CHA Cricut news

well today is the start of CHA.  unfortunately I did not get to go to this one *sniff sniff*

i did, however, speak with Jim Colby, VP of Product Development at Provo Craft this morning and got a little bit of the scoop from him but no pics – we will have to wait for those from folks attending the show.

Cricut Expression 2 for the masses will be on display.  in addition there will be a new cricut mini – a low cost cutter that will connect to the Cricut Class Room online design studio (you will still need to have the cartridge you want to use in order to make any cuts.)  He also said the Classroom will be available to all in September along with the wireless capability we have all been waiting for.

The E2 will be available on HSN sept. 26th and the mini cutter on HSN Nov 15.

Meanwhile you can still enter to win an E2 Anniversary Edition right here – SEE THIS POST for details!  and remember to go see Terri at Stampsalive for all your newest Cricut Cartridge releases as well as LOADS of other goodies!!!


CHA loves!

hi all!

well my mom headed home yesterday.  Pezza ran a fever all day so she has been lethargic and needy poor baby.  she took a long nap and perked up a bit in the afternoon.  i finally got to spend a bit of time in my craft room after not having been down there in over TWO WEEKS!  i wasn’t sure i still knew how to craft!

ok i said i would let y’all know my thoughts on the stuff i saw at CHA this time around!  of course i saw LOADS but i can’t cover it all so here are the highlights!

The Cuttlebug grid folder system – LOVE this and cannot wait until it is released later this month!  Check out my detailed post HERE.  Here are all of new folders and designs coming out soon (a few will be this month, the rest will be June):

Cricut Online Craftroom – i think this will be a wonderful tool to use with my Cricut machines.

We R Memory Keepers collections – this is a company i have never paid much attention to but i got a great “tour” through the booth and really liked quite a few of the new collections – can’t wait to get my hands on them as they come out!

Claudine Hellmuth – i really had fun playing with her line in class and want to get more into her stamps and paints.

New Perfect Pearls colors – these plain ROCK!  i have been wishing for brighter colors for SO LONG and i think these are just perfect!  Perfect Pearls are one of my VERY TOP fave crafting products and i am excited to have these coming out!

Viva Decor Iridescent Pearl Pens – These are transparent pens with a hint of iridescent color – i THINK the colors were purple, blue and pink but i only got a glimpse of them.  but i can’t wait to see them up close and personal!

Doodlebug Fabrics – yep doodlebug is joining the fabrics bandwagon!  oozing cuteness!

LaLa Land Stamps – these are super cute and such fun to color.  i am looking forward to getting my hands on some of these cuties.  Check out Marci and Luka especially!  this is darling marci:

Kids Crafts – we came across some amazing things in the kids crafts arena.  I was happy to see that because kids crafts seem to be the same now as they were 15 years ago when i was raising the boys – a little disappointing.  Pezza is always begging me to let her stitch things too when i am sewing and doing hand stitching but of course she is a bit young for that!  my only thought was the old standby – lacing cards.  well those suckers are expensive!  and then they still aren’t making anything.  so i was thinking about ways to make some felt lacing items she could do and lo and behold someone has done the work for me!

there are two companies that have really concentrated on some kids craft lines.  The first is a line called Creativity Works – this is an amazing lineup of projects – my fave are the pre-punched felt softies kits complete with string and a plastic needle – brilliant!  15 different kits – dolls, monsters (can’t forget the boys right?) and fave foods.  and each kit contains a large and a small version of the item.  in addition they have quick and trendy jewelry kits featuring bottle caps or guitar picks, and little tin container kits – kids create a little character out of a metal tin and then have a pace to put their “treasures”.

the second company is Grant Studios.  They make great papercrafting items but who knew they did such fun kid’s stuff too?  They also have some pre-cut softie sewing kits although these are geared towards slightly older kids (8+ maybe).  they also have really neat fashion designer stencil sets, cute little rag dolls with clothing kits, and AMAZING air dry clay kits.  air dry clay is super fun stuff – my boys loved the crayola model magic.  these kits come with the clay you need and instructions to make really cool characters.  especially the ones for boys – a too often neglected group if you ask me!

we will be doing extensive articles on all of these products in our magazine Through the Craft Room Door as they become available to the market – should be spring-ish.

