Pezza Way Day!!

woohoo friday!!

i am very excited about our weekend plans – we are FINALLY going camping!!!  this will be pezza’s first!  i camped TONS with the boys when they were kids and they always loved it.  but we have not been camping since i got pregnant so we are itchin’ to go!!  i have NO idea what to expect with pezza – i hope she isn’t constantly taking off through the woods or something and stays at our campsite.  we leave tonight and then come back sunday afternoon.  i will also NOT be bringing my computer and hubby better not be on his either!!  who knows we may both spontaneously combust from lack of being plugged in 😛

i could use the break as i have been working frantically finishing two new Cricut classes to ge up and running over on Color Me Creative – I will have a Get to Know Your Cricut and Pagoda Cartridge Exploration – Super fun classes!!!  You should see registration go up for those this week!!

before i go i have a special post today – more Pezza’s Way!!

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I saw this technique at GASC a couple weeks ago while i was hanging out in the Art Institute Glitter booth (yes i know – y’all are sick of hearing about them!!)  anywho i thought it would be a fun one to do with Pezza and she insisted on filming it of course!  here is her finished piece:

and boy does it SPARKLE!!!

i couldn’t even get my camera to focus!!  the cute little tag is a spellbinders die and two studio G stamps.

how did she do it???  take a look for yourself – easy and OH SO AMAZING!!

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buttons according to Pezza

ok i said it would be up yesterday but by the time i finished my cricut lite introduction the post was SO long!

so here she is again with video number 2 – she ALWAYS finagles as much as she can outta me when we shop at Michaels and her latest haul included a big bag of buttons. SO she insisted she needed “to make a video for babies about buttons” – when she had them all laid out and sorted i was thinking hey i kinda like those myself – BUT before i could claim some they ended up decorating a castle in her sandbox:

and yes that is one of the clearanced metal items from joanns in there too….

so without further adieu here she is again:

and now for some MUCH overdo housecleaning 😛
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Viva Decor the Pezza Way

oh do i have a treat for you today!!!  but first a few other things:

**Hello Thursday**  For those of you who are Cricut addicts like me you know what those two words mean!  Cricut will be debuting some new cartridges – of course you probably also know they leaked out early and you have already seen them.  HOWEVER i will be taking part in the Hello Thursday festivities with one of the new cartridges this thursday!!!!  i am very excited to have been chosen to preview a cartridge and will have a couple projects as well as a video for ya!


Tim Holtz texture fades are HERE!!!!  they will be going out over the next few days!  i know everyone is excited!  you will get an email with your tracking number when i print your label out!


if you have a joanns nearby CHECK THIS OUT:

See those RED TAGS??  all of their silver and bronze metal buckets are on clearance!  i LOVE these things for gift  sets and i KNOW i will need them come christmas time.  the MOST i paid for one was 1.97!!  so i urge you all to head over there and check it out!

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have i got a treat for you!  one of the greatest cards to appear on my blog yet:

notice the watermark…thats right this is a Pezza’s Way card!  i decided she needed her own watermark.  want to know the BEST part?  she made a VIDEO to go with it!!!!!  ROTFLMBO!

She got up SUPER early today (before 5:30) so i brought her down to my studio and i said she had to be quiet because i needed to make a video.  when i was done she INSISTED she needed to make one too.  This is actually her second one – i will show the first one on thursday.  Anyway she said she needed to make a video of Viva Decor so here you go:

leave her some LOVE!

have a great day!

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Pezzy Stamps part II & CUPPIES


yep here are the cupcakes i was telling you about!  i am quite pleased with the end result!  i made 4 flavors – the vanilla ones are cherry cheescake and strawberry shortcake.  i cut out a bit of the top, added a scoop of fruit pie filling, topped the strawberry with whipped cream frosting and the cheesecake with cheesecake pudding and whipped cream frosting.  the chocolate are black forest and cappacino.  i scooped out a bit of the top, added a scoop of cherry pie filling and whipped cream frosting.  for the cappucino i just topped with a swirl of chocolate frosting and then a swirl of coffee frosting made by dissolving instant coffee in a little water and mixing into the whipped cream frosting.  i sprinkled cinnamon on the top of those and powdered sugar on top of the others and then drizzled them with melted chocolate after i put their little cake pieces back on top of course!


I also have a really great deal to tell you about – susana has put some selected spellbinders dies on sale over at SCACD – great ones too!  so if you have been holding off now would be the time to add to your collection!  >CLICK HERE<


finally guess what – pezzy made her first card!

This is a bday thank you for our next door neighbor.  She is almost 6 and always makes pezzy’s cards and stuff and for her birthday she decorated a big poster and used it to wrap pezzy’s gift so i thought it would be fun to have pezzy make HER thank you card.  i must say i am quite impressed!  i take her down every once in awhile to see what she can do and this was a vast improvement.  pez picked out the stamps, colors of ink, paper & embellishments.  she inked her stamp & stamped it herself – the perfect placement of the fairy was just pure luck.  i punched the border and placed the papers tho.  then she did the flowers herself.  she got a tiny bit upset because one flower accidently covered the fairy’s crown but i told her it looked great!  the stamps are studio Gs of course!  ink is memento which worked pretty well!

SOOO what’s pez watching….SNOW!!!!!  that’s right!

unfortunately as beautiful as it was it meant that no one was able to make it to Suzanne’s open house, so very disappointing…i was SO looking forward to seeing everyone and suzanne put SO much work into it.  i do have to say her christmas trees are breathtaking!

and now i am going to curl up on the couch with oezzy, a blanket and a movie!

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