ready for snow LO!

hi all!

yay friday!  i have really been making an effort to start taking weekends off to spend with my family and hubby is off today too!

i escaped for a lunch date with my buddy suzanne (love her to pieces and don’t see her nearly enough!)  i am plotting and scheming so i can be her driving buddy next weekend when she goes to ohio to teach.

as i was driving to lunch i noticed the first hints of fall color on the tops of the trees.  i am ALWAYS excited about that.  where i grew up (south louisiana) we did not have the whole fall color explosion – it was only something i heard about and thought didn’t really exist!  the first time i saw it when i moved to missouri i was AMAZED and it still amazes me now.  virginia is not quite the explosion of color missouri was but it is still quite beautiful.  if we ever plant trees in our yard  that is one of the main characteristics i will be looking for!  perhaps one of these days we will trek up north for fall foliage in the new england states…

i was anxious to get to work in my newly re-organized studio so i decided to make a scrapbook layout.  i am trying to re-focus and get away from cards (i don’t need another one) and get back to what i love to do and feel is more useful and that is layouts.  i had some snow themed card candy laying on my table and decided i wanted to use it finally.  i made it TWO years ago and you can see the post HERE – i had the blue and white snow flurry one out.  so i made a two page layout in preparation for the snowfall i am HOPING we get:

so i set to work – first obstacle – i did not have any patterned paper i wanted to use.  no problem!  i will just make my own the way i did back in the day before i got over involved in my color-a-stamp-make-a-card rut.  i decide i will mix up some Perfect Pearls shimmer mists and whip out some masks with my cricut and get spraying.  and this is where my crafty serenity ended.

cut masks with my cricut from the plastic mat covers – easy peasy – done it a million times.  however my cricuts have been somewhat neglected as well and are not as second nature to me as they used to be – especially since i just started using the E2.  BUT i am happy because i can use the Cricut Imagine Snow Angel cart in my E2 and use the snowflakes on it for my masks.  This cartridge is my fave of all the cricut cartridges ever released EVER.  EVER EVER EVER.  but i got it AFTER winter last year and have not used it yet.  so i set to work and here is what i ended up with:

SOOOOO much wasted space and notice at the bottom – it spread things out onto 2 pages! ok.  i kno whow to fix this.  i will get out of the cricut dark ages and lay it out in cricut craft room and cut.  i have not used CCR yet.  yes i know – something else that has fallen by the wayside that i intend to correct.  so i lay it all out and……..can’t cut.  i have to do updates.  ok.  so i get those done and………can’t cut.  need to install drivers.  ok so i get that done (after searching the cricut message board to figure out how) and………….can’t cut.  i spend the rest of the day plus a good bit of the next morning trying to figure out what the problem is.  i never do get it resolved.  instead i give up and go back to the 2 page layout and tweak it a little so i can get it on one page.  ok time to cut and…………my neglected mat is not sticky enough so it is a disaster.  ok – pull out my trusty painters tape, stick away spray and stick and spray and set to work fixing my mats back up to useable condition.  FINALLY i have some useable masks made – good GRIEF.

SO i set about making my paper – which WAS serenity thank goodness!  i am a mixed media girl.  it’s what makes me happy.  i mixed three shades of blue perfect pearl mist – light, medium and dark – using water, perfect pearl powder and reinker in mini misters.  then i just laid my masks on my white paper and misted away!  i started with a couple of the largest ones and my lightest mist.  then medium ones and medium mist (overlap is good) and finally smaller masks and the darkest mist.  then let it dry.  i did not put any sort of adhesive on the masks – it isn’t really necessary – just mist from a distance so you don’t move your mask and mist LIGHTLY so you don’t saturate your paper.

next i dug up some snowflake stamps – i am seriously lacking on snowflake stamps BTW.  not sure how that’s possible…..i also pulled out the stampendous frantage embossing enamels i am so enamored with lately.  i stamped a few random flakes and used shabby blue and aged silver.  then i added some of both to my corners and edges in a few spots and then sprinkled in some Art Institute Gala Glitz in white and teal along with some chunky silver glitter.  if you don’t have any Gala Glitz you NEED some – love the stuff!  it is a delicious mix of glitters, vintage glass shard glitters, & microbeads in different sizes:

yummy i say!  once i got everything in my pile i heated from BENEATH so i didn’t blow it all off.

