One last christmas gift card explosion box

i just want to say thanks for the great responses to my tutorials!

SOOOOOOO…i have been cleaning up in my scraproom as it looks like a michaels store threw up in there.  then this morning for some reason (possibly the piles (plural) of paper all around the floor) i decided to go through my patterned paper and organize a bit so i could get it all put away……GOOD HEAVENS i have entirely too much paper!  i am pretty sure that if i never bought another sheet of paper i would still be able to scrap until i died!!  what to do……i was reading a thread on the cricut board asking if anyone has seen the new valentine papers from anywhere yet.  well i am pretty sure i could make valentines for the whole USA with wht i have 😛 

SO i have really been thinking alot bout the new year and  my personal goals this year – not so much resolutions just goals.  one of them is to USE WHAT I HAVE.  i am fearful though…..people come to blogs to see ll the latest & gretest.  and quite frankly i have no need or room for one of everything anymore – i want to use what i have accumulated.  SO i hope i do not disappoint.  HOWEVER i DO have lots of other plans in mind to keep things fun around here.  so stay tuned, i will reveal more on new year’s day!

OH and what the heck do y’all do with YOUR mountains of extra paper you no longer want to use???


If you haven’t already, be sure to head over to my store for my 40% off sale on EVERYTHING IN STOCK!!!  inventory is going fast so it won’t be on much longer!

>>Pezadoodle Designs<<


i have had a peek at the new release of Victori Case for my friend susan’s store, Susana’s Custom Art & Cards (SCACD) – OH MY WORD!!!!  THE CUTEST little stamps ever!!!!!!!  can’t wait until it’s time to show those babies off!!


got another christmas project i wanted to show y’all today…i think this is the last of them…..which means i better get cleanin downstairs!!!

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This is an explosion gift card box i made for Trev:

and here it is when opened:

 the snowman inside was holding a fake $1 bill.  when he took it out and unfolded it i had written check your bank account on the inside hee heee!

i used SEI patterned paper on all panels inside and out.  then i used one of the snowflake nesties sets to cut several snowflakes in pale blue & silver.  then i gave each of them a snowflake skittle center & added  skittle snowman to  one corner of each panel.  these are both in stock now on my website but they go quick and i won’t get anymore for this year.

i think i am going to make some bday ones to have on hand 🙂

i have to say i am itchin to do something not christmas-y!

have a great day!

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7 Responses

  1. Hi Marti,

    I’d recommend using ebay or your store to sell the patterned paper (even scraps!) that you’re not going to use. Just a thought.

    I have the same resolution! I’m not buying anything new or spending any money on scrapbooking (except adhesive and photo developing because you can’t do much without that:-). We’ll see how long it lasts! Probably just until Cricut comes out with a new cart!

  2. what a great box and goo

  3. What a great project!! I love the paper design and the colors!!!

  4. I give away the paper I don’t like. Another idea is to cute the 12×12 to 6×6 and offer it as blog candy. I figure I may not want the paper but someone can use it. I am with you on goals to use what I have.
    Cute box!

  5. Extra paper that I dont plan to use… not sure I have any right now. When I did though I would either swap it with someone who could use it or I would make card kits with it and then do a card making party. Each person who came to the party would be able to pick a kit and make the cards in it. I attend one of these that a Stampin Up! demostrator does about once a month and they are a blast.

  6. I gave mine to a kindergarten full of kids that needed to learn to cut, paste and whatever. The teacher said the kids loved creating “stuff” out of it.

  7. Oh, how I love this!

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