Impromptu sale – 33% off EVERYTHING


yep – if it is in stock it is 33% off.  i have GOT to make some room in that storage area so if you can help me out and get a good deal too we ALL win!!!  HELP ME SPREAD THE WORD!

KEEP IN MIND: usually during sales stuff goes FAST.  so fast that my automatic inventory occasionally has trouble keeping up with you all.  Orders are packed first come first serve and if i am out of something you order i will issue a refund during the shipping process!

This is a heck of a way to stock up on stuff – this includes the Pezabling and Glittered skittles y’all love so much!!!  but act fast!  Click below:

Pezadoodle Store




my big sale ends soon!

my 33% the entire store sale ends soon!!  that means if you have not gotten an order in (and alot of you have) then you better hurry!  i still have some good stuff in stock to choose from – alcohol inks, ice stickles, stickles, adirondack pigment ink pads, Tim Holtz goodies, skittles, pezabling, lots of exclusive stamps, studio g items – take a look!!!


we are also always looking for submissions to the magazine Through the Craft Room Door – you can get all the details HERE


i managed to get some blog makeover work done UT i am not sure i am happy with it…what do y’all think?  anyone who knows me knows what an insane coffee junkie i am – right suzanne???  so i saw this digi kit and just had to get it!

we have been at my dad’s in st. george utah for a week and it has been awesome!  but boy did it fly by!  this is our first visit since they moved to utah so we were not sure what to expect and had a hard time really planning things out but i can say there is sure way too much to choose from for only staying a week!  of course my main goal was simply hanging out with my dad and step mom and letting them spend time with pez.  but we also wanted to see the area – we are definitely outdoor enthusiasts and before pezza came along we did ALOT of camping, hiking etc.  when the boys were kids and we lived in MO we did a HUGE amount of hiking, climbing and caving.  in addition my step mom (who is responsible for the papercrafting monster i have become – she bought me my first cricut) claimed me for a day in her craft room for some pointers and playing and stuff.  we also did alot of amigurami crochet and i LOVED that – i will have pics of some finished items this week!  pez loves my dad and step mom (especially my step mom cuz she’s fun and spoils her) and she liked hiking too tho she was a bit slow – after all she is only 3!

our first hike was into the unknown – an area my parents had not explored either.  we got a very late start and thought it was a short hike BUT it was not.  however the drive was amazing and the short hike we did was awesome.  part of it was through a creek and pez thought it was great!

Pezza & Grandma hiking down the creek


we also took a quick trip over to Zion Canyon – absolutely gorgeous.  we did a small hiking loop that went around some small waterfalls and the pools at the bottom – super good hiking (though popular so a little crowded).  the only downfall was that i got REALLY sick about half way through and couldn’t enjoy the rest.  some sort of stomach thing but it was gone by the next morning.

heading into Zion Canyon to catch the shuttle to go all the way in.

 i do love the west and the mountains – i spent all of my summers in vegas – and it was really nice to be out here again. (also love the way my hair looks in zero humidity i have to say!)

my dad and kevin did alot more adventuring out of doors – i swear they are identical twins separated at birth – it’s almost creepy.  i know they say you marry someone like your father but WOW.

my dad has been a pilot as long as i have been alive and then some so he has always had an airplane or several. 

my dad's current airplane

trev getting buckled in

he took kevin and trev up for a ride and in return got some free airplane prep-for-inspection work – you have to practically dismantle the thing so it can be thoroughly inspected every year.

we are headed home today 😦

i WILL be meeting up with my buddy terri at stampsalive to grab a few new cricut cartridges that just came out – wish i could have spent a day with her too.  anyway she has LOADS of new stuff arriving and incredible prices so i do encourage you to head to her blog and subscribe so you can get in on the deals when they happen! 

now i am off to pack!


let the shopping begin!!

ok folks the site is ready for ya!

my second order this morning was already full of complaints (hence my decision) so i wanted to be sure to specify a couple of things:

1. My clearance area HAS been 33% for awhile now.  The difference now is that EVERYTHING ELSE is now 33% off too – ALL of my exclusive stamp lines, all studio G products, all of my custom designed exclusive embellishments, etc.

2. i am not fully stocked in all areas like i have always been in the past because i have been gearing down the store for some time.  so you will not find the FULL range of stickles for example.

i did not want to have anyone else arrive at the store site and feel i was being misleading!

now help me spread the word and re-claim my storage room space!!!



anyone like to shop???