Once my paper was done i set about creating my layout.  and serenity left again.  WOW am i out of practice.  i can make a card in my sleep but i really struggled over this lo.  luckily my most fave partner in crime and sister from another mister Cat was on hand on google talk for some moral support!  now you may notice i did not use my card candy pieces.  well that’s because when i was looking at the Snow Angel images while making my masks i just HAD to use some of the images and they did not quite match the color of the card candy – OH WELL!  this cartridge may very well be the one i use for all of my Christmas cards too!  here are some close ups for ya ending with one of my sweet baby kitten, Bubba:

Page 1

some of the handmade patterned paper and adorable cuts from Snow Angel.

the sparkly border is Best Creations glitter paper and a Martha Stewart deep edge border punch.

more cuts, more glitter paper – the white paper represents the picture and will be replaced.  also added a few snowflake skittles.

Page 2

i love my little snowman face skittles on the fabric yoyos – easy to make with a clover yoyo maker!

Pulled out my Studio G stamps for some mini stamping – i still LOVE them but i don’t like the newer ones as much as the older styles.

AND my little Bubba trying to stuff himself into one of Pezza’s puzzle boxes – look at that gorgeous Maine Coon tail!!!!

well that’s it from me!  i am looking forward to a fun family weekend!

do YOU love heat embossing or is it a dieing art so to speak?  are you like me and just mesmerized by the process of watching the powder melt like magic? wish you knew hot to do it but aren’t quite sure? anyone else excited about fall arriving?  do your leaves change color?  let me know what you’re thinking!



Twisted Thursday Challenge

hi all!

i hope you are having a great week so far as summer winds down.  hard to believe – it has gone so fast.  i know there are lots of moms posting on facebook how they are so sad school is starting again – NOT ME!!!  pezza is ALOT of baby let me tell ya!  for example, let me tell you about taking a shower the other day.  i always throw her in the tub, scrub her, and then leave her to play while i jump in the shower.  well our new little baby kitten Bubba Cat (yes that’s his name) has the typical Maine Coon fascination with water and he has to be in there with us now RIGHT on the side of the tub.  so while i am showering Pezza takes the kitten and dips him in the tub.  he comes flying out and sits on my bath mat looking at me like a drowned rat.  i hurry and finish so i can get out, i am putting my hair up in a towel, meanwhile Bubba Cat has moved on to playing in the toilet and FALLS IN (not the first time) so now he is even wetter than before.  as i am trying to dry off i see him start digging in our pile of dirty clothes like he is going to go to the bathroom so i grab him and run downstairs to the litter box – still wet and naked – and throw him in the CLUMPING litter.  he goes potty and jumps out and now has litter in large clumps hanging off of him.  so i grab him and head BACK upstairs so i can put him BACK in the tub and clean him off.  this stuff goes on all day long here – it’s NUTS!  needless to say i will be welcoming the 4 afternoons of peace a week!

believe it or not i still manage to get some crafting done along the way.  today’s project is for the Twisted Thursday (formerly Prisma & Other Mediums) challenge on the Outlawz site.  This week we were challenged to use ONLY a sentiment:

I used the Lori’s Garden cartridge.  Like most others i am having trouble getting my Imagine to stay calibrated so the cutting matches the printing 😦

I printed the image as layers and then put them together using foam tape for some dimension.  Pezza found the little charm while i was working on the card because she was digging through my stuff (see what i mean about the break) and i thought it would be a cute addition.  the polka dot paper is bo bunny of course.

