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hi all!

yep it’s time for a change – and a big one.  i have been on wordpress for nearly 2 years and never been overly happy with it, especially once blogger began making so many great changes to become more functional.  so i am finally taking the leap BACK to my old blog on blogger.  It has a fresh new look designed by me of course.  it will also be a little different content-wise – some of you may like it and others may not.  i began my blog as a way to communicate info about the Studio G stamps i carried to the folks who were ordering.  somehow along the way i created an online store, closed it down and then became a designer/promoter for a number of different products and companies.  all of this has been a fantastic journey but I found lately that i just wasn’t happy with it anymore.  i thought about quitting altogether – i rarely have any comments so i really don’t know if i have any readers left or if anyone is interested in what i do anymore.  but mainly my creative outlet was beginning to feel more like work.  i did not like that.  i love the companies and products but i don’t want rules and deadlines. i also don’t want to be limited to papercrafts – i do so much more and have so many interests. i  also want freedom on my blog – freedom to post what i want, when i want and say what i want.  now i am not referring to products – i have always been honest about those.  but i want to be able to post my thoughts and opinions on life in general rather than being a promotion machine.

don’t worry – you will still know what i think about products too!  if i love it you’ll know it and i may even give links to get it but let’s face it – we all know how to use google right?  if i hate something you will know that too!

i will continue to write for Craft Critique because i love the variety and honesty there.  i will also continue to work on the magazine Through the Craft Room Door and will hopefully have more time to devote to that as well.  i will still be doing digital design for folks and i will be teaching new classes over on Color Me Creative.  The next class i have planned is going to be extremely fun – all about Mixed Media!  i have some really amazing things planned for that one so whether you have dabbled in it or not – you will love the class!

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7 Responses

  1. Sometimes we have to make changes for ourselves and not worry about how it will be perceived. Do what is best for you….I check your blog daily but rarely get to comment because I am usually reading it on my phone. I enjoy seeing the wonderful things you create and reading about your family (that part usually makes me laugh and be grateful that my kids are finally almost grown!) ~~smiles, Carrie

  2. I totally understand your feelings and am going through some of the same thoughts. Sending hugs! I may not comment often but do love reading and seeing your amazing projects.

  3. I really love to read your blog. I don’t comment often, but will try to do better. You are very talented and I totally trust your product reviews. You’re the reason I own so many Viva Decor products! Having raised two children and watching two grandchildren three days a week, I really enjoy your personal stories about Pezza, she is so adorable, and I can identify with some of your stories. Also love your kittens. You have way more energy than I ever did!

  4. I love reading your blog! You are awesome and funny and creative and so talented…and a great Mom to Pezza {so adorable}!! I will definitely keep coming back – may not respond as often as I should, but will try to do much better.

  5. Hey I read you! Sometimes we need to do what’s best for us instead of others! I hear you loud and clearly g/f and know you will rock no matter what you do or not do! I can totally relate…

    Big time hugz!!!

  6. I read your blog every day but don’t often leave comments. I love that you foster and love our animal stories as well as all the projects you post. I will keep reading and try to comment more 🙂

  7. Marti, I LOVE to read your blog, sorry that I don’t always take the time to comment though! So now, I’ll just bookmark you again back on blogger! 🙂

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