another peek in the studio…

hi all!

anyone else out there deathly afraid of spiders like me???  i have had to face TWO gigantic spiders – one last night and one this morning in the basement.  *screech*  Y’ALL!!!  i swear they could carry off babies.  and of coursse both times hubby was unavailable to save me.  before i was married it was trevor who always saved me (even when he was as small as 3!!!)  spiders creep me out – like skin crawling, can’t walk on the floor, hyperventilating to the point of light-headedness freak me out!  it does NOT matter if they can’t bite – it’s the legs.  too freakin many legs.  now let’s be fair i don’t really love ANY bugs except maybe ladybugs or roly polys but spiders are the WORST.  the only thing down there to kill them with was a tall laundry basket which is not exactly the best anti-spider weapon.  last night i was hopping around pounding the basket on the floor shreiking while the spider was scurrying with those d*** legs and i swear i thought i was going to die but i finally whacked him and he curled up and quit moving.  so i made hubby go down and take care of him.  but then this morning OMG.  this spider’s body was about the size of a freakin nickel ACK!!!!!!!!!  so i get the laundry basket and start pounding away and every time i would hit him and he would curl up – HE WOULD GET BACK UP AND START SCURRYING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well that was beyond creepy.  i would whack him and he would get back up and run after a minute or two.  i finally got him enough so he quit moving but then i had to get rid of him cuz hubby was already gone.  i seriously thought i was going to pass out.  but I DID IT!  i was screeching all the way to the toilet but i did it!  of course now i am completely creeped out and informed hubby an exterminator was absolutely needed.  i CANNOT deal with spiders that big.  little ones i have managed to learn to deal with but big ones NO WAY DUDE.

SO what was i up to down in the studio this morning before the spider fiasco?  i have a little peek for ya:

(yea that’s the pool table…i promise to clean it back up before you get home honey!)  i did a bit of glittering  YAY!!!!  in the background you can see my can of aleene’s spray adhesive – i love this stuff – it’s great for both a full coverage glitter job as well as a light dusting like the grapevine tree and the fall floral picks. i have also been working on the other items i showed you but none are completely finished yet.  i have been kinda of deciding how i wanted to do them as i go so i keep realizing i don’t have something i need 😛  pezza and i will be doing some more glittering later 🙂  LOVE me some Martha Stewart and Art Institute glitters!!!

now i am off to best buy to bring back the new video camera hubby had to get me – the cords are missing 😛  bummer!



2 Responses

  1. Poor thing! I can take spiders; it’s roaches that get me. Out here we have those big bugs that some folks call water bugs or palmetto bugs. Whatever. They run fast and fly. Eww… Just typing about them is making me itchy!

  2. Ok, i swear i was gonna clean up my emails, but i can’t delete yours cuz we live in the same zone and i can totaly relate! Ahhh, i think those are wolf spiders and i had THREE…I screamed so loud last night cuz one was curled up in a towel i was ready to wash on the floor for sorting…OMG! The chain of events from the initial scream made me laugh for a half hour after it was all over. I managed to put a tide detergent cup over it and my husband bounded down the stairs three at a time thinking, i think, i was electrocuted… he tried to open the door and all this water poured in because we were in the middle of a deluge of rain (SE Pa.) well, the brave soul he is, he just squished it in his hand when the water took over, to make a long story short he didn’t break his 4 1/2 foot long legs when he went outside to see what was up with the wall of water, after slipping and the umbrella collapsed under his weight…needless to say i saw two more but they got away outside after i opened the door this morning. NASTY!

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