i hope you will all head over to The Outlawz and join in on some of the challenges – there is a new one every day AND the prizes are fantastic!  You could get $50 GC to Oozak, $25 GC to SCACD, a package from paper temptress, gilli stamps and some digis from anne fenton – what do you have to lose!??!?

i will be back tomorrow with a fab Make It Crafty image available at SCACD!


it’s all about cricut today! winner time!

hi all!

i hope you all had a fabby weekend!  we went off camping again in the new trailer – LOVE that thing!  it is such a dream!  i’ll put a few pics at the bottom.  we headed south this time to Luray Caverns – only about 1.5 hours away.  this time we stayed in an actual RV park as opposed to a campground and boy was it a different experience.  in some ways better and some ways not.  for one, it was not like “camping” at all.  so if it is the wilderness aspect i am wanting, an RV park may not be the best place.  on the other hand it sure was nice in a staying at a motel kind of way.  so if my main reason for travel is to go visit something or somewhere then an RV park is probably best.  this one was called Country Waye and it had EASY pull through sites with full hookups, a grass area, a little playground and a nice pool.  we could see the playground from our site so pezza got to play whenever and she swam twice too – she LOVED it.  it was also very neighborhood-ish – we met other people and she played with all the other kids which is not usually how camping works.  most of the time camping folks keep to themselves.

we headed over to Luray Caverns to tour the cavern and check out the carriage and super old car museum.  like cars that look like buggies kind of cars.  i think the most recent thing they have in there is 1935.  the older ones just fascinate me!  of course the cavern took my breath away.  i LOVE CAVES.  the boys and i did a lot of caving in Missouri when they were kids.

enough chit chatting – let’s get on with it!


The Outlawz – LOADS of fantastic challenges WITH PRIZES over on the Outlawz site – make sure you go over and check it out!

Remember the fundraising drive I have been having for the Lost Dog & Cat Foundation?  you know the one with the Expression 2 giveaway?  well it’s time to pick a winner!  we had a total of $655 donated – you guys are amazing!  i thank you with all my heart for donating to this cause as it is so important to me.

and now for the winner!!!! ready…….

Candy B!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now i have no way of getting ahold of her because the site does not allow me to email donors.  so if you think you know her be sure to tell her to come get in touch with me so i can send her expression 2!!!


My project today uses my Cricut Imagine and ONLY the Imagine for everything except the card base and ribbon tabs.

This card was done using the Lori’s Garden cartridge.  i had wanted it for SO long and then when I finally got it i never got a chance to use it.  so when i got the Mojo Monday sketch in my email i thought – that’s it.  i am going to go down and use Lori’s Garden and this sketch.  i am also submitting it for the following challenges:

Make It Monday – Anything Goes
Paperplay – In the Garden
Our Creative Corner – Red & Aqua

All of my layers are done using Lori’s Garden and then edged with Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink.  My flower layers are popped up on foam tape for some added dimension.  i love the perfect coordination of all my pieces and all i had to do is choose them all at once and then cut once.  SO easy.  i DO need to do a little calibration on it though so my border and cut line are lined up better.  that is probably the only thing i don’t like about the imagine – the need to re-calibrate all the time.

and now as promised – a few pics of our weekend trip:

our site and trailer.

a white cave formation

yep that is solid rock people!

pezza & daddy

Pezza & mommy

see the bright red mark on the side of my nose – that is the cancer surgery scar.  i thought it was going to be less noticeable and maybe it will after a little time passes but as of now – it looks like a frankenstein scar complete with the little dots down each side from the stitches UGH!

i am happy to say Pezza was amazed at the inside of the caverns.  our next trip will be back to our fave campsite at Catoctin Furnace and MAYBE this time i will get to actually visit the old furnace ruins!

