lots going on today!

hi all!

just a super quick post before i head off to take pezza to school and go see my doc.  i am going to see if she can help me with the excruciating headaches i have and maybe even something to help me sleep.  i am can’t fall asleep, stay asleep OR sleep much past 3:30!

the cheering you may have heard was my hubby – i FINALLY cleaned all of my sewing crap off of his pool table.  i swear i just can’t help myself – it is SUCH a perfect place to spread out and work! and pile stuff up on… i also cleaned out mine and pezza’s closets and dressers – 15 bags to the hospice in town.  i had a closet full of clothes i will SURELY never wear again – no matter how much weight i lose it will NOT undo the damage pezza did on my hips!

i did get some playtime in this morning so i thought i’d show y’all what’s going on down in the studio:

this is the trim for the craft room roombox all nice and glossy white.

yep that is a copper pumpkin box – at least it is now!

can you guess what’s going to happen next here?

and THIS will be something you won’t wanna miss on friday – is that HOLLY i see peeking out?????

why oh why do i have so freakin’ many projects going at once?  i don’t know – it’s just how i roll.  the ideas come way faster than i can get them all done.  do you do that?  am i the only one with far too many crafty interests?  let me know!  i am curious!

ok we’re outta here!


some digi re-dos!

hi all!

i am so sorry my blogging has become so sparse but as you longtime readers know i had to take pezza out of school last march and she has been home with me every day since – which does not leave me with nearly as much time as i would like to get stuff done BUT i also have so many other things going on with so many different fronts!  which is all good of course!  not to mention i have really been trying to bring a bit more balance into my life between work and family time.  when you work from home it is very hard to “leave work and go home”!  so what all have i been up to?  if you have not checked out the dollhouse blog  Dotted Daisy – you should!  exterior is done and ready for shingles and then it is on to the interior!  I have also begun a room box for a contest at a local dollhouse shop.

the next issue of Through the Craft Room Door will be hitting inboxes soon filled with fun stuff like this for halloween and fall in general:

full project pics and instructions ONLY in the magazine – if you don’t subscribe now is the time!

Want to win some awesome blog candy?  Then be sure to head over to the SCACD store blog!  SCACD also has new goodies in the store – embossing folders that MUST come live with me, jillibean soup 6×6 pads and AMAZING stamps and coordinating dies from Prickly Pear.

what else have i been up to????  i recently had the privilege of working on blog re-dos for two wonderful girls!  i LOVE doing them!

first up – joanne – she won a banner and siggy over on The Outlawz:

head over to her blog and let her know how you like her new look!!!

next up – briana – she got a banner, siggy and background and i think it is all just gorgeous!

stop by her blog to see the full effect and let her know what you think!

i will be spending this week writing all of the magazine articles and doing final placement, etc and then we hope to spend the 3 day weekend on some things around the house.  i’ve got two rooms plus the 2 story foyer i want to paint and raised garden beds i for hubby to install!  hoping to get some fall vegies in!

have a great day!

dolllhouse day!

hi all!

well trevor graduated today – 2 down and 1 to go.  my in-laws flew in (ex-laws, out-laws…??? my first husbands parents)  i ADORE them and was so happy to see them.  anyway they flew in from san diego and we went out and had a fabulous dinner at the Cajun Connection in leesburg.  everybody was ready to head over there this morning and i call trevor (already at the school) to find out where he put the tickets.  he couldn’t remember.  we tore the house apart.  we looked everywhere.  we did not find them.  we missed it.  *sigh*  so NO i do not have grad pics to show you today.


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i have been putting the dollhouse together. so far i have most of the shell done.  i feel all impressed with myself until i realize that only actually involves like 7 pieces and i have about eleventy bazillion to go.

step 2 – glue the front RIGHT side of the dollhouse on….*glue*….OH shit i put it on the left,  other right.  pull up quickly.  *glue* gee i sure hope this glue really is strong enough to hold this thing together…..after leaving it to dry 2 hours i am back for step 3….hmmmm something is not looking quite right…..OH shit glued the front panel to the BACK of the dollhouse.  the good news is i found out the glue really IS strong enough to hold the dollhouse together…that is also the BAD news….i carefully pry the piece off, thank god only ever so slight damage but nothing that will interfere with dollhouse enjoyment.  so step 2 glue the right front panel to the RIGHT side of the FRONT of the dollhouse…..

the books and can are for additional weight while the glue dries.  once i got that fixed i started on the tower portion:

a view from the inside:

OH SO SO much fun!

and now i am off – tired from a wonderful day of visiting!


Dollhouse Day

hi all!

so I am thinking of having a dollhouse day every week on my blog.  i realize the majority of you are here to see papercrafts so you can just skip it 🙂  we have been stuck inside because apparently the rapture DID come and we now live in h*** – oppressive does not even begin to adequately describe the heat.  tack on 90+ percent humidity and it is just fabulous *GAG*


Susana has some new stamps at SCACD – Make It Crafty (seriously cute) including the Emerald Faeries and Kraftin Kimmies.

Have you entered the paper piecing challenge at TTCRD?  There is a gift certificate to Crop Stop up for grabs!  we are finishing up the next issue and it is full of summer fun!  not a subscriber?  make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss it!


what have we done with the dollhouse?  the first step was to measure, count, label and check off everything.  and there are about eleventy bazillion pieces:

i am happy to say we were not missing anything and everything is in good shape – this kit is MDF rather than wood which is a bit nicer and sturdier and does not require sanding.

stack of larger pieces:

box of smaller pieces:

that is a bag of 850 shingles on top there that i will be glueing on one….by…one……

We painted a coat of primer and then our coat of pale purple and yes Pezza helped.

Daddy had to leave the room – he couldn’t watch.  it was a bit tense at times but i kept my cool 😛

Here’s all of the outside pieces painted and ready to go.  This kit also has the siding milled right into the wood – same with the floors for the inside.  they are already done up as hardwoods – sweet!

i was debating about painting everything and THEN beginning construction or not and i think i will just paint as i go…so the next pic you see SHOULD start looking like a building 😛

i hope your week gets off to a great start tomorrow!