lots going on today!

hi all!

just a super quick post before i head off to take pezza to school and go see my doc.  i am going to see if she can help me with the excruciating headaches i have and maybe even something to help me sleep.  i am can’t fall asleep, stay asleep OR sleep much past 3:30!

the cheering you may have heard was my hubby – i FINALLY cleaned all of my sewing crap off of his pool table.  i swear i just can’t help myself – it is SUCH a perfect place to spread out and work! and pile stuff up on… i also cleaned out mine and pezza’s closets and dressers – 15 bags to the hospice in town.  i had a closet full of clothes i will SURELY never wear again – no matter how much weight i lose it will NOT undo the damage pezza did on my hips!

i did get some playtime in this morning so i thought i’d show y’all what’s going on down in the studio:

this is the trim for the craft room roombox all nice and glossy white.

yep that is a copper pumpkin box – at least it is now!

can you guess what’s going to happen next here?

and THIS will be something you won’t wanna miss on friday – is that HOLLY i see peeking out?????

why oh why do i have so freakin’ many projects going at once?  i don’t know – it’s just how i roll.  the ideas come way faster than i can get them all done.  do you do that?  am i the only one with far too many crafty interests?  let me know!  i am curious!

ok we’re outta here!