Have a great evening everyone!

i love colored pencils!

greetings from computer hell!  i am VERY excited because my Colored Pencil 2 Class is launching.  HOWEVER, the process of loading up the videos is enough to make me toss this computer right out the window!  it clearly wasn’t made for what i would like for it to do.  the slowness is pure agony!  i could very well die of old age before it finishes one video!  there is a dell i would looooooooovvveee to possess.  unfortunately a new one is not likely so i will just have to try some patience – patience is not one of MY virtues 😛

in the meantime i decided i should head over here and get a post up for today!


there are still items left in the store and it is ALL still 40% off!!!


i hope you all had a great 3 day weekend.  mine was spent working BUT hubby watched pezza for me and working WITHOUT a helper was bliss i tell ya!  love her to pieces but she is usually less than helpful when it comes to me getting work done.

the best part about the working – i love my work!!!  despite it being *WORK* which can be a little stress inducing no matter what you do because of the introduction of DEADLINES i do love it!  and this weekend it was all about colored pencils for the launch of my second pencil class on Color Me Creative – my buddy Suzanne’s online classroom site.  now everyone knows it is the BEST place to learn Copics but not everyone uses (or can even afford) copics.  so we thought colored pencil classes might be a good addition and the response so far to class 1 has been fantastic!  so what will class 2 have?

This class builds on what we learned in Class 1 covering additional, more advanced topics using Prisma Colored Pencils.  Topics include African American hair, white objects, metal, wood, grounding an object, using colored paper bases, using grays to accurately shade complicated patterned areas & more.  We will also go over other pencil brands and options.
 The following stamps will be used in the lessons:
  • Mo Manning – Baby Fairy Ayana, Bday Fairy Dee
  • Lala Land – Chef Marci, Dress Up Marci
  • SCACD  – IBFS Calla Lilly Corner
  • Whipper Snapper – Sophia
  • Pixie Dust Studios – Flower Cart, Making Lemonade
  • The Greeting Farm – Wild Sprout Ruby
  • Pixie Dust Studios – Making Lemonade, Flower Cart
  • Pink Cat Studio – Garden Plate 1, Tea & Coffee Plate
  • Free digis – Lilly & Cupcake
CLASS is video based with matching printable materials.  There will be homework/assignments (optional) and bi-monthly chats to discuss the class and techniques with Marti!

To sign up simply click here: Colored Pencil 2 Class.  as part of the class i will go over colored pencils OTHER than Prismas and I wanted to share a card today that uses Lyra Polycolor oil based pencils – these pencils are heavenly!  remember if you want to go shopping for some pencils (or anything else) head to dick blick via the link in the upper left hand corner – i will get credit for sending you over!

here are some charts to color in if anyone has been looking for some:


Derwent Coloursoft and Metallic


Prismacolor – i think i might re-do this one to look more like the others…

and here is my card:

I kept the card fairly simple – i think of this as being a CAS style card but according to folks on SCS it is not but – pretty simple none the less.  the lemonade paper is from K&Co i believe – love their pads!  Joanns had them all 40% awhile back so i got several!  the border punch is EK Success.

The image is from Pixie Dust Studios and it is a digi image printed on PTI stamper’s select paper.  I love this paper because i can use it for pencils OR copics.  The wooden stand is colored with Prismas and is one of the lessons in Class 2.  The rest is colored with the Polycolor pencils and oh how i love them!  being oil based instead of wax based means they are creamier and highly blendable.  i can’t wait to experiment more with them.  (Thanks susana for the wonderful birthday gift – a gift certificate to Dick Blick!)  i have NOT tried them with OMS yet so i can’t report on that!  stay tuned…

and of course what could be more perfect as an embellishment other than a lemon slice.  this i what i love about owning a cricut – custom embellies no matter WHAT my theme is!  this one is from the Preserves cartridge.  i inked all of the edges and then a couple are popped up with foam tape for dimension.  i finished by covering the little lemon segments with Scattered Straw distress stickles – regular stickles would have been a bit much in this particular case i think….