Several more i want to mention – Art Impressions stamps.  i don’t think these are new so much as new to ME.  these are an array of little stamps in bits and pieces that you can use to create scenes.  They also make SUPER cute doors and windows that you can dress up in all sorts of ways.  the best part was the coloring technique they specialize in – simple marvy le plume markers with water and a paintbrush – amazing.  look for tutorials on that soon.  they also sell complete instruction sheest for those interested.

Your Next Stamp and Magnolia minis – JUST because they are mini – like me!  ok so i don’t even like magnolias – i think they are creepy.  but when they are in miniature Oh MY GOODNESS.  i may have to cave to a few of them.  i was telling dianna – the US distributor – that i think they are creepy.  and she says the reason they don’t have mouths is because they are angels and angels speak with their hearts….so i guess i will buy that…..hahahhah!  love dianna she is awesome BTW!

Best Creations Paper – of course but y’all know that already!

Eco Green – this is a company started by (or worked with not sure) one of my all time papercrafting idols Julia Andrus.  she is the creator of Perfect Pearls and also the author of the most amazing book Paper Transformed.  She has been driven to create a complete line of papercrafting items that are completely eco friendly.  i can’t wait to try them out.  she is also an absolute sweetheart and i was thrilled to meet her and talk with her for a bit.

so those are my overall thoughts on all i saw at CHA.  suzanne is already making plans for us for the chicago show which i SWORE i would never go to again but i do SO love traveling with her and meeting up with folks i only get to see at the shows so she may just twist my arm enough to go.  Besides, she KNOWS i am her fave roomie EVER HAHAHHAHHAHHAHHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a great day!

CHA – Cricut/Cuttlebug goodies

hi all!

so sorry for lack of posts but i have been doing ALOT of info gathering while here and literally just EXHAUSTED by the end of the day!!!!  however i suddenly have LOTS of time on my hands – i was supposed to be on a plane flying home but instead i will be hanging out in LA until FRIDAY due to flight cancellations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have to say i am not all to happy about it – i miss my hubby and kids, i want to hang out with my mom who is home watching pezza and i am MISSING ALL THE GOOD SNOW AND ICE which i LOVE when i am AT HOME and don’t have to go anywhere.  right now i am in the hotel lobby in my jammies catching up on work and watching the news (craziness).  my roomies all sleep in so i head down here about 4am so i don’t wake them up.

CHA has been a BLAST as usual.  i LOVE seeing old friends.  i have seen lots of great stuff.  exciting things coming out folks!  i hope you have been able to keep up – i know there are alot of places that post pics of ALL OF IT which i couldn’t possibly do here but i will show you some of my favorites!  first up is ProvoCraft of course!!!

three major things going on in the Cricut booth:

1. The revamped Cricut Expression 2 anniversary edition.  the Cricut turned 5 and has a whole new look! t he expression 2 has some new key changes.  the most important – the touch screen instead of the keypad and overlays.  this was my single most favorite thing about the Imagine when i got it and to see it on the new expression – brilliant!  it just makes things so much quicker and easier.  on the current machine you have to cut things individually – for example you might want to cut three things in three different sizes – you set one size, cut, set the second size, cut, set the third size, cut.  same for the different creative features.  with the touch screen you can pick them all out at once and cut them all.  In addition this will cut from Imagine carts as well.  now that seems odd because many of them would not look quite right without the printed details.  however there are some i could see using.  and then finally there is the color.  you will be able to customize your color – the two side bars pop off and can be replaced with other ones (purchased separately)

on the prototype shown here the blade holder is cricut green but on the actual machines that will be a neutral color since it is not changeable.  the foot print is the same as the expression 1 including height.

another critical thing to mention – i noticed with my imagine that it cut ALOT better than my E – that updated cutting ability has been used on this machine as well so that is good news!

