Through the Craft Door mini-mag

Through the Craft Room Door Publication

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Through The Craft Room Door Mini-Magazine
by Suzanne J Dean and Marti Wills

Tired of craft magazines that feature the same thing over and over?
Want to see many paper crafting and other craft projects featured?
Want to see NEW products and NEW features?
Want to see reader input and submissions?
Want access to an exclusive website just for subscribers?
Projects,templates, tutorials, spotlights, guest artists, product reviews, copic tips and tricks, die cutting machine information and projects!

All this and more you will receive in a mini-magazine and exclusive website with a subscription to the NEW “Through the Craft Room Door”

Want a Sneak Peek of the First Issue coming April 1st, 2010?

**New product review and projects
**Got Shimmer?
**Go Green
**Tips & Tricks Column
**Cricut/Die Cutting Corner
**Copic Corner
**Guest Artists
**Sketch 3 Ways (including scrapbook layout)
**Tool Challenge
**Etsy Spotlight
**Craft Rooms around the Globe and Storage Tips
**Multiple projects and tutorials including coordinating info on the website
**Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (or a special person in your life)
**Contests and Reader Submissions

There will be 7 issues within a 12 month period and access to the website! The first issue will be out April 1st, next issue will be May/June. Included in your subscription is a SPECIAL WINTER HOLIDAY publication that will come out mid October 2010. The invitation-only website will feature more pictures, more resources, templates, tutorials and videos that go along with each publication–so you will have alot of info at your disposal! (Website launches April 1st, 2010)

Have a question: email us at:

Subscription Pricing

PRE-Subscription Options (price good thru May 1st)–all options get exclusive access to the invitation only website (launches April 1st):

-Paper Copy of the Publication–will be mailed to you directly
Price: Regularly $20–Introductory Rate $18

-PDF File Copy ONLY–will be delivered via your email only (International customers may only choose this option right now)
PRICE: Regularly $18–Introductory Rate $16

-Paper AND PDF Copies of Publication
PRICE: Regularly $22–Introductory Rate $20

*********CLICK HERE TO ORDER**************


3 Responses

  1. Marti, FYI – I couldn’t find any clickable links on this page. I’ll just go find one of the blog posts where you mentioned it & do it from there.

  2. I just subscribed last night but my paypal e-mail is I would like the magazine to go to the gmail address above . Is this possible? Also, when can I expect my first issue. I am very anxious to get it as it sounds really cool. Thanks , Janice West

  3. How do I change my address?

    Thank you

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