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hi everyone!
happy friday!
as i mentioned yesterday i have a big change of events to share with you.  as anyone who has been following my blog for awhile knows i have an online stamping store.  i have had the store for almost 3 years (WOW has it really been that long????)  I don’t carry everything but i do carry everything studio G, ranger and tim holtz.  in addition i have quite a collection of my own exclusive stamps and my own embellishments – acrylic squares in a huge array of colors called Pezabling and my custom made glittered skittles and printed skittles as well as the skittle critters that go with my very own critter stamps.  Why am i telling you all this???  well i have decided to close it up (at least mostly close it up).  i recently backed it down by alot as i wanted to free up some time to pursue other things both scrapping and non-scrapping.  i have began a magazine, Through the Craft room Door with my buddy Suzanne and teach online cricut courses.  i have been designing for other companies and i have been trying to make more time for my family and to get things done around the house.  in addition, while i have made LOADS of great friends via my incredible customers i have also had some incredibly bad experiences.  a particularly bad one that has gone on for over a week was finally the straw that broke the camels back i guess and i decided i needed to close up shop.

SOOOOO what does this all mean for you???? 


that’s right – it has ALL GOT to go!  if nothing else i could really use the SPACE!  Not only will everything on my website be on sale but hubby and i will be working our butts off to get alot of stuff up that is not up there now – like the latest tim holtz goodies that were released at winter CHA,  some great Bo Bunny goodies for kits i never got the chance to make, an array of embossing powders, the list goes on.


the sale will kick off this Monday and it will go on until Sept. 7th when my kids go back to school.  I thought the timing would be great – you need to stock up for all that free time you will be getting once those kids are back at school!!!

so it’s ok if you can’t shop RIGHT NOW since the sale will be going on for awhile.  but keep in mind that it is limited to STOCK ON HAND.  once something is gone it’s gone.  it will not apply to gift certificates.  this does not apply for preordered studio g christmas items.

so who’s ready to shop????

artful inkables sale info

hi everyone!

no project to show today as everything i worked on this weekend is TOP SECRET heee heee!

but i did want to be sure to post and let y’all know that Artful INKables is 2 years old this week!
To celebrate their birthday, they are offering you a sweet deal on any order you place this week. Enter Code AIBDAY2 into the coupon field when you check out to get 15% off a $35 order. This coupon is only good until next Sunday so be quick like a bunny to take advantage of this SALE!

Also be sure to check the AI blog tomorrow for the next Think INK challenge and to see who won the last challenge. And mark your calendars for NEXT MONDAY because they will be having their NEW RELEASE BLOG HOP featuring all of the new, uber-talented INK girls (including me tee heee) and FOUR new stamps sets you will surely LOVE!

And finally, if you are located in the Salt Lake City area of Utah, be sure to come visit their booth at the SCRAPBOOK USA expo in Sandy on March 26th and 27th.

the AI stamps are SERIOUSLY cute and i can NOT WAIT until all of my sets get here so i can start PLAYING!

rainy dreary day hugs!



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As i approach the second anniversary of my store i want to say a great big THANK YOU to all of my wonderful customers.  Many of you have been shopping with me repeatedly, some since the beginning and i just love you all and have had so much fun with this!  so today i have a coupon code for

33% off your entire order!!!

just use the code THANKS33 when you check out

this sale is good through Saturday!

**this will not include skittles and pezabling as those are as low as i can get away with 🙂

**i am NOT limiting this to stock on hand – so while that is great for you please understand that there may be a delay in shipping as i wait for deliveries to come in!

i have lots to do over the next few days and will be taking some time for my family and stepping away from the computer some so please understand if it takes me longer to respond to emails. 

all sale orders will begin shipping on Monday!

big hugs!

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wanna save a bundle? like to shop?

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have i got a sweet deal for you then!  i am SO thrilled with october’s arrival i decided to run a one day only sale to celebrate!!!  EVRYTHING – EVERY SINGLE THING in the store is 33% off!!!! yep

33% off!!

just use the coupon code madmoney when you check out! the sale will go on until tomorrow morning at 5am!

i don’t have a project for you today.  i spent the ENTIRE day cooking yesterday.  i use to cook ALL the time until i got the papercrafting bug and started Pezadoodle Designs.  so yesterday i was just itching to get into the kitchen.  especially since the weather is getting so much cooler and i can make huge pots of soup!  i made a double batch of homemade chicken noodle, double batch of beef n barley, nearly 2 dozen burger patties out on the grill along with a whole pack of bacon so the boys can have ready to heat bacon burgers and quit spending a bundle running to mcdonalds, a double batch of pumpkin spice zuchini bread (some for us, some for my poor neighbor who is feeling yuck in the early stage sof pregnancy and some for another neighbor who is having us over for a neighborhood get together this weekend), AND finally a huge apple pie complete with homemade crust (i make mine in a 9 x 13 pan because with three hungry men in the house a little pie just doesn’t make it very long).  WHEW!!!  Pezzy *helped* the whole way through – what a trooper!  she LOVES to help me cook – especially anything that involves using *The Martha* – my bright purple kitchen aid mixer.

Now i am off to finish cleaning my kitchen EEK!

happy shopping!!!

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