next up – cricut classroom.  we have been wanting an improvement to the current computer based Design Studio for quite some time.  the gypsy was a vast improvement but many of us (me included) did not like the small screen and did not need something that was portable.  in addition the gypsy requires you to permanently link your cartridges which many did not like.  but none of us were looking forward to having to purchase yet another software program (after all i have to buy all of those cartridges they keep coming out with right?)  from many conversations with Jim Colby (VP of product dev.) i knew this was a HUGE priority on his list but there were some difficult roadblocks for a variety of reasons.  i suspected this was going to finally launch so i beelined right for it and Jim looked SO pleased as he was telling me about it.  it really is an answer to our concerns and frustrations.  i have spent alot of time with Bill (creator) talking to him about his vision and what he wanted to accomplish with this program.  i sat down and easily figured out how to navigate and do what i wanted in minutes – FAR more user friendly than design studio which i have never really gotten the hang of.  it has more of a feel of most standard graphics design programs.  it is online and best of all FREE.  yes FREE.  not free with a catch.  not free with limited workability.  not free for a limited time only.  not free with a catch.  cynics can stop – it is just FREE FREE FREE.  you can look at and design with every cart ever made but can only cut with carts you already have.  it welds automatically when the images touch each other.  you can group items and resize them all at once.  some fun features – a cartridge wish list.  the ability to click and find out all of your local buying options for a particular cart you may want to purchase.  it is still in beta testing and depending on how that goes they hope to roll it out in 4 weeks or so.

next up – my beloved cuttlebug – exciting thing coming in this arena and something i would have NEVER thought of.  it starts with this – a master folder with a grid of peg holes:

one side is green and one is clear. 

then you have your embossing pieces.

each image has a green piece and matching clear piece and they have pegs on the backs.

so you take your green pieces and arrange them as you want on the green grid plate – use 1 piece use 5 pieces.

next lay the clear pieces on top so they fit together:

next you close the folder so that the clear pieces attach to the top clear portion of the master folder in the peg holes.  open it back up and you have a custom embossing folder!  now put your paper in, two B plates and run it through your cuttlebug!

seriously how cool is that????  the master folder and two embossing sets will be available in feb and the rest are coming in june.  MSRP on all is $20.00.

the cricut launch party was absolutely amazing as it always is.  they had dancers from so you think you can dance which were amazing.  then they had a dance contest between jim T (ceo), brian (not sure of his title), and Jinger (PC spokesperson) and they were HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!  really beyond hilarious.  i have rarely laughed so hard in my life. i  think when i grow up i want to work for provocraft 🙂

since i will be sitting here in LA with nothing to do i will get more pics and updates posted up for you soon.  the show is closing today at 2 so they can start packing up.  have a great day!!!


my awesome cool not-very-exciting,-mom CHA make n take

hi all!

i know some folks are beginning to get geared up for sending the kiddos back to school.  i read some posts on facebook about some people’s kids starting kindergarten and how they are sad and will be in tears…is it bad that i am counting the days and we still have two years to go?!?!?!?!  of course i guess that’s what happens by the third…Pezzy WILL be going to pre-school 3 mornings a week and she is oh so happy about that.

well i am in the thick of final touches on the next issue of Through the Craft Room Door – some great stuff in store for ya!!!  We have 3 issues coming at ya back to back because our big holiday issue will be coming out between the Sept & Nov issues.  This one will be FULL of holiday stuff for gift giving, decorating, card making, etc with lots of guest designers!  If you haven’t submitted your ideas please do!  CLICK HERE for details.  and if you are not yet a subscriber what are you waiting for?!?!?!

anyway i thought i would take a quick break and post my one and only make n take from CHA…
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i know, most people LOVE running around doing make n takes but for some reason i don’t too much.  but this one (actually 2 combined) i just HAD to do!

i did the headband and bow at the joann’s or Michaels table – i forget which.  Then i took it over and did the button shenanigan at the Blumenthal booth (these buttons are in most chain stores – saw them at my joanns.)

i chose purple because that is Pezza’s favorite color (most of the time).  i couldn’t wait to show it to her when i got home and you know what she says???  she screwed up her little face and says huh…wow…that is NOT very exciting mom…..  **THUD**  i mean REALLY? it has beaded spirally green wires sticking off of it for cryin’ in the mud!  ahh well i had fun!

and now back to work!