so what do you think???  aren’t pencils fabulous!!??!?!  and now off to check my video upload!  have a great monday!


hiking anyone?

hi friends!

is everyone ready for a 3 day weekend?  i know we are – not so much for playtime for me but so i can get caught up on some work!  i want my upcoming cruise to be totally work free and stress free.  well it will be work free because i think the internet on board is a bit pricey….  Pezza home with me all the time since i took her out of school a couple months ago has been taking it’s toll!  i am also hoping for some good sales this weekend so i can go out and get myself and pezza some cruise outfits!  today we are heading off to pick strawberries at a farm nearby.  we picked 7 pounds last weekend – yes i said 7 – on saturday and they were gone by monday afternoon!


Have you checked out my Colored Pencil 2 class?  you can sign up now on Color Me Creative and class materials will go up on Tuesday (we decided it would be better to wait until after everyone is out for the weekend!)

Did you notice the new Dick Blick badge on the upper left?  if you are planning to order from them and you go to their website by clicking that button i will get credit for sending you over!

Have you entered the current Challenge at TTCRD?  only a few more days left to win that Paper Makeup gift certificate!  all you need is something with wings!


i have another layout for ya today from our camping trip last year.  these are pics from the hike we went on:

If you are tired of Bo Bunny Double Dot paper i apologize but i am obssessed at the moment.  i don’t remember where i got the tree paper because i have had it for a long time in hopes we would go camping and i would have pics!  i cut the yellow piece using the Elegant Edges Cricut cartridge.  The boot, boot prints and tree are from the Camping solutions cartridge.  for the title i cute the base, frame and shadow using the Storybook cartridge and the lettering is from Base Camp (i think).

we camped near Cunningham Falls and for some reason we thought it would be a good idea to take pezza hiking to the falls after she spent the day swimming in the lake.  needless to say WE hiked and she rode – being carried by us!  perhaps if we go again we will do the hiking FIRST and THEN the swimming….

have a fantastic weekend folks!!!


Clear It Out: twinks!


talk about soggy we are getting some major soaking here in VA.  i feel for all of the poor people along the mississippi though – at least we are not dealing with flooding.  just heartbreaking to imagine what everyone is going through.  i will be watching as the crest passes through the area where my family lives in south louisiana.

I’ll be doing more work today on my Colored Pencil 2 class – i am still on track to have it launch next week YAY!  i know alot of people are asking for it and anxious to get it going!  in fact i am enjoying picking the pencils back up so much that i found it difficult to work with copics yesterday when i was coloring some images for an ad!  of course Colored Pencil 1 class is always open for new students as well.  that’s the nice thing about online classes!

my project today is for a challenge called Clear It Out – Through the Craft Room Door is sponsoring this one and the winner will receive a free one year PDF subscription!

The idea behind Clear It Out is to use up things in your craft room that have been neglected and this week’s challenge was coloring mediums:

Isn’t she darling???  she is a digi image from A Day for Daisies on Etsy – i LOVE these images – different than most.  sometimes i really need something new ya know?  i like the rough edges of the images.  my card uses a piece of patterned paper from Basic Grey’s Sweet Threads.  my flower is cut from scraps i dug out of my scrap box (which really really needs to be sorted and put away) and cut using the Mother’s Day Bouquet Cricut Cartridge (i do not need punch bunch punches…i do not need punch bunch punches…i do not need punch bunch punches…) i really like how it came out.  an idea is creeping around in the back of my head – i have a punch bunch project book – i wonder if i could make similar flowers using mother’s day bouquet…?

The layout uses the sketch from Mojo Monday this week.  i really liked this one!  lots of room for interpretation!

so what neglected coloring medium did i use?  my twinks!  Twinkling H2Os to be precise.  i actually just pulled them out for the first time in over a year just a week or two ago but i still think they qualify as neglected!  this pic is from a different angle and really captures some of the shimmer you get with Twinks -dee-LISH!

i did not use watercolor paper because the image was already printed out when i decided to do the Twinks but it still worked out nicely.  i also did a second image but i have not decided what i will use it on.

here is a better look at the flower as well as a good look at my dimensional dots – the new Magic Pearl Pen from Viva Decor!

