Treat boxes from sweet treats


did everyone have a FABULOUS christmas??  we did.  and i took a much needed break from blogging and the general craziness of day to day online activities to hang with the fam.  hubby has been home so that has been really nice too.


don’t forget i have a HUGE inventory reduction sale going on.  right now everything in stock is marked 40% off.  however lots of things are running out now so if you are looking for a good deal for your christmas cash this is it!

i will also be adding more full size pots of flower soft later today so if you have been wanting a GOOD deal on those be sure to check back on the website!!


each year the local fire dept a huge caravan through our neighborhood with santa on the top of one of the engines.  pezzy was BEYOND excited when she saw him!  so that was really cute.  she cleaned up for christmas of course.  we all did really.  my little daughter did NOT want the full size doll house and a baby with all the accessories. NOPE.  she wanted a full size work bench and most importantly a rocky the robot dumptruck which she LOVES. 

she also LOVES her kitty fur real friend – kev couldn’t get it out of the box fast enough!

my fave was what i did for hubby.  first i gave him his stocking which contained 2 mini transformer toys & a bundle of sticks tied with a ribbon.

 he was like WTH..??  then i gave him the presents under the tree, a digi photo frame for his office at work and a log. 

last i gave him an envelope and inside it was a picture of the firepit table i got him that is currently hidden down in the storaage room and there was no way trev & i were luggin’ it back up the basement stairs!  i think he was pleased.  he built our deck 3 years ago and i INSISTED on an octagon of one corner and we have been wanting to put a firepit table in there forEVER!  i think the snow has finally melted enough for them to possibly set it up today “and burn S***”

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we always make treats for some of the neighbors we are close with – homemade cookies & some hot chocolate.  this year i just HAD to play with the boxes on my new sweet treats cartridge.  i made 4 boxes:

i had a 12 x 12 piece of paper for each one and used to wonderful fit to page feature of my new expression to cut each one as big as possible.  then i accented the *bow* tops with stickles on some and on one my new obssession – MS tinsel glitter & microbeads – so FUN!  these were SUPER quick n easy to put together – i see lots more of these for all occasions in my future!!

i will be spending the day playing catch up & figuring out where i am after taking such a long break!  and hopefully get some crafting done!

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3 Responses

  1. Marti, What a cool way to give your husbands gift. I got my buttons. Thank You! What cute treats!

  2. I love the stories of your daughter- it is so sweet when they are little and the time passes so quickly! Great treat bags for the neighbors!

  3. You were very creative with DH’s present. Sounds like a lot of fun.

    And thanks for making me want Sweet Treats now, uggh!

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