Twisted Thursday Challenge

hi all!

i hope you are having a great week so far as summer winds down.  hard to believe – it has gone so fast.  i know there are lots of moms posting on facebook how they are so sad school is starting again – NOT ME!!!  pezza is ALOT of baby let me tell ya!  for example, let me tell you about taking a shower the other day.  i always throw her in the tub, scrub her, and then leave her to play while i jump in the shower.  well our new little baby kitten Bubba Cat (yes that’s his name) has the typical Maine Coon fascination with water and he has to be in there with us now RIGHT on the side of the tub.  so while i am showering Pezza takes the kitten and dips him in the tub.  he comes flying out and sits on my bath mat looking at me like a drowned rat.  i hurry and finish so i can get out, i am putting my hair up in a towel, meanwhile Bubba Cat has moved on to playing in the toilet and FALLS IN (not the first time) so now he is even wetter than before.  as i am trying to dry off i see him start digging in our pile of dirty clothes like he is going to go to the bathroom so i grab him and run downstairs to the litter box – still wet and naked – and throw him in the CLUMPING litter.  he goes potty and jumps out and now has litter in large clumps hanging off of him.  so i grab him and head BACK upstairs so i can put him BACK in the tub and clean him off.  this stuff goes on all day long here – it’s NUTS!  needless to say i will be welcoming the 4 afternoons of peace a week!

believe it or not i still manage to get some crafting done along the way.  today’s project is for the Twisted Thursday (formerly Prisma & Other Mediums) challenge on the Outlawz site.  This week we were challenged to use ONLY a sentiment:

I used the Lori’s Garden cartridge.  Like most others i am having trouble getting my Imagine to stay calibrated so the cutting matches the printing 😦

I printed the image as layers and then put them together using foam tape for some dimension.  Pezza found the little charm while i was working on the card because she was digging through my stuff (see what i mean about the break) and i thought it would be a cute addition.  the polka dot paper is bo bunny of course.

i hope you will all head over to The Outlawz and join in on some of the challenges – there is a new one every day AND the prizes are fantastic!  You could get $50 GC to Oozak, $25 GC to SCACD, a package from paper temptress, gilli stamps and some digis from anne fenton – what do you have to lose!??!?

i will be back tomorrow with a fab Make It Crafty image available at SCACD!



2 Responses

  1. Your days are definitely adventurous. I am one of the moms that is glad school has started. More time for me.


    Aaaah, I love your adventures. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to laugh at your pain. But it’s just a regular day at the Pezadoodle household!

    I heart your card! Loving the charm on it too! So sassy!

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