Studio G folks – next round of $1 stamps is out!

hi everyone! 

 i wanted to get a quick post up for all of you who have begged me to PLEASE not stop providing you with the latest Studio G $1 stamps sets.  i have the next two on their way!  raise your hand if your tired of making christmas stuff (hand waving wildly in the air).  i LOVE doing it – don’t get me wrong btu i am definitely ready to move on!  so i thought it was the perfect time to show you the two new sets heading our way for valentine’s, easter and St patrick’s day!

Each set has 16 packs of stamps and 2 acrylic blocks.  They are $18 each and will ship in mid january.  I am ordering a VERY LIMITED number of these and do not plan on re-ordering once i run out so if you want them you can head over to the Studio G page on the store website by CLICKING HERE and securing your set!  while you are there browse around.  i still have many items in stock and most are marked down considerably – buy it now so i don’t have to count it during inventory next week!!!!  hahhahha!

please let me know if you have any questions and thank you so much to all of my die hard customers – i love ya!!!!


There here!!!! studio G christmas goodies

hi all!!!

if you are one of the folks who placed a special order request for the awesome group f goodies from studio g they’re here!  AND you should have received an invoice from me too – so if you have NOT gotten an invoice be sure to contact me asap as i have VERY VERY FEW extras!  here they are again:










these sets are SUCH a great deal and SO versatile – always money well-spent!

studio G’in it today

hi all!!!

the latest yummy $1 goodies from Studio G are on their way!  if you have been putting off your order waiting for them to be in stock now is your chance!  some items have already sold out but i still have a few in stock.  but they usually go FAST!  be sure to check out the Studio G page and see what’s up there!

the newest items are down at the bottom of the page and include not just stamps sets but giftie goodies that match – can we say INSTANT GIFT BAG!!!

IN ADDITION i will no longer be carrying these.  my heart is heavy over the decision but my energies are being taken up on other things and they have greatly decreased in popularity.  there are some fabulous things coming out for christmas so be on the lookout for those!  including some self inking sets that look WONDOROUS!

i want to start with this cute little gift set i threw together:

what does it include?  matching mini notebook, mousepad/notepad and stationary complete with envelopes and sticker seals.  Then i made a card using one of the matching clear stamp sets, there is also matching glitter glue on the cupcake for sprinkles!

i want to make a couple of important notes – i stamped the image with memento ink so i could color it with copics and it stamped perfectly crisp and clear.  i also want to talk about the glitter glue for a moment as they have done HUGE improvements!  the bottle is now MUCH easier to use AND the tip is now a fine tip nozzle. 

and now some of the items coming for christmas:

Chalk Ink!

stickynote pads

Rub Ons

Glitter Writer

i will be ordering some for myself and so will have a few extras – IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE ONE OF THE EXTRAS PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP AND LET ME KNOW!!  marti at pezadoodle dot com

there are a couple other items i am still getting pics in for.  also we have halloween coming soon as well as the brid set which i need to put up for ordering – but the birds will not be out until november.

so what do you think???

now off to play!

updates, news, exciting stuff!

good MORNING!!!

i am HOME!  we got in VERY VERY late last night – it was well after 1am when i went to sleep and i am SO not a night person so i am a little off my game this morning – even slept in til 6!!!! ACK!  i have no projects to share but do have some tidbits i wanted to be sure to touch on today.


Through the Craft Room Door magazine updates!  the first issue is COMING!  however it is not going to hit your door step today like we had hoped – being the first issue and all there were kinks and bumps along the way as we worked with our publisher but they are working hard on it so expect it next week!!!!  we also FAR surpassed our initial subscriptions estmate and had to up our quantities to cover them all!

the website will go live tomorrow – my lack of internet and traveling yesterday has left me with a few things i need to polish up before we reveal it to you!  but i am SO excited about it!  i know you’ll love it!


Creatve Inspirations shimmering paints DT maiden post!

our first ever CI paint design team post is up on the CIDT blog and I must say i am SO proud of all the projects from the team!  i encourage you to hop on over and check them out – the paints are SO easy to use and give such amazing results and the team really rocked the challenge i gave them.  to celebrate spring i asked them to do a color challenge – yellow, lavendar and green.  it is one of my FAVES!


Studio G update

now that i have a bit of time i can tell you my plans for the new studio G sets coming.  i will NOT be doing the usual pre-orders like i have in the paast BUT i WILL be taking orders with a deposit – this way i can be sure to order enough for everyone but i will not require payment until they are actually here.  as usual each collection of clear stamps comes with a variety of other items – the usual wood stamps, ink pads and glitter glues plus something NEW:

These coordinate with the birdcage collection due out at the end of November

Mini notebooks

Mousepad jotters - paper for notes that doubles as a mousepad!


Stationary complete with matching envelopes AND envelope seals!

 now i admit when i first saw these i thought AW how cute but why would i want them…and then it occurred to me – how cute would it be to make a little gift set with the matching staps and inks that included these items as part of the gift?  doesn’t get quicker or easier than that!  so i will be ordering a limited number of these to *test* and see how y’all feel about them – IF YOU REALLY like them you may want to let me know so i can guage interest!  there are the same items in the Sweets collection AND the Bohemian collection.  Bohemian is THE SAME AS LAST YEAR’S BOHEMIAN so i do not think i will be ordering the stanps unless i get requests.  HOWEVER if you would like the coordinating items i might order those if anyone is interested.

FINALLY i COMPLETELY redid the studio G reference gallery!  the pictures are FAR BETTER (nd took quite a bit of begging & pleading to finally get!)  i hear i left out series 3 so i will correct that and add the series numbers for the last few in the next couple days.


i hve been told there was a LEAK on the Above Rubies Studio blog  ACK!  if you are a cricut fanatic like me you will want to run over there and see what it is all about!  i have to say i AM THRILLED about being a part of all the fun brewing up over there!!!

and now i am off to put my house back in order and run some errands – we have little food and i hear series 40 has been spotted at Michaels!!!

have a WONDERFUL day! 

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Just Buggin Challenge 19: Stamping Fun


ahhh another monday morning.  i am happy to say that despite hubby having ALOT to catch up on AND pezzy the wonder tot REFUSING to sleep i got ALOT of crafting done this weekend!  it’s strange how some weekends i can be so productive and others i just can’t seem to get anywhere…. not only did i work on some projects but i have a couple tutorials for you as well as my first class samples for Cardmaking Basics 1!

i have alot of stuff for you today 😛

blog tag


All of the new studio g goodies EXCEPT the wood alphas shipped friday so i should see them in stock by Wednesday!!  i AM SO ready for some fun new Valentine & Easter stamps & goodies.  i am also anxious to check out the new FLOCKING – all of the tips i give you for microbeads will also work with flock.  and this studio g flock is a GREAT way to collect up a bunch of different colors without overloading your wallet!  i have a VERY limited number of items coming in this time so if you want to get any of the collections head over and check them out!


Susana over at SCACD has a new release of stamps this friday that will introduce a NEW character and i just gotta tell ya THEY ARE CUTE!!!  anyone in the mood for SPRING yet??  To celebrate her arrival there will be some yummy blog candy up on the store blog starting tomorrow so be sure to check it out!!  Also my post for TIOT tomorrow will include a tutorial for easy painting using Creative Inspirations Shimmer Paints.


Speaking of blog candy i need to get mine up but i have yet to collect it up and get  pic for ya!

blog tag

i have a simple but pretty project for today’s Just Buggin’ challenge – gift tags!  This week Samantha has challenged us to use stamps with our cricut cuts.  one of my swaps i am in is for valentine goodie bags so i decided to go with some tags instead of bag toppers for this one:

 i started by cutting TWO tags – 1 white and 1 red.  then using the shadow feature i cut a black one.  Next i took the red tags and cut the top & bottoms off – this way i have a label that is a perfect fit.  to jazz up the white layer i stamped some hearts with versamark and covered them with some awesome holographic embossing powder from ranger.  it has a rainbow shimmer effect.  Next i edged the white tag with red ink using my foam blending tool and then i lined the white and red pieces with crystal ice stickles.  Ice stickles also have a holographic look to them.  i am making goodies bags for kids so i stamped friend on the tag (studio G of course) and then added a little poly clay embellie.  an eyelet and ribbon tied with wax thread finishes them off!  the layers are attached with foam tape to add some dimension.

foam blending tools and extra foams are back in stock and ice stickles are still 40% off!!

If you like bling, shimmer & shine be sure to catch my TIOT post tomorrow!!

Hope your week is off to a GREAT start!!!!

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Studio G Anyone????

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i FINALLY have new studio G news!!!!  and it is GOOD!  two new sets of stamps, two new glitter glue sets, two new sets of ink pads – ONE IS METALLIC!!!!  and something totally new – pre-made diecut halloween card bases ready for you to jazz up with your stamps, inks and glitter glues – how FUN IS THAT!!!!!  want some pics????  of COURSE you do!

Bohemian (not sure of the series # yet)

Bohemian (not sure of the series # yet)

Series 34

Series 34

Halloween METALLIC ink pads

Halloween METALLIC ink pads

Halloween Glitter Glue 2009

Halloween Glitter Glue 2009

Die cut cards

Die cut cards

Ink Pads - Laugh Out Loud set

Ink Pads - Laugh Out Loud set

Glitter Glue - Laugh Out Loud Set

Glitter Glue - Laugh Out Loud Set


WHEW!  thats alot of pics!  now for details – this are ALL scheduled to ship out mid-August.  ALL of these are already in the store for pre-order at 10%  Despite the fact that i have a JILLION of these already i STILL get so excited for new sets of goodies!  i use these more than any other stamps sets i own and YOU SHOULD BE TOO!  these are a great way to make sur eyou have a stamp for EVERYTHING you could possibly need!  and sentiments GALORE – if you are new to stamping start your collection now!  if you are NOT new to stamping but know someone who is pass this along to them!

Notice there is no xmas – i am trying to find out if there will be eventually. i was hoping to have my studio g video for ya but i have run into yet another problem with loading the footage onto my computer that hubby SWEARS he will help me with this morning before he leaves for his motorcycle racing trip so cross your fingers for me!  either way i will have a post tomorrow on getting the most out of your studio Gs – might be video, might be photos…..

if you have not tried the ink pads or glitter glue yet i can assure you they are top notch!  in fact truly impressive for a buck!  perfect way to stock up on colored ink pads and fun glitter glues without spending a bundle!

don’t feel you get enough use out of these?  then be sure to join us over on papercraft planet and participate in our studio g challenges for a chance to win free stamps!


there is always lots of debate about pre-ordering so i thought i would explain the whole process here so you can decide what you want to do.  pre-ordering helps ME guage how much product i need to be sure to order AND helps you guarrantee you will get the products.  HOWEVER it does not necessarily mean you will get it first as we (merchants) are at the mercy of the manufacturers shipping schedule.  when the product begins shipping they ship in the order they got an order in which most often means big box stores come first.  then the rest of us – i always try to be sure to get my order in asap so i can be early in the shipping schedule BUT it does not always go smoothly.  IF i get so many pre-orders i need to place a second order then that order goes to the end of the shipping line so it will take much longer to get those in.  WHEN I GET MY SHIPMENT i ship out in the order i received your order – first order in is first order out.  SO waiting until the product is actually here to order means you are at the end of the shipping schedule.  when you pre-order an item you are charged immediately for 2 reasons –  that is the only way my website can be set up AND trying to charge everyone manually and waiting for payments to come in before shipping becomes an incredible nightmare and holds up shipping for everyone by ALOT!  it can add weeks to the shipping schedule. i hope that helps explain it for ya!

Studio G – USE THEM challenge – (PRIZE INVOLVED!)

-WOW just realized i forgot to show y’all the new studio G fun coming soon!!! first up – BRAND NEW – CHALKS!!!!!!!!!
yes each little 4 pack is a BUCK – $1 – that means i have 24 chalks for you for $6. i cannot WAIT!!!

NEXT more inks and glitter glues – this time a matching set – how FUN is that?????
and then series 32 (are we REALLY on series 32???)

i think this set has some cute stuff in it!
all of these are up for pre-order in the store now and there are still a few series 26 left too.
NOW i hear disturbing things about peeps not USING these little guys they have been so avidly collecting! SAY IT ISN’T SO!!! well i would like to change that!! i have a challenge going over on Paper Craft Planet right now OR you can enter here – what do you have to do?? ATC sized valentine’s (even better if you make them with your kids) – think classroom valentines. and to inspire you – Page maps has some tag sketches that would work great for this.
between series 26 and series 29 there are ALOT of valentine stamps to choose from. and guess what else – there is a PRIZE – 3 brilliance ink dew drops of your choice!! these are superb for studio G stamps too!
deadline is feb 14th.
leave me a comment with a link to your cards!!
and now i am off! gonna make some clay embellies….anyone want some???