lots going on today!

hi all!

just a super quick post before i head off to take pezza to school and go see my doc.  i am going to see if she can help me with the excruciating headaches i have and maybe even something to help me sleep.  i am can’t fall asleep, stay asleep OR sleep much past 3:30!

the cheering you may have heard was my hubby – i FINALLY cleaned all of my sewing crap off of his pool table.  i swear i just can’t help myself – it is SUCH a perfect place to spread out and work! and pile stuff up on… i also cleaned out mine and pezza’s closets and dressers – 15 bags to the hospice in town.  i had a closet full of clothes i will SURELY never wear again – no matter how much weight i lose it will NOT undo the damage pezza did on my hips!

i did get some playtime in this morning so i thought i’d show y’all what’s going on down in the studio:

this is the trim for the craft room roombox all nice and glossy white.

yep that is a copper pumpkin box – at least it is now!

can you guess what’s going to happen next here?

and THIS will be something you won’t wanna miss on friday – is that HOLLY i see peeking out?????

why oh why do i have so freakin’ many projects going at once?  i don’t know – it’s just how i roll.  the ideas come way faster than i can get them all done.  do you do that?  am i the only one with far too many crafty interests?  let me know!  i am curious!

ok we’re outta here!


2 Responses

  1. Of course there’s always lots of things going on at once, and YOU are the one that keeps making me want to try all these fun new ideas!

  2. Hey Marti! Headaches are NOT fun and then to not be able to sleep on top of that…. you poor thing : ( I’m glad that you are going in to the doc – help is on the way!!!

    You DO have tons of projects going on! I am curious about the mod podge and pumpkins… and I think I recognize the holly from a certain stamp I have – hmmmmm.

    I also have lots of projects going on – a little of this, a little of that, and A LOT of nothing completed LOL.

    Hoping and praying that your body gets ‘back to normal’ soon so you can #1 Feel better and #2 Get some much needed sleep!!!

    Lots and lots of love,

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