colored pencil class 2 is now pre-registering!

hi all!

once again my day has totally gotten away from me somehow.  and not because i got so much done either UGH!  but i did want to post a quick note to let everyone know that you can begin signing up for my colored pencil 2 class on color me creative!  class materials will go live on friday!  i know alot of folks have been anxious for me to get this one out!  what does it cover?

This class builds on what we learned in Class 1 covering additional, more advanced topics using Prisma Colored Pencils.  Topics include African American hair, white objects, fur, wood, grounding an object, glass, using colored paper bases, monochrome, black & white, using grays to accurately shade complicated patterned areas & more.  We will also go over other pencil brands and options.

head on over and register!  i am really excited to be able to offer this class and have thoroughly enjoyed my students in class 1.




hi all!

as usual my day is off to a roaring start.  momma cat still has a bit of diarrhea and possibly fever.  my email has been down since saturday morning.  pezza was behaving horribly and was sent to her room where she proceeded to act atrocious screaming i hate my parents and want them to live somewhere else into the monitor.  well in her fit throwing she managed to whack herself good in the mouth on her rocking chair – blood everywhere.  still might require a trip in to the dentist.  lucky for me the dentist and the cat vet are right across the parking lot from each other.  YAY.  in addition i have poison ivy or SOMETHING all over and itch like i have never itched in my life – i have never had poison ivy before.  at first the doc thought it was some sort of a mite from the mulching i did all week but i don’t know….never a dull moment in the wills household that’s for sure!  whenever i read someone post on facebook that they are bored i think  ooohhhhh boredom…that would be so nice….HAHHAHAHA!  really i don’t think i could do boredom anyway.  i always have way to many good ideas i want to pursue and new things i want to try!

and speaking of new things to try – how about my Colored Pencil 2 Class coming up soon on Color Me Creative!  One of the topics we will cover in Class 2 is coloring things that are white.  today i have a daffodil that is partially white:

The image is from the very first Close To My Heart stamp set i ever bought so it’s about 3-4 years old now and i don’t know if it is still available 😦   it is all colored with Prisma Colored Pencils – no Gamsol or blending solution – just my Derwent Blender pencil. i cut my white base and patterned frame on my cricut using Elegant Edges.  There would have been another layer that would have given me a pretty green scroll up onto my white base but i could not get it to come off the mate without ripping it was so thin and that was with cutting the shape  at 4″!  that is one of my biggest, maybe only, pet peave with my cricut.  don’t get so intricate with the designs that they are just frustrating and impossible to cut 😛  the band of glittery paper is from Best Creations – the BEST glitter paper and it cuts really well in the cricut.  the glitter will NOT come off.  i dug through me old stash of primas and some clay embellies i had and even threw in a felt flower i found to add some pizzaz!  i finished it off with a few pezabling acrylic squares in glittering pink and a studio G stamp sentiment.

another topic covered in Colored Pencil 2 Class is African American hair – here is something i was working on this morning when pezza woke up and i had to quit – the image is from Mo Manning:

isn’t she just darling?!??!

and now i am off to do some running around!  hugs

Pezza’s Way video with Pardo & House of Gilli!

hello everyone!

i had a FANTASTIC weekend i must say!  Saturday I was feeling down and hubby took pezza and sent me upstairs to lock myself away and take a shower and such in peace.  Then we went out and did some errands and took Pezza to eat at Cici’s Pizza – her very favorite place!  Then yesterday Hubby took pez ALL DAY so i could work in my studio and get stuff done so we can go out of town on Wednesday – a full, uninterrupted day of creativity in my studio – PURE BLISS!!!  almost never happens, especially with Pezza out of school now!  and i got ALOT done thank goodness!  Starting with some major clean up!  my mojo had been suffering a bit and the clean up and day long crafting really re-energized me.  But i still have more to do before i will be comfortable going out of town.  we are heading to my mom’s in south Louisiana for her annual crawfish boil – one of my favorite things i get to do in life!  pezza is beside herself with excitement because she gets to see her little buddy brett who lives next door.  my om is pushing for an arranged marriage HAHAHHAAH!  the scary part of this trip…we are driving.  yep…driving…with pez in the car…for 17 hours….why? it’s just so so much cheaper plus we can bring whatever we want to with us.  the best advantage – we have to drive right through my brother’s area and get to stop for a visit and i get to see his house for the first time YAY!!!!  he has an old craftsman style house and he has been doing loads of renovating and stuff.  can’t wait!