These are very cool – not the same as the regular pearl pens.  they are sort of iridescent/transparent/interference.  the look you get will vary slightly depending on the color paper underneath.  the pen here is the white one – they also come in blue, lilac, rose, lemon & transparent.  the one in the flower center has more of a transparent iridescent look while the pearls on the green paper have more of a white frosted glass look.  neat stuff!

now it’s your turn!  pull out your most neglected coloring medium and show it some love!  then link your card to the challenge at Clear It Out for a chance to win a free 1 year PDF subscription to TTCRD!


TTCRD02: glitter & wings…

woohoo monday!  NOT!

i am on my own this week with little miss make-my-momma-crazy EEK!  i hate when hubby is out of town.  totally throws me off and i can’t sleep so by the time he gets home i will be a walking zombie.  YAY can’t wait….Pezza doesn’t like it either.  she was NOT pleased last night when momma had to do bedtime with her 😛  not a night person = not a fun bed time person.  in addition it says rain for the next 6 days in the weather forecast so i can’t even kick her out back with the neighbor girl she adores.


Colored Pencil Class – I am hosting a live chat for my colored pencil class tonight on the main page of Color Me Creative from 7pm – 8pm eastern time.  this is a great opportunity for my students to get some real time help or just chat about ideas or struggles they might have.  it is also a great time for NON students to come and chat and find out more about the class.  so if you are curious come on over and join us!

Want to take the class for free???  my buddy susana is giving one away as blog candy along with a full sheet of her newest stamps – the Natural Beauty collection by Carmen Medlin for SCACD!!!  Just head over to the SCACD blog to check out the details.  Also make sure you stop by the super talented Lori’s blog to see sneak peek #2!


i had the joy of basking in oodles of Martha Stewart glitter all weekend for a review i was writing for Craft Critique (there’s a great white cardstock comparison up over there today BTW.)  i will admit that my first love in the glitter world is Art Institute BUT i have to admit Martha Stewart is equally fabulous (her AND her glitter!!!)  This card is also for our SECOND challenge over at Through the Craft Room Door – things with wings – we would love to have you join in for a chance to win a $15 gift Certificate to the wonderful Paper Makeup Stamps:

In addition today’s card uses the May Sketch For You To Try and is inspired by the following other challenges:

Papertake Weekly – Punches/die cuts
Paperplay – Anything Goes
Stamp Something – Anything Goes
Daring CardMakers – Bugs

I finally got a chance to pull out the Florals Embellished Cricut cartridge – oh my goodness is it fantastic!  Not only is my bird from the cartridge but also the matching circles the bird and butterfly are mounted on.

The patterned paper is from a couple of Martha Stewart paper pads and have some really pretty glittered accents on them.

Here is a better look at my glittering – I used two different glitter styles – fine on the butterfly and tinsel on the stripe.

Tinsel glitter is really cool stuff – instead of crushed specks of glitter it is in little slivers so you get a fuzzy textured effect when you use it – just like the traditional Christmas tinsel garland.  i just put a strip of Scor Tape on my card front:

Then just peel off the paper and sprinkle on the glitter:

see the fuzzy-ness?!  cool right?

I also glittered a chipboard butterfly from one of the Maya Roads Minis at SCACD.  I started by covering it with Glossy Accents and then sprinkling on a heavy dose of glitter and letting it dry.

Once dry and put another thick layer of Glossy Accents on top of the glitter.  this gives it a cool epoxy-like look while maintaining full glittery-ness!  You can see the difference above – the right side has the Glossy Accents on top.  It’s fitting to be using Jen’s sketch for this one since i got this idea from her blog!

now i am off to get us dressed for the day…and perhaps get more coffee…..