metallic pumpkin display

hi all!

we are waking up to another crisp morning here in VA – YAY! i get so invigorated when the seasons change – spring and fall are my best times.  summer i am too hot to move and winter makes me want to go into hibernation due to lack of sunlight.  on our agenda today – a trip in to joanns in search of all manner of crazy fibers in purples, blues and pinks for crafting some unicorn horns.  yep you read that right.  another step in the creation of my little pony costumes.  creating the horn shouldn’t be hard.  getting the horn to stay on the kids’ foreheads might be another story.  a little scor tape maybe?  hahhah!

i don’t know what i did yesterday but my feet HURT.  by the time i finished cleaning the kitchen and sat down i was miserable.  so hubby trekked down to the basement storage room and dug up my box of bath recipe stuff to find my epsom salts and made me a foot soak – isn’t that sweet?!?!  luckily i feel much better because today i will be wandering around Ballentine Farms on Pezza’s preschool field trip.  after all the rain we have had i can’t wait to see the mud!

enough chit chat – on to the project for today – Metallic Pumpkins!

when we decided to finish the indoor painting last month we headed up to the Sherwin Williams store at the front of our street for paint.  While in there i was checking out this line of metallic paints they have for designer faux finishes.  i grabbed a brochure and investigated further and noticed you could get different looks by using it straight, adding a bit of black or alot of white.  So what you see above is the 3 different colors i got from the ONE metallic color I purchased.  I used Metallic Copper Semi-Transparent.  i have to tell you i am in LOVE with this stuff!!!!!  the picture just does not do it justice.  I think next time i will use a bit less white in the lighter one but otherwise i am quite pleased!

i started with a set of three paper mache pumpkin containers – the largest one is quite large.  i have never seen these in a store but a few of us went in together and bought them through a wholesaler (you have to buy in multiples).  oh wait – you can get them on Create For Less but you have to buy 2 sets – so grab a friend!

then talk about easy – just paint them inside and out and then use some hot glue to attach some fall floral picks to the tops.  these were all leftover from various other projects and most were purchased very cheaply on sale at Michaels.  whenever i see this sort of stuff on sale i stock up – most of my floral picks i get for between 50 cents and a dollar each.

i think these would also look amazing with some black flourishes added after painting….hhmmmmm where are those paper mache christmas tree shaped cones…..?  i could make a whole gleaming metallic forest……..although for the next metallic project i may check out Martha Stewart’s line of metallic faux finish paints at Home Depot….she has some great new things going on over there!  mixed media heaven i tell ya!

are you making anything for halloween or fall home decor?  i would love to hear what else folks are working on!  if you have some great projects in the works for either thanksgiving or Christmas be sure and submit them to us at Through the Craft Room Door!

ok folks Joanns should be open so we are off!