The Design Team Call for Through the Craft Room Door is still open – you have until April 15th to submit!  This team is for the Challenge we will begin doing on the magazine website and it is open to everyone!

1.    MUST have an active blog that is OVER 1 year old

2.    MUST participate in each challenge (2 per month) as well as participate in chatter on the website and Facebook.

3. You *may* be called upon to contribute to the magazine from time to time but it is not a requirement

What do you have to do?

  1. Submit 2 projects – a card and something OTHER than a card – to  Your second project DOES NOT have to be a papercrafting item.
  2. Include your name, address and a brief bio in your email
  3. Give us the link to your blog as well as a list of what message boards and online crafting groups you participate in.

*There is no monetary compensation for this position.

**Anyone interested in sponsoring challenges please contact us!


I have a SUPER project for you today!  i love it anyway!  i was asked recently to be a guest designer for my friend Anary over at the House of Gilli blog.  Not familiar with Gilli – oh you should be!  Gilli is an adorable little character created by Anary and the stamps are available at Stamping Scrapping (along with LOADS of other awesome things).  The current challenge over at The House of Gilli is ribbons and pearls SO i created this little Relaxation Gift Set:

I started with an embossed metal pail – part of a stash of them i got at Joann’s on clearance for SUPER CHEAP.  I took a plain white cloth napkin and stamped Florist Gilli using Tsukineko VersaCraft Black ink.  Then I colored it in with Tsukineko Fabricolor Markers.  These two products are AMAZINGLY permanent on fabric.  i first tested them over two years ago on some rags we use for Pezza clean ups – these rags are washed weekly in bleach and hot water and the stamping is STILL THERE!!!!  but use a LIGHT hand – the ink will bleed/soak into the napkin if you use too much or apply it to heavily.  Next I used Heat N Bond strip iron on adhesive to attach the ribbons followed by some pearls using Liquid Pearls.  Finally I stamped some random swirls on the outside thirds of the napkin using another VersaCraft ink pad.

I filled the pail with some scented lotion, a good book (Gate to Women’s Country by Sheri S. Tepper – a MUST READ), a pretty candle and a little card with a tea bag inside.

My candle started out as a plain white candle – not exciting.  Alcohol Inks to the rescue!  Very simple to change the color of your candle – simply choose 2-3 colors alcohol inks, put some of each color onto your felt applicator and dab randomly!  it is only flammable while still wet – not once it has dried.

Next I took the same ribbon as i used on the napkin and adhered it to the candle with Scor Tape.  I finished off with some Liquid Pearls and a cute little Pardo Clay embellishment i made.  At the end of this post you can watch a video where Pezza shows you how to make these!

I used Pardo Clay by Viva Decor and a Mold From Sakura on Etsy.  These molds are amazing!  and SO easy to use!  if you get some be sure and tell her i sent you!!!  I brushed it with pearl mica powder from luminarte before baking – any mica powder will work.






And finally here is my card.  Florist Gilli is colored with colored pencils – no blending solvents used.  If you want to learn how to get the most oout of YOUR colored pencils be sure to check out my Colored Pencil 1 class on Color Me Creative.

I used the Elegant Edges Cricut cartridge for the patterned panel – this is the Book creative feature.  If you cannot find this cart near you – just head over to see my buddy Terri at Stampsalive and you can get one there for a great price!

The little pink embellishment is the same as the one on the candle.




