craft room makeover!

hi all!

sorry i did not get a chance to post the craft room re-do pics.  i was going to take it easy yesterday after all the work i did saturday but hubby had other plans for me.  so now i have a finished craft room AND a clean deck, weeded garden beds and a blue kitchen!  can you say exhaustion?!?!?!?!  then today was errands all morning – nothing fun 😦

anyway here it is in all it’s functional glory!  this is not a dream room makeover like you usually see on these kinds of posts.  it is more in terms budget friendly and functionality.  it also makes do with what i already had.

when i walk in i have pez’s craft table on the right and a file cabinet and shelves on the left.  the filing cabinet is probably the most expensive thing in the room and boy was it worth it!  it holds all of my 8.5×11 paper  PLUS all of my scrap paper (i sorted through over 2.5 years worth!) by color – simplified by only sorting in red, yellow, green, etc.  next to that a shelf with my 12×12 papers in cropper hoppers – easy access – important.  it also holds my bins of stamps – i hope to get these sorted out into the 12×12 shallow drawers like on one of the shelves in the pic.  i think shallow drawers are better for most things – less digging.  my studio Gs are in binders in trading card page protectors.  i do still have some stamp sorting to do.  just past the shelving is a simple photo set up area.  i just draped some white fabric down the wall and onto a table top.  i have two ott lights for lighting.

this is pezza’s area which also required some serious cleaning and organization.  she got some additional drawers as well.

from the shelving the tables sort of spiral around the room along 3 walls and then my desk sticks out into the middle – it is important to me to be able face out of the room so i can see the tv and what is going on out in the rest of the basement.  i have 2 8′ tables, 1 6′ table and a 4′ drafting table.  beneath them i have plastic storage drawers – as many as i can fit.  ideally i would have cabinets and countertops but those are costly and this setup works equally well.  the bookshelf in the corner is all of my art books, crafting books and my cricut cartridges.

i priced my dream cabinets at lowe’s.  lowest priced brand, lowest priced finish and no countertops came to $5000.  the Martha Stewart set up was $4200.  For this makeover i spent about $500 – of course that was mostly because i already had 1 of the shelves, 2 of the tables and about half of the drawers.

i already had the wall cabinets, the spice rack holders and about half of the drawers.  a big part of this was deciding on an overall organization as opposed to the gradual piecing together as i go.  so once hubby helped me decide on a table arrangement i got to work putting things where i wanted them.  my inkpads are all together now and right nearby, my pencils are too.  next my punches and then right behind me my cuttlebug/embossing folders and cricuts.  the smaller drawers on the tabletop are for embellishments.  i thought about dividing by color and type and putting them in cute little jars to set out but then i thought no – too time consuming 😛

the only part i haven’t done is the ribbon.  i would love to have the ribbon storage shelf nichole heady’s hubby built her but that is not very likely

how sweet would that be?!?!?!  you can get the instructions for making one on her blog.

and now i am off to pick up Pezza from school – so far it is going pretty well!  y’all keep your fingers crossed for me!


4 Responses

  1. I love seeing Pezza’s little workspace and can see that you did a ton of work.

    You have such a large room and that is so much of a benefit. I have a much smaller space and it’s also very cut up (doorways/windows/closet) and just does not give me a whole lot of space. I would LOVE to have all the wonderful space and love how you workstations. I pretty much have one large table and the IKEA bookcases, but everyone is full, there is NOT room for more and I don’t even have any wall space left.

    I do have a MM Ribbon shelf, which hubby did add me a second row, for more ribbon, but found that I LOVE Ribbon Rings and they are so much less expensive!!

    Time for you to take a long hot bubble bath, rest and relax!!!

    🙂 Hugs,

  2. Wow… That’s all I can say…wow. I’m in awe. You are def lela’s grand daughter!

  3. looks good 🙂 I would kill for that much space!

  4. I love seeing your crafting space. I love the idea of the spice racks. Glad to hear that Pezza is doing well at school.

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