on adhesive to attach the ribbons followed by some pearls using Liquid Pearls.  Finally I stamped some random swirls on the outside thirds of the napkin using another VersaCraft ink pad.

I filled the pail with some scented lotion, a good book (Gate to Women’s Country by Sheri S. Tepper – a MUST READ), a pretty candle and a little card with a tea bag inside.

My candle started out as a plain white candle – not exciting.  Alcohol Inks to the rescue!  Very simple to change the color of your candle – simply choose 2-3 colors alcohol inks, put some of each color onto your felt applicator and dab randomly!  it is only flammable while still wet – not once it has dried.

Next I took the same ribbon as i used on the napkin and adhered it to the candle with Scor Tape.  I finished off with some Liquid Pearls and a cute little Pardo Clay embellishment i made.  At the end of this post you can watch a video where Pezza shows you how to make these!

I used Pardo Clay by Viva Decor and a Mold From Sakura on Etsy.  These molds are amazing!  and SO easy to use!  if you get some be sure and tell her i sent you!!!  I brushed it with pearl mica powder from luminarte before baking – any mica powder will work.






And finally here is my card.  Florist Gilli is colored with colored pencils – no blending solvents used.  If you want to learn how to get the most oout of YOUR colored pencils be sure to check out my Colored Pencil 1 class on Color Me Creative.

I used the Elegant Edges Cricut cartridge for the patterned panel – this is the Book creative feature.  If you cannot find this cart near you – just head over to see my buddy Terri at Stampsalive and you can get one there for a great price!

The little pink embellishment is the same as the one on the candle.




Inside is a little tea bag holder made using the Fabulous Finds Cricut Cartridge – it is actually a library pocket but works perfectly for this!  I placed a piece of clear acrylic on the window portion – i cut it from the plastic one of my cricut cartridges came in – i always save them.  i used Scor Tape to put it all together – that way i know it will hold up!

while i was making the clay embellishments Pezza had to get in on the act OF COURSE.  then she asked if she could do a video for folks and we had not done one in so loooooong!  so i set her up and she went to town as she usually does – check it out below!!!




what do you think????  easy peasy right?!

and now i am off to the post office.  i hope you all have a fabulous day!





Viva Decor Party Day 3 – perfectly unique embellishments

day 3 of our Viva Decor party here at Pezadoodle Designs! Viva Decor has been SO generous and is supplying prize packs for one of YOU EVERY SINGLE DAY for the next 7 days!!! How do you win? simply leave a comment on the post for each day. want extra chances to win? there are two ways to get your name thrown into the hat for two more chances. subscribe to my blog via email AND announce this party on your blog! if you post the link i will be automatically notified so you don’t need to come back here and let me know

and now on with today’s idea! Easy clay embellishments!

(Stamp is a newly released Elisabeth Bell for Susana’s Custom Art & Card Design)

(Stamp is Inkadinkadoo – frame is from the Cindy Loo cricut Cartridge)

And the prize today is all of the Viva Decor products you need to do today’s tutorial:

• Pardo Jewelry Clay – Old Gold (908), Red Fire Opal (418), Jade (701), Blue Zircon (603) (Viva décor)
• Precious Metal Color paint – Mother of Pearl (Viva Décor)
• Index Card
• Inka Gold – Old Silver (Viva Décor)
• Cuttlebug Embossing folder(s)
• Rolling pin (small)
• Slicer or razor blade
• Flexible molds (I get them on Etsy)
• Mica powder (like perfect pearls)

Pardo Jewelry Clay by Viva Décor is NOT just for jewelry. However you will notice most of the color names are jewelry elements. It is a Polymer Clay that DOES require baking. However, because of its unique beeswax base it is exceptionally easy to work with compared to all other Poly Clays. In fact it is ideal for the hard core clay enthusiast as well as the part-time dabbler because you do not need to have a pasta machine or clay roller handy. This tutorial is geared towards the dabbler who would like to make something new to use as embellishments on their crafts.

Step 1. Condition your clay in your hands – warming it up between your palms will make it easier to knead it. Once it is soft and pliable it is ready to work with. Keep in mind the temperature in your room will have an effect on this clay. If my room is overly chilly while I am working it is more difficult to keep my clay pliable so I have to remember to warm it with my hands while working.

Step 2. First we will use pre-made molds. I am in LOVE with the cute little flexible molds I find on Esty.com. They are small, detailed and oh so easy to use and get great results with. I had very LITTLE success with the molds I found in Michaels.

Once my clay has been worked I simply break off a small piece that looks the right size for my mold and form a ball with my hands. I smoosh it into the mold and then gently flex the mold so my shape falls right out! It really is that easy! Depending on your mold shape you want to pay attention to your edges. I sometimes use a razor blade to cut the excess clay flush with the mold. Check out that detail!

Step 3. Another way to make some embellishments is with your embossing folders. Condition your clay so it is pliable. Now roll it out. You don’t want it to thin or you won’t be able to emboss it. Because the embossing folders are less flexible and a different type of material the clay tends to stick. To prevent this dust them lightly on both sides with Mica Powder. This prevents sticking AND gives a bit of a shimmer to your piece. Lay your flattened clay in the folder and roll over it with a rolling pin or even a can. Carefully open the folder and remove the clay.