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whew CHA – my thoughts

its day 5 – the last day and i am so tired i can barely form coherent sentences and oh so ready to be home.  i miss my hubby and my kids and my cats and my bed and my craft room and my routine 😛

but i sure did have some fun andio loved talking to all of the folks who came by to check out all of the fantastic viva decor products!

however i MUCH prefer the area in anaheim where we usually go in january and the Super Show has been a HUGE disappointment.  i would have been better off at CKC in valley forge this weekend!

my big things this go round:

the cricut imagine – love it.  i must admit i was skeptical but after seeing it in action – love it!  for anyone lilke me who is a hybrid girl – likes both paper and digi – you will WANT this machine!

teresa collins stamp maker by photocentric – a must have!!!  i got one for myself and it sould arrive late august.  i cannot wait to make my own personal stamps from my mom and brother’s artwork as well as make pezzy her own stamps of her drawings and handwriting!  it is quick, easy, painless and a totally awesome price point!

prima…well is prima ever NOT over the top awesome?  ’nuff said.

spellbinders – see prima comment above.

papers – in general – we have ALOT of really good stuff coming for the holidays folks – my fave paper “discovery” – best creation inc.  everything sparkles and their glittered cardstock is to die for!  cuteness and sparkle to the max.

for the vintage arena – i am really loving cosmo cricut papers and the embellies at webster’s pages totally ROCK.

HOLIDAY GIFT GIVING MUST HAVE BOOKS – i love to do gifts in a jar (or mug or whatever) and have quite a few books of recipes. well i discovered more, lots more, at CQ products!  working on ideas now?  trying to get a plan together for the holidays or just tired of making cards and cards and cards….want to have some great gifts on hand?  you must go look at the array of books they have – the mug ’ems, gifts in a bottle and camp out cooking ones will ALL be coming home with me as soon as i can make it happen!  not onyl do they have great books of recipes for you to make to GIVE but they have some great books that will make perfect gifts themselves.

but of COURSE the viva products are my fave!!!  and now i am off to start packing up before heading to the floor for our last day!



CHA day 1

Holy insanity batman!!!

it is almost 5am here in chicago and i am frantically trying to get work done before another crazy day!  my coffee maker in my room has NO filter holder thingy so i am muddling through until the starbucks downstairs opens ACK!!!!

so i thought alot of you might be looking for CHA updates – i have been so remiss about my blog these days but WOW have i been busy!!!

the trip out was uneventful though we had a few rough spots navigating chicago – we are used to anaheim but this is our first summer CHA.  the first thing i did when i got on the floor yesterday was hit the provocraft booth for a full demo of everything new.  well let me just tell you the cricut imagine ROCKS!!!!!!  i LOVE LOVE LOVE it so much!!!!!  and one will be arriving at my house in october!!!  i cannot wait!!!  i won’t go into detail on everything about it here since i know there will be tons of info on that but i will tell you my thoughts.  it i spartnered with HP so i feel utterly confident in the printing capabilities.  it is very similar to digi scrapping your elements but easier to customize them AND then it cuts them out for you – RIGHT up my alley!!  i LOVE digi scrapping!  the ink cartridges are normal priced cartridges.  it works with my regular cricut cartridges PLUS the special imagine cartridges – the world of possibilities is just unfathomable!

CONS – it does not YET work with design studio or gypsy (or i am assuming – make the cut and SCAL)

the launch party last night was the most inspiring experience i think i have ever had – rather than speeches there was a show by performance painter david garibaldi – i will never forget that!  of course seeing friends at provo craft and from the cricut board again has been wonderful!

i have not had a chance to wander the floor yet – i will be doing that this morning.  instead i worked in the viva decor booth doing make n takes and helping customers – SO MUCH FUN!!!  i love all of their products SO much so it easy to talk to other folks about them and show them how wonderful the products are!  colleen, justin and peter from viva US have been wonderful!

today i hope to walk the floor, see old friends like tim holtz – did get to see mario at the viva booth – what a DOLL he is!), the folks at ranger, the folks at studio G and make new friends as well!

