fun fabric fun time

hi all!

just thought i would pop in and show you this awesome shot of some fabric i am about to use for an apron for my awesome friend cat AKA silly skittles.  yep some of you may remember her – she is the one behind the skittles.  anyway, she has switched creative modes and began decorating cakes and let me just tell you she is AMAZING!  You can check out Sugar N’ Sweets and see her wonderful creations!  so i thought i would make her a super cool custom one-of-a-kind apron to decorate in and parade around in!  here is what i have to work with:

the polka dot and cupcake fabric will be the apron and the others are for Cricut appliques.  i recently finished reