i must have lost my mind…

hi all!

well i am a day late but we have a winner of the lauderdale basic grey collection!  Susan B. send me your address!

{someone asked about cooking the lasagna rolls – you can either bake them 350 for 45 minutes OR just pop them in the microwave on medium for 2 minutes and then high for 2 minutes.}


hubby told me to go ahead and get my craft room done over so i can consolidate my crafty-ness into one place.  wow…what i mess i am in the middle of!

of course i started with a dream picture of a gorgeous craft room outfitted with full cabinets and countertops…..then i considered the Martha Stewart Craft room furniture – but it is not all the same height so not very mix and matchable…next i checked out the very basic cabinets at Lowe’s.  and the reality is – all of those options cost big bucks.  which is not in the budget for my craft room re-do.  so as i was surveying my room it occurred to me – i already have alot down there to work with i just need to get a few additional items and then rearrange/organize and make it work.

**push me down some stairs now**

i am so incredibly blessed with all i have now i just couldn’t see spending that kind of money on cabinets, etc.  the fact that i have a room all my own at all is a dream come true.

we started with a clean out of the storage room so i could move some of my stuff out of the craft room and into the storage room.  wow did we throw out a lot of stuff!  i am used to moving every year or two.  i have now been in this house for almost 7 years!  stuff stacks up!

then i moved on to my craft room. o. m. g.  but i am slowly making progress.  i have a 4 drawer file cabinet and a third 8′ table arriving today.  i already have alot of those clear plastic drawer things so i am going to make an island with 2 of the tables and put all of the drawers underneath – ta da – kitchen counter and cabinets yes?  here is where i am at so far:

from the other side:

and the basement area pre-trash haul out:

that will all get cleaned today and the trash hauled out for the trash men tomorrow.

i am WORN OUT!!!!

but before i go – some cute kitty pics:

trev and bubba

bubba absolutely loves his Big Cat, Tiger.  i don’t know if the feeling is mutual but at least she doesn’t hate his guts like our other cat.  they love to wrestle and play chase.  he tries to always be where she is and sometimes she gives him a little bath.  so cute!

and now back to the clean out!

have a great day!


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