Time to twist your thursday!

hi everyone!

two days of school down and mostly successful!  her class is super small – only 6 kids – 2 of which were her faves last year.  Day 1 went perfectly.  day 2 had a hitch at the end though.  she kept asking to go wash her hands and after the third time the teacher told her no.  well she got hysterical  and the teacher had to call in some back up to remove her from the room until she calmed down.  i asked her why she kept having to wash her hands and she said she kept touching the bottom of her shoe on accident.  *sigh*  so i told her that when she washes her hands with antibacterial soap it will kill the germs on her hand for awhile afterward.  i don’t know if that’s true but i am hoping it cuts down on her freaking out-ness… of course i also told her to just not touch her shoes and then she would be ok…

i have been enjoying a bit of peaceful time in my craft room the last 2 days and today i have a card for the Twisted Thursday challenge over on The Outlawz – join in and you could win some really good prizes!  There is a new challenge every day!  The challenge today was to use punches or dies:

I started by cutting the card front (yellow bo bunny polka dot paper) using my damask decor cricut cartridge with the card  feature at 5.25″.  i LOVE the card fronts on this cartridge BUT i don’t use it to cut the card base because it is a waste of paper to do it that way.  But when you do the card front actually covers the whole card front – i wanted mine slightly smaller.  Next i cut two leaves and their shadows using the Layer 1 & 2 features – perfect and oh so easy matching embellies!  a little well placed Distressed Stickles dabbed on with my finger finished it up!

i think this image is so cute – Pezza found it in her toys when we were cleaning out 😛  i colored on a piece of iridescent cardstock in a variety pack from paper temptress – if you have not visited her you need to!  she has an amazing selection of papers!  I colored with colored pencils of course!

i hope y’all have a great day!


Flower Shoppe bags

hi everyone!

i don’t know about the rest of you but my summer is flying by!  i do not seem to get nearly enough crafty play time at all!  i’ll start with an update on the foster kittens.  Josie, the momma, has been at the vet for 3 days after a strange reaction to her vaccine.  but she will be coming home this afternoon when i pick pezza up from camp.  YEP she is in camp this week.  i love her to pieces but momma needed a break.  if i have to pretend i am a little pony or a cars character one more day i might fling myself off my deck!

now last week on thursday i got a call from lost dog and cat asking if i could take one little lone kitten in to play with my others.  his momma and siblings had been adopted and he needed friends.  so of course i said yes.  however i did not ask hubby because i was afraid he would say no.  so we pick up bandit and o my word is he cute!  and he is partially maine coon, which is what my other two cats are and i LOVE them.  they are a very unique breed with fun personality traits.  he is the most lovey dovey i need a human cat i have ever seen.  AND he fell IN LOVE with hubby.  saturday night instead of putting him to bed in the basement with the rest of the kittens i snuck him into my bed and hubby did not toss him out.  then sunday i was gathering everyone up to head into petsmart for adoption.  we were searching for bandits fave toy to bring with us and hubby said he wanted bandit to stay.  so he adopted bandit!  o i adore him!  and the other two – berlioz and gingersnap – got adopted too!  so we have ended up with a new kitten of our own after all.  bandit sleeps with kevin every night and i mean sleeps WITH him.  like the other night he was draped across kevin’s head!  so cute!  i’ll have a pic at the end of the new baby.


couple quick flashes for ya:

It is the last few days of my Cricut Expression 2 giveaway – it is simple – for every $5 donation to Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Organization you get a chance in the drawing.  the drawing is Aug 1.  CLICK HERE for details.

Be sure to check the SCACD post today for the next sneak peek of the upcoming new release


today i have gift bags!

my main focus was to play with my new Flower Shoppe Cricut cartridge.  i chose 3 different designs and made them as the handbook suggested.  now of course you can layer them any way you want with as many layers as you want.  the nice thing is that these are designed to be 3 dimensional:

now i will start by saying i love the idea.  however, i also have to say i really struggled making these and getting them to look right.  it was even somewhat frustrating.  perhaps as i make more it will get easier but these are quite large.  i can’t imagine trying to make them small enough for card accents.  on the other hand the flat layers could easily be use to make lots of fun custom flower embellies.

One thing i really didn’t like about the layers the handbook had put together was the differing number of petals.  like one layer had 5 and one layer had 6 – huge pet peeve of mine!

The images i used are recent additions to the Make it Crafty images available at SCACD called the Mini Sprites and come as a set – are they just the cutest!  i colored them with colored pencils of course!

while i found the first run with this cartridge a bit frustrating i think it has awesome potential once i have more time to play around with it and experiment!


CHA Cricut news

well today is the start of CHA.  unfortunately I did not get to go to this one *sniff sniff*

i did, however, speak with Jim Colby, VP of Product Development at Provo Craft this morning and got a little bit of the scoop from him but no pics – we will have to wait for those from folks attending the show.