pezza was extremely disappointed that she can’t come – she doesn’t understand why since she makes videos and all now and she said BUT MOM!  i AM a viva diva you know!!!!  then she told my mom that it was the last time she will ever be able to be happy because her mom is out of town 😛  this coming from the kid who fires me as mom like three times a week HAHHAHHA!!!

blog tag

i DO have projects to shwo you!  these were supposed to have gone up monday 😛  these are the three make n takes i am doing for the viva booth:

this is a pin for folks to wear and i did this one all afternoon yesterday.  the wood base is covered in inka gold and buffed.  the maya chipboard butterfly is painted with precious metal colour, adhered to the base and then the wings are filled in with glass effects gel.

this is a 7 gypsies ac chipboard book.  i painted the front with precious metal colour and then spackled on some terra texture paste – it looks and feels exactly like terra cotta!!  while wet i stamped into it and embedded that silver piece into it, then let it dry.  i brushed on some precious metal colour very lightly to enhance the stamped image.  finished it off with a few dots of paper pen.

the third one i seem to have forgotten to take a picture of 😦  it is one of those acrylic frames you slide the picture into – i took a viva decor stencil (any stencil you make from vinyl will work) and sponged on some satine – removed the stencil and you habe your frosted design.  then i added a layered modeling grass die cut flower to the corner.

have you been cruising the web checking out all the new stuff coming?  what is your favorite?  what are you most curious about?  let me know!!!!

ok starbucks opens in 5 minutes!!!!!!

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Just Buggin Cricut Challenge 22: All About Food

what a weekend!  we were scheduled to get  *dusting* of snow saturday…6″ later it finally stopped ACK!!  so now my world is wonderful white again!  it is the big fluffy extra dry kind so not the greatest for playing in but super easy for shoveling!  i went to a friend’s Valentine stamping card party saturday and brought Pezzy – she was in heaven making cards with me and playing with the other little girl there.  then sunday we played outside and finally broke in the fire pit i got hubby for christmas.  the neighbor came over with his daughter and we made s’mores YUMMMMM!!  today i am moving slowly as she-who-never-sleeps was up until after 10 and then back up at 3 this morning – i gave up getting her back to sleep at 5…


MEGA blog truffle giveaway winner – debby >>see post here<<

The winner of my big blog giveaway hs not contacted me yet – there will be another winner drawn Wednesday if i don’t hear from her!!!


today i have a cricut LO for ya:

blog tag

The current challenge over on the Just Bugginn’ Challenge Blog is All About Food – SOOOO many things you could do with this!!  i decided i want to get more of my scrappin’ done so i made a LO for my first dinner out at CHA LAST YER (it’s official i m OVER one year behind – NOOOOOO!)  After you check my LO be sure to go see what the other Design Team members have done for inspiration!!

In Addition i also covered:
Got Sketch – Sketch 91
Practical Scrappers – Die cuts
Glue Paper Scissors – Love your own handwriting (ICK but i went for it on TWO LOs this weekend!!)


ll i gotta sy is if you have not had pop rock margaritas yet then YOU MUST!!!!  but don’t let your waiter do it for you.  OH NO.  tell him you want to do it yourself….HILARIOUS!!!!  we were pickin’ pop rocks out of our hair, they went down our shirts, we were pickin’ them off the back of our jeans when we walked back to the hotel…..

i cut my borders with my fave MS punch and the crab is sitting on a nestie.  i wanted to keep everything bright & tropical – mango frost DCWV stack is AWESOME!!!  the crab and bread tag are regular cricut cuts and then i merged my title letters in design studio nd also turned a martini glass into more of a margarita glass and merged those into a border with design studio.

remember i promised to focus on microbeads for y’all?  well they kinda got pushed to the side during CHA but THEY ARE BACK!  i wanted some frosty slushness on top of ech glass so i dabbed some glossy accents on randomly and covered it with clear microbeads.  i added a little copics at the bottom to mimic the ones in the pictures.

i am finding that i am really out of practice with scrapping but i will be doing more of it i hope and get back into shape!!

now i hear some laundry calling my name – never a dull moment huh???


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