answers on inking

hi all!

i am getting alot of questions from my inking video about the tools used so i thought i should post to make it clearer!

tools used can be purchased from me tho they are all out of stock at the moment!  more in next week:

ranger foam ink blending tool $4.50
ranger foam replacement pads $4.50
ranger non-stick craft sheet (i carry the smaller one but will get the larger one if requested.)
small – 9″ x 12″ $8.00
large – 15″ x 18″ $16.00
if you KNOW you want these items leave me a comment so i can be sure i have enough coming in on thursday!

2 Responses

  1. Hi, Marti,
    Will you have a booth/be selling these goodies at CHA??? If not, I’ll go ahead and order them now. Otherwise, I’ll pick them up from you at CHA!!!


  2. […] products – ink blending tool, foam ink blending replacements and non stick craft sheet.  See THIS POST for answers to some of the questions i have been […]

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