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hi all!

yep it’s time for a change – and a big one.  i have been on wordpress for nearly 2 years and never been overly happy with it, especially once blogger began making so many great changes to become more functional.  so i am finally taking the leap BACK to my old blog on blogger.  It has a fresh new look designed by me of course.  it will also be a little different content-wise – some of you may like it and others may not.  i began my blog as a way to communicate info about the Studio G stamps i carried to the folks who were ordering.  somehow along the way i created an online store, closed it down and then became a designer/promoter for a number of different products and companies.  all of this has been a fantastic journey but I found lately that i just wasn’t happy with it anymore.  i thought about quitting altogether – i rarely have any comments so i really don’t know if i have any readers left or if anyone is interested in what i do anymore.  but mainly my creative outlet was beginning to feel more like work.  i did not like that.  i love the companies and products but i don’t want rules and deadlines. i also don’t want to be limited to papercrafts – i do so much more and have so many interests. i  also want freedom on my blog – freedom to post what i want, when i want and say what i want.  now i am not referring to products – i have always been honest about those.  but i want to be able to post my thoughts and opinions on life in general rather than being a promotion machine.

don’t worry – you will still know what i think about products too!  if i love it you’ll know it and i may even give links to get it but let’s face it – we all know how to use google right?  if i hate something you will know that too!

i will continue to write for Craft Critique because i love the variety and honesty there.  i will also continue to work on the magazine Through the Craft Room Door and will hopefully have more time to devote to that as well.  i will still be doing digital design for folks and i will be teaching new classes over on Color Me Creative.  The next class i have planned is going to be extremely fun – all about Mixed Media!  i have some really amazing things planned for that one so whether you have dabbled in it or not – you will love the class!

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