back to school…

hi all!

today was pezza’s first day back to school (and momma’s first day in ages of having her brain all to herself.)  she was SO excited to be back and SO happy to see two of her fave friends from last year in her class.  her teacher said she had a great day so i am relieved.  now she just has to keep it going!

so who is obsessed with Pinterest raise your hand {waves hand wildly in the air.}  a recent fave of mine is a wreath of crayons on a styrofoam base.  i just HAD to make one for Pezza’s teacher.  and she is a CTMH consultant and avid crafter like me so i knew she would appreciate it.

it was easy to put together – i started with a styrofoam wreath base from Michaels – the smallest one i believe.  i wrapped a ribbon around it and then i put a strip of scor tape all the way around where the crayons would be.

next i laid out the crayons on the table – two boxes of 24.  i organized them like a color wheel and then adjusted the size of the circle, using the wreath to measure (just don’t set it down with the scor tape side down until you are ready!)  once they were arranged i laid the wreath down to attacj the crayons to the scor tape.  then i used a hot glue gun to go around and quickly put a dab of hot glue on each crayon on the outside of the wreath and the inside to hold the crayons on.

and now the part i am most pleased with – the little felt flower grouping:

many of you have seen me use these felt die cuts before but this time i did some stitching!  i LOVE embroidered felt!  but i tried it a bit last year at christmas and got frustrated with it.  i decided to try again and i am glad i did!  i started with some felt pieces from Felt on the Fly – LOVE her!!!  i cut the shapes using spellbinders dies.  next the stitching.  not just straight stitches i wanted actual embroidery stitches.  i wanted french knots and lazy daisies.  i did a little googling and found lots of tutorials.  so i settled in after pezza was in bed and set to work.  i read the directions.  i did not understand.  i read them again.  nope.  and yes there were pictures.  i decided it might make sense if i did it WHILE reading.  nope.  nope 2.  nope 3.  nope 4.   GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

i needed a new tutorial.  did some more googling and found one from Sublime Stitching.  i looked it over.  and it made sense!!!  i tried it.  it WORKED.  and now i am ready to french knot anything i can!  hahahahhahah!  i am pretty sure you will be seeing more of this!

and now i am off to get dinner started.  have a great evening!



4 Responses

  1. I’m also a big fan of Pinterest and find the most amazing projects there! The photos are awesome ! LOVE IT!!

    PS: Glad to hear that Pezza had a great first day! YIPPEE!!

  2. Great job with the embroidery. I can’t believe you didn’t know how to do French knots & lazy daisies. I would’ve thought as crafty as you are you would’ve done those eons ago!

  3. Yeah can’t believe you didn’t know how to do those French knots. I’m all muticultural about mine, I know African knots and Polish ones! And I also know multi-task violets too. *LOL* I can’t even crochet a straight chain for crying out loud so your stitching amazes me to no end!!! I love that you did the crayons in a color wheel pattern, it looks so striking! I’m hoping to explore pinterest tomorrow!!! Great job, as always, busy bee!!!

  4. I love this–so cute & clever! And fantastic job on the stitching!


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