a saturday yummy post…take 2

yikes!  my blog post disappeared!  how fabulous is that? NOT!

it is STILL raining here in northern VA and according to weather.com that is not likely to change for another week. EGADS! i have been SO busy over the last week and a half – this is the first day in awhile i have been able to breathe!

so what do i have planned?  hubby has finally given in (and given up) and told me to start working on some sort of craft room re-do plan so i can get my sewing projects off his pool table, my dollhouse workshop off our formal dining room table and get all of my mess up and out of sight.  i do have a craft room but i have very little storage.  i started off considering the line of Martha Stewart craft furniture BUT it is not all the same height so i can’t mix and match the pieces *sniff* otherwise that would probably be my pick.  ideally i would like to do it in kitchen cabinets and countertops but this might be cost prohibitive – that is what i am going to investigate today.  then there are always jetmax cubes but i am not sure about those.  i have never really checked them out in real life and am unsure how sturdy they are.  i don’t want another temporary or make-shift set up….

before i go i wanted to share an awesome recipe i came across.  i am part of a group called Dinner Divas.  it is a bunch of moms who get together once a month for meal exchange.  each person makes ONE recipe but makes enough for however many families are doing the exchange that month.  then we get together and hand out all our meals and get a whole bunch of ready-made freezer meals that are all different in return.  can i just say this has been fantastic!  anyway, last month i made individual lasagnas – not only are they ready and easy but they work for those nights when everyone is going different directions and you need a single meal.

YUMMY!  Pezza proclaimed it her favorite meal ever!  i got the idea from allrecipes.com but modified the actual recipe.


before starting your sauce get your water boiling for your lasagna noodles.  brown ground meat and seasoning vegies (onions, celery, bell pepper & garlic).  Next i added a giant can of ready made spaghetti sauce and regular can of stewed tomatoes along with the usual spices – thyme, basil, oregano and bay leaves.  let this simmer while you make your filling


shredded mozarella, shredded 4 cheese italian blend, ricotta cheese and thawed frozen spinach (squeeze out the water.)  mix these all together – vary the amounts of each ingredient to suit your tastes.


Now just take a cooked noodle, lay it on a plate, put a scoop of filling on and spread it across the noodle leaving the bottom empty (i did this quickly with my hand – not a long involved process.)  Roll it up and place it on a cookie sheet.  once the cookie sheet is full cover it and put it in the freezer.  put the sauce in large ziplocks and freeze it in a thin layer so you can easily break some off for each individual lasagna.

this actually took less time than when i make regular lasagna!!!

do you have a favorite freezer recipe???  something quick & easy i could use for future Dinner Divas exchanges?  if you email it to me at marti {at} pezadoodle {dot} com you will be entered to win the 12x 12 Lauderdale collection from Basic Grey!  Includes 18 sheets of 12″x12″ papers, one sheet coordinating alphabet stickers and one sheet coordinating element stickers.  OR you can leave a comment here and tell me about jetmax storage cubes (like are they flimsy) or using kitchen cabinets or whatever helpful advice you have for re-doing my craft room!

aren’t those colors gorgeous?!  I will pick a winner on Monday!



5 Responses

  1. I have some cubes, but I’m not organized enough to use them yet. They seem ok, but maybe not for super heavy things.

    In the office where I’ve been working, I do have cabinets & a countertop. I got them from the home center I used to work at when we went out of business & it was one of our displays. You might be able to get a display because they’re always changing or we always had scratch & dents or ones mis-ordered if you don’t care exactly the color & size. Also try Habitat Re-Stores if you have those.

  2. My suggestion for your craft room is IKEA!!! I sure HOPE you have one near you, because they have the best stuff! My entire room was created with furniture from IKEA! Bookcases, shelving units, a long white kitchen table I use as my work desk, plus another desk for my computer! I also have the ‘Alex’ drawer units and they ROCK!!

    It’s quite a drive for us, but SOOOO worth it!!

  3. so do you cook these in the oven? Temp?

  4. These are yummy. One of my favorite easy recipes is sloppy joes. I mix half can of jellied cranberry and can tomato sauce to cook meat. You can add onions and garlic if you like and that is it. I just cook till the cranberry melts and mixes in. It freezes great. Good luck with figuring out your craft room. I would love to do something like that.

  5. I got my storage/desk and paper storage towers from Best Craft Organizers. And they were worth every penny!! I also saw this really cool desk on a other blog, a HurCraft, where you can stand or get the tall chairs, it is very expensive, plus the cost of s/h for theirs is the same as buying another desk!! and since we are in the same area your s/h would be the same. BUT you can get a Venture Horizon Oak Project Center with One Bookcase and Three-Bin Cabinet for 1/3 less AND free S/h!! Good luck with your craft room!

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