Cricut Expression 2 for the masses will be on display.  in addition there will be a new cricut mini – a low cost cutter that will connect to the Cricut Class Room online design studio (you will still need to have the cartridge you want to use in order to make any cuts.)  He also said the Classroom will be available to all in September along with the wireless capability we have all been waiting for.

The E2 will be available on HSN sept. 26th and the mini cutter on HSN Nov 15.

Meanwhile you can still enter to win an E2 Anniversary Edition right here – SEE THIS POST for details!  and remember to go see Terri at Stampsalive for all your newest Cricut Cartridge releases as well as LOADS of other goodies!!!

POM: gift card holder challenge!

hi all!

well i made it through surgery, though it was a bit rougher than i expected.  i only had local anesthesia and i can get grossed out so easily.  i fainted once when one of the boys lost a tooth.  so i kept nearly passing out/low blood sugar/ plummeting blood pressure – SO much fun.  ended up with 8 stitches and an incision far longer than i had any idea it would be.  however, the doc and nurses were AWESOME!  the doc even called me at home last night to check on me and his cell phone number was on the aftercare paperwork for emergencies.  i even managed to change my bandage myself without passing out this morning.  however i am working on one nice black eye and it itches something awful.  but if i rub it at all it hurts.  BUT i am cancer free, truly not a big deal.  i am just a big wuss!


several newsies to cover before getting into project goodness:

Cricut E2 giveaway/fundraiser – please help me spread the word so i can reach my fundraising goal for Lost Dog & Cat Rescue!

I am trying to narrow down which dollhouse I will be building for a charity auction on the Dotted Daisy blog – i have gotten it down to TWO choices from Real Good Toys – turns out they sponsor charity stuff and offered to become involved with my efforts YAY!!!!  so head over to Dotted Daisy after you are done here and cast your vote!


Today a new POM challenge kicks off on The Outlawz – Gift Card Holders.  The prizes up for grabs are REALLY good – $50 gift certificate to Oozak PLUS a $25 gift certificate to SCACD – how can you pass that up?!?!?!?

i don’t make these nearly enough.  here is mine:

please excuse the xmas gift card – it was the only one i had on hand 😛  I cut the pieces using the Fabulous Finds Cricut Cartridge – an oldie but definitely a MUST HAVE.  I cut the tab file/holder at 4″ with the window.  then i cut a piece from some plastic packaging i had and put it in the window cut out.  Next I cut out the insert piece and attached the gift card to the back with a couple mini glue dots.  Next i cut out the bookplate/tag design.  i cut the insert piece from my PTI cardstock and then stamped and colored (Polycolor pencils).  The cherry on top is a dab of Liquid Pearls.  I used double sided paper for this so my project would look good from all sides.  A couple of glittered skittles make excellent little accents on the bookplate.

Head over to Dotted Daisy to vote for a house and then show us your fave gift card holder design on The Outlawz!


SCACD Vault release!

hi everyone!

i love 3 day weekends but i hate how much of a mess i am the whole week after because i can’t remember what day it is 😛  i have been behind on absolutely everything this week!  perhaps i will be able to catch up with myself this weekend…though it is a full one as usual.  tomorrow we are going to go pick up our new camping trailer YAY!  we have a small coleman popup tent trailer that kevin has had since his single, jeep crawling days and we have been talking about getting a toy hauler for AGES.  we went out to look and ended up finding one that was everything we had hoped for and thought we wouldn’t find AND the price was right too.  it is nothing over the top fancy but we are so excited.  do we have toys to haul?  not yet but kevin WILL be able to bring his harley when we go places like down to my moms and stuff.

then on sunday i will be bringing josephine and berlioz to their first adoption event at petsmart (Gingersnap had her spay surgery yesterday and won’t be ready for adoption yet.)  Pics of the kittens are at the bottom of my post.  i am going to stay and help out of course.  don’t forget about the Cricut E2 i am giving away this month too!  you can get the details HERE.  please spread the word on your blogs and in your groups as it is for a very good cause for animals like my sweet little kittens i have been fostering.

now onto some papercrafting/stamping goodness!  every so often susana gets an urge to introduce us to some stamps she has not made part of a regular release.  today she has 4 new stamps from the vault for you and they are fantastic!  There are two adorable flower babies from elisabeth bell and two gorgeous perfume bottles from victoria case.  today I have Hydrangea Hugs:

i LOVE hydrangeas – LOVE THEM.  Pezza and i were in the grocery store yesterday and the flower area was just PACKED with hydrangeas in a full range of pinks/blues/purples and green – GORGEOUS!  of course i tried to replicate what i saw BUT there is just no substitute for natural beauty – however i AM pleased with her!  she has more purple in real life but for some reason i can’t get my camera to photograph purple to save my life!  my paper is from the Basic Grey Sweet Threads paper pad – my fave of their last release.