Now you can cut it into a useable shape with simple Makins Clay Cutters or just a razorblade and ruler.

Step 4. You can accentuate your pieces in one of two ways. You can give your piece a light wash with some water and Precious Metal Color so that it sinks into the indented portions.

OR you can go over the embossing VERY VERY lightly with a tiny bit of Inka Gold so it just catches the raised portions.

Another great enhancement goes back to your mica powder.  Simply take a soft brush, dip it into the powder and brush it lightly across your piece for some subtle gorgeous shimmer.

Once you have your pieces the way you want them, place them on index cards and place those on a cookie sheet.  Bake according to package directions.

You can see from these poinsettias the different looks.  the two on the right have a precious metal wash and the two on the left have Inka Gold Old Silver.

Use these pieces on your card fronts or tags as embellishments or to create a focal point.  i love making my own custom clay embellishments and Pardo Clay makes it SO much easier since it is so easy to soften and condition.

vintage and serene…

well we got off to an exciting start today – an EARTHQUAKE!!!  (oh i can’t wait to read suzanne’s reaction on her blog tee heeee!!!)  the weirdest part – other than we just don’t have earthquakes in VA – is that i was JUST trying to describe it to kevin a couple days ago.  i lived in San Diego for years and was there when that big one hit san francisco….no aftershocks so far though.

it DID NOT however, knock some milder weather our way.  it is DISGUSTINGLY hot & humid here BLECH!


Have you been getting the most out of your Cricut???  Want to do more???  Be sure to check out my new classes over on Color Me Creative – $5 off your registration fee through July 20th!!  These are completely online and you work at your own pace!


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i made a bunch of cards last weekend for no good reason – meaning no assignment or goal of any kind just what i felt like doing.  i also wanted to use some of the sketches in that papercraft go to sketches mag that came out a bit ago.  so here is my first one:

I used some goodies from Webster’s Pages I picked up.  We focused on embellishments in the last issue of the magazine and I did a feature on Webster’s Pages – i really love their stuff!!  So i wanted to use some of it – the paper, the fabric ribbon and the Sparkler embellishments.

My focal piece is made from Viva Decor Pardo Jewelry Clay – i simply rolled it flat, misted a stamp with water and stamped it into clay.  once baked i gave it a wash with watered down Viva Decor Precious Metal Pearl paint – the thin paint wash sunk into the cracks and highlighted the stamped image.  it is very shimmery in real life too!  Also once baked the clay piece remains flexible and can also be cut to size.  you can get the pardo clay and precious metal paint at Poly Clay Play online.  The Pardo is FAR easier to work with than traditional polymer clay and the Precious Metals are AMAZING!!

i hope everyone has a fun weekend planned!!!

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playin’ with clay Tim Holtz style plus studio G news!

hello all!

we have been having a deeVINE time here at my mom’s!  the weather is fabulous!  Sunday we had our crawfish boil family reunion so i got to see all my aunts and cousins PLUS eat boiled crawfish, potatoes & corn YUM YUM YUM!  GOT to be my favorite!  and of coursse like 4 helpings of dessert since i had to try it ALL!  i think i ate dessert again for dinner too…….

i have THE best cousins EVER – well family in general.  it is one long running joke when we get together.  saturday my brother and oldest cousin Tad arrived early so we had tons of laughs.  then they all decided to go play with a ouija board (sp?) – i have yet to hear those stories – but down here in bayou country we are still very in touch with the old beliefs surrounding spirits and such.  i think i laughed more this weekend than i do all year…well except when i am at CHA…..

my family hs owned this property for several hundred years and we have oak tress out front well over 200 years old and HUGE!!!  of COURSE they are kid magnets and have been for generations:

pezzy’s new little buddy from next door:

seriously y’all how CUTE are they?????

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new studio G!  i KNOW my gallery is seriously out of date and i hope to work on it soon.  in the mean time here are the latest pics i got (no series number for them yet):

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last i have a fun project for you that i did recently.  i had the opportunity recently to get into some Viva Decor Pardo Clay along with a number of other Viva Products and made several pieces with some Tim Holtz stamps:

i started off with a piece of Ranger’s white glossy paper and some alcohol inks – ranger’s paper IS the BEST to use with alcohol inks.  i did a simple polished stone background.  I stamped the TH stamp using Coffee Archival Ink.  i added a TH foliage embellishment & metal corner and a bit of german scrap across the top – German Scrap can be aged a bit or changed altogether with alcohol ink.  (Many of these items are in stock AND ON SALE on my website.)

my corner piece is Pardo clay.  I rolled it very thin with my pasta machine.  I stamped a TH corner stamp into the clay and then i brushed on some Viva Decor Precious Metals gold paint so it settled into the impressions but not so much on the surface.

The butterfly is some really cool stuff from Viva Decor and available now at SCACD called 3D Glitter Gel Paste.  I cut a butterfly from the Cricut Storybook cartridge out of the thick back of a DCWV paper pad to make my stencil.  Next I smoothed glitter paste over it, then removed the stencil for a gorgeous raised butterfly!

well that’s enough out of me for now!

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