Inside is a little tea bag holder made using the Fabulous Finds Cricut Cartridge – it is actually a library pocket but works perfectly for this!  I placed a piece of clear acrylic on the window portion – i cut it from the plastic one of my cricut cartridges came in – i always save them.  i used Scor Tape to put it all together – that way i know it will hold up!

while i was making the clay embellishments Pezza had to get in on the act OF COURSE.  then she asked if she could do a video for folks and we had not done one in so loooooong!  so i set her up and she went to town as she usually does – check it out below!!!




what do you think????  easy peasy right?!

and now i am off to the post office.  i hope you all have a fabulous day!





mojo: bright bday

hi everyone!

i don’t usually post at night BUT my day kind of got away from me.  it has been dull dreary rainy dreary BLECH here in northern VA.  pezza and i just hung around at home and got some stuff done here and played.  I have been working on a website re-do that is nearly ready to unveil for a friend and it has turned out incredibly cute.


Have you submitted your projects to Through the Craft Room Door???  you do not have to be a subscriber to submit so head over to the WEBSITE and see what we are looking for!


my colored pencil 1 class has gotten off to a roaring start and everyone is really excited and loving the lessons so i am THRILLED!  we’d love to have more folks join in the fun!  Head over and check it out!


i used this week’s Mojo Monday sketch.  i have been working on a new paper (new to me) that i am really liking from the Paper Temptress called Deckled Brockway.  It has a nice roughness for layering colored pencil.  i decided to use this super cute lilly of the valley – Rosie with Cake:

I absolutely love the bright colors of this patterned paper. i am SO ready for spring – can you tell????

Pezza picked out what colors i would use on different parts of the image.  i also tried out some new blending pencils by Derwent.  I rarely use Gamsol/OMS/etc.  i have always blended using the pencils themselves or a prisma colorless blender pencil.  The Derwent set I got has two types of pencils – a blender and a burnisher.  The burnisher is a harder lead similar to the prisma blender.  the blender pencil is much softer and really does a nice job of blending.  i quite like them!

and now i am off to fold laundry – yee haw!


CAS111:i caved…and a giveaway!

hi all!

well my week is NOT off to the funnest of starts – apparently there is rampant pollen in the air and it is the kind i don’t deal well with because WOW are my sinuses hurting!  it was impossible to sleep last night so i finally gave up a little before 2 this morning.  i may be napping while Pezza the Wonder Tot is in school this morning!  Once i decided it was probably NOT going to get any better and i was NOT going to go back to sleep i went and worked for awhile in my studio.  I did a bunch of paper organizing (all of the new colors i never made folders for) and cleaning up a bit so i could at least move in there.  I am working on my mom’s annual crawfish boil invitations and if you have been following me for a long time you will know she always makes these impossible requests but i find a way to make it happen.  this year is no different and you will get to see those along with a video on Imagine This Friday.


In other exciting news…

my colored pencil class has officially launched over on Color Me Creative!!!!!  I am SO excited!  we already have people signed up and i chatted with several of them last night and they are very happy with the class materials and stuff so that is great news!  Head to the Colored Pencil page to get the details and sign up.  Then tonight you can also join us on the CMC main page for a live chat about the class – the chat is open to everyone so if you are not in the class you can still come by, chat, ask questions, get an idea of what the other girls think of the class, or any other topic we may decide to delve in to.  i sure hope to see you there!


my card is inspired by the following challenges:

SCS Clean & Simple – sketch
Pile it On – Green & Orange
Aly’s Sketch – Spring
Cuttlebug Spot – Twine
Creative Card Crew – Green
Paperplay – Embossing

I cut the green and white squares on my Cricut using the George cartridge.  Then i embossed using a Sizzix folder (these emboss much deeper than provo craft.)  I edged the white with tea dye distress ink because the white just seemed a bit to stark…

My little teeny magnolia is colored with colored pencils on Cryogen cardstock and blended with baby oil.  I prefer no solvent blending BUT i can’t layer well on Cryogen and since that was what i stamped her on when i was at my buddy, suzanne’s i had to make do.  i usually LOVE Cryogen for my Copics though!  i don’t have quite the brightness i like when i use a solvent blending method.  but i still think she is cute!

So let’s have a show of hands – how many of my readers use colored pencils and did not take the plunge into Copics?

