fabric fun AND my trip to OH…

hi all!

the weather here in northern VA today?  rainy.  again.  cold i like, rainy and overcast for over a month i could do without!  it is making it hard for me to get myself motivated. especially after my trip to Ohio with Suzanne.  OH…EM…GEE…Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!!! let me just tell you what happened.

so i meet suzanne at her house friday afternoon no problem.  we get in the car and hit the road.  drive up is fairly uneventful other than i forgot my coat and it was rainy, windy and cold the whole time we were away. we we are looking for our hotel and all we see are flat cornfields ALLLLLL around us.  it is pitch dark – no moon, no street lights, cute little towns we drove through though. several times the GPS would say turn right when it clearly showed on the screen that we needed to turn left and vice versa.  but we find our hotel – it is pretty much in the middle of a cornfield.  only other thing i could see was a barn.  hotel was nice though – we check in and go to bed without incident.

we get up and head to Scrap Happy where Suzanne is teaching – the store is amazing!  and Suzy, the owner is fabulous!  classes went very well and then we headed out to dinner with my friend Ann who was also in the classes.  and then the story turns ugly…

we get back in the car and suzanne presses HOME on the GPS and we start driving.  through cornfields.  at night.  pitch black.  we’re talking.  and driving. and then we realize we are in a large city with this pretty skyline.  we don’t remember passing through a city.  we’re in cleveland.  so the GPS must have taken us on a slightly different route so we keep going…..we’re chatting…..it’s raining. and windy.  we are on a road under construction.  no exits, no rest stops with the nice lit up facilities and restaurants like on our way down.  we have to pee so we pull over to a very sketchy rest stop and both run into the bathroom, where the lights blink off then back on again and i back up into the automatic hand dryer which goes on and scares the bejezus out of us.  we pee and run to the car.  i didn’t think it could get any blacker outside but it did and according to the GPS we are driving through hell hollow – lovely……finally i look at the gps and i say i really don’t remember driving along lake eerie for this long on our way down – where the heck are we?  so suzanne zooms up a few clicks and sees our destination flag planted squarely in………..TORONTO!!!!!!!!  *SCREECH*  i thought we were going to DIE laughing.  i mean we were mere minutes from the border. can you imagine what a shock THAT would have been?????????  i swear if suzanne had her passport we would have just drove to our buddy Catherine’s and stayed there!

we find a place to pull off and re-route ourselves – arrival time 5:40 in the freakin morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  we had been on the road since 9pm.  i decide to get some sleep – suzanne knows i can’t stay up and it is almost 1am.  so i sleep a few hours and i wake up to suzanne saying @&#%^*%@$&$!#&%@^#^%@$&^%#**!@%$* so i sit up and say what what.  we had finally made it to the turnpike to head home and it was CLOSED DOWN because of falling rocks.  it said DETOUR.  we got off and never saw another sign again.  so we were back to driving through blacker than black cornfields – dear lord i had no idea there was so much corn out there.  rural farming america is alive and well and we drove through ALOT of it!  we turn down this even smaller blacker road and i am looking down at my phone trying to be sure her GPS knows where it is going when we run over something.  not a little something a BIG something!  suzanne screamed right before we hit it and i grab the handle on the roof and i said holy crap did you run over a PERSON?!?!??!?!?  but it was a giant racoon!  they were EVERYWHERE.  we look at the GPS and it says we’re in africa and i am thinking at this point we probably could be 😛  we drive for hours and have no real idea exactly where we are and then suddenly we see a sign for Hagerstown MD.  not far from my house.  we were SO happy!  i think there was a portion of time where we really weren’t 100% sure we were going to FIND home!  so suzanne drops me off and i say gee THANKS for the invite – don’t do it again!  which of course she knows full well if i can ever get away again to go with her i will in a heartbeat cuz i love her!  it is 5:45am, hollyn is already up of course.  kevin lets me sleep for 2 hours and then i have to get back up and take her to the open house at the fire station, in the rain, with sirens, oh yay.  we spend about 2 1/2 hours there and then back home where i got to take another short nap.  even after sleeping all night i am WIPED OUT!

while on the road on the way there and all during class i got to work on some Kanzashi Flowers with the Clover templates i reviewed for Craft Critique – so fun and super easy!  i have been using their YOYO makers for quite some time now.  i don’t think i ever posted the stuff i made for that.

Barrettes for Pezza done with leftover fabric from some dresses i made her.

Wreath for my MIL made with leftover fabric from a tabletopper i made her last year.

if you want to read the full review and instructions then head on over to Craft Critique!

that’s it from me folks – road weary does not even BEGIN to describe it!