I colored her with Lyra Polycolor colored pencils (no blending solutions used).  i LOVE the vibrancy and superior blending quality of these pencils!  the bow around her pot is ONE pencil – i just varied the layers to get the depth.

Be sure to head over to the SCACD store blog for a list of my DT sisters that are also showing these new stamps!

and now as promised for all of you who tell me how much you love the kitten pics:

here is momma cat, josephine, and her “baby” – this is actually a stuffed animal trevor got from a girlfriend BUT they are no longer together so perhaps he will let josie take it with her to her new home…she will carry this stuffed animal around with her and when the real babies fall asleep she brings this stuffed animal over and puts it with them.  this morning when i opened the basement door – momma, berlioz AND the stuffed animal were waiting at the top of the stairs!

yes this is my big Tiger cat and little Gingersnap.  as i have mentioned tiger is gradually accepting the presence of the foster kitties and even takes great interest in their antics.  she gave gingersnap a good backwards cleaning while she was sleeping and has given berlioz a few good licks too!

have a fabulous weekend!

Who wants a new Cricut E2…FOR FREE!?!??!?!

that’s right!  i am giving away an Anniversary Edition Cricut Expression 2 FOR FREE to ONE lucky winner!  This machine comes with FOUR pre-loaded cartridges too!

So what do you have to do?  Contribute to my fundraising drive for the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation.  For every $5 you donate during the month of July your name will be entered into a random drawing – $10 = 2 chances, etc.  And you can donate as many times throughout the months as you want.  my goal is $2000 – i know we can do it!!!

CLICK HERE to go to the donations page

My regular readers have been keeping up with the progress of the Momma Cat i have been fostering along with her kittens.  I had 3 kittens but unfortunately the teeniest one, Oliver, my constant buddy passed away while i was away on vacation due to a birth defect called liver shunt – i cannot tell you how my heart broke.  all he ever wanted was for me to hold and cuddle him and this is how i spent most of my work time in my studio:

He slept on my shoulder or in my lap and only weighed 15 oz at 7 weeks despite his brother being 2 lbs and his sister 1 1/2 lbs.

The other two – Gingersnap (Ging when she is good, Snap when she is naughty) and Berlioz  – are doing great and nearly ready for new families.  here are a few fun pics:

Mini masters of the cat tree

Momma Josephine

Of course Pezza can't get enough of them...

Even Tiger has gotten to like them...well like might be a strong word but she is interested in their antics...

I will be focusing on Cricut projects all week so be sure and come back to check it out – and leave me some comments – i love to hear what you think!!!

Good luck in the drawing and be sure to spread the word!!!



hi all!

as usual my day is off to a roaring start.  momma cat still has a bit of diarrhea and possibly fever.  my email has been down since saturday morning.  pezza was behaving horribly and was sent to her room where she proceeded to act atrocious screaming i hate my parents and want them to live somewhere else into the monitor.  well in her fit throwing she managed to whack herself good in the mouth on her rocking chair – blood everywhere.  still might require a trip in to the dentist.  lucky for me the dentist and the cat vet are right across the parking lot from each other.  YAY.  in addition i have poison ivy or SOMETHING all over and itch like i have never itched in my life – i have never had poison ivy before.  at first the doc thought it was some sort of a mite from the mulching i did all week but i don’t know….never a dull moment in the wills household that’s for sure!  whenever i read someone post on facebook that they are bored i think  ooohhhhh boredom…that would be so nice….HAHHAHAHA!  really i don’t think i could do boredom anyway.  i always have way to many good ideas i want to pursue and new things i want to try!

and speaking of new things to try – how about my Colored Pencil 2 Class coming up soon on Color Me Creative!  One of the topics we will cover in Class 2 is coloring things that are white.  today i have a daffodil that is partially white:

The image is from the very first Close To My Heart stamp set i ever bought so it’s about 3-4 years old now and i don’t know if it is still available 😦   it is all colored with Prisma Colored Pencils – no Gamsol or blending solution – just my Derwent Blender pencil. i cut my white base and patterned frame on my cricut using Elegant Edges.  There would have been another layer that would have given me a pretty green scroll up onto my white base but i could not get it to come off the mate without ripping it was so thin and that was with cutting the shape  at 4″!  that is one of my biggest, maybe only, pet peave with my cricut.  don’t get so intricate with the designs that they are just frustrating and impossible to cut 😛  the band of glittery paper is from Best Creations – the BEST glitter paper and it cuts really well in the cricut.  the glitter will NOT come off.  i dug through me old stash of primas and some clay embellies i had and even threw in a felt flower i found to add some pizzaz!  i finished it off with a few pezabling acrylic squares in glittering pink and a studio G stamp sentiment.

another topic covered in Colored Pencil 2 Class is African American hair – here is something i was working on this morning when pezza woke up and i had to quit – the image is from Mo Manning:

isn’t she just darling?!??!

and now i am off to do some running around!  hugs