I will draw a name from all the comments and give you a nice grab bag of adhesives – foam dots in two sizes, glue dots, and a zig glue pen!

Colored pencils are certainly alot cheaper way to go that’s for sure!  although i DID find one type of colored pencil that costs about the same as a Copic (Caran d’Ache Luminance.)  i tried a few out and while they ARE wonderful i don’t think they are $4 worth of wonderful!  The best place to buy a set to start on is Michaels with a coupon.  The next best place to go, especially to buy them individually is Dick Blick.  that is where i get nearly all of my art supplies.  I have all of the Prismas but i have recently tried two other types and i really like them too – Derwent Colorsoft and Faber Castell Polychromos.  I also have a complete 72 piece set of Derwent Studio Pencils that I am hoping to sell – they are nearly un-used and I am only asking $50 for them (normally 94.95.)

ok folks i am off to get Pezza ready for school – maybe i will be able to nap while she is gone.  if not then i might be a little loopy at the chat tonight!


Imagine This Friday:

woohoo friday!

and a GORGEOUS one too!  mid- to upper 70s!  i was hoping to go to a local petting zoo but it isn’t open until TOMORROW!  DOH!  So instead we are heading over to my buddy Cori’s house for a picnic and some outdoor play.  She has 3 girls that pezza loves to play with and she is one of my fave peeps to hang out with.  i need a break!  the colored pencil class videos are almost done after a near disaster today – 2 1/2 hours of video wouldn’t work AT ALL!  and then hubby came home and i wanted him to help me figure out what happened and TADA it was fixed.  Computers 😛  so look for an announcement later today or tomorrow for the class to go live and ready for registration!!!

So i have a cute project today for Imagine This Friday:

What’s so *Imagine* about this card.  I want to stress that the Imagine can EASILY be used JUST like a regular Cricut machine.  Load colored paper in and simply choose your shapes and cut.  You do NOT HAVE to print too.  The border is from Cake Basics.

And this little cutie is Ballerina Marci from Lala Land Stamps.  I first saw these at CHA and i think they are really cute!  She is from one of the lessons in my Colored Pencil Class i have been working on for Color Me Creative.  She is just colored pencil – no blending methods used.

Off to get ready to head pezza out to school.  have a fantastic weekend!!!

Imagine This Friday: birthday cheer

hi all!

TGIF right?  i know my hubby was sure happy about it when he left this morning!  we don’t have ANYTHING planned for this weekend – they seem to arrive faster than we can plan ahead 😛  of course i have work i hope to get done as always and hollyn has been begging for a trip to IHOP YUM!  I am itching for spring to hit so i can get out in my gardens but we are not quite there yet.  because, you know, i don’t try to fit enough into my day 😛  One thing i am really hoping to accomplish – completion of the course materials for the Colored Pencil 1 Class on Color Me Creative.  I have most of the PDF tutorials written just need to do videos!

my card today OF COURSE features Colored Pencil as well as the Cricut Imagine.  in addition i was inspired by the following challenges:

Outlawz Sketch 4


Outlawz – Sketch 4
Daring Card Makers – Home Baked (handmade embellie)
Stamp Something – Cream and Green
Paper Play – Shades of Green
Creative Card Crew – No Flowers


I wish i had time to do challenges more often the way i used to!

And now – my card:

The card Base is SU certainly celery.  The patterned paper, party hat, ricrack and Panel under my image were all done on the Cricut Imagine with the Yummy cartridge.  Three little Pezabling and some Viva Decor Pearl Pen top it off.

My image is Ruby Wild Sprout from the Greeting Farm – i LOVE the Wild Sprouts and have not inked one up in FOREVAH!  What fun they are to color!  I colored her up with colored pencils (Prismas) and no OMS.  I used Cryogen paper.

Doing skin colors with colored pencil used to give me fits!  it is one of the topics we will cover in the Colored Pencil Class on Color Me Creative.

Pezza saw the card and said this is her (she better not cut that hair again!)

i hope you all have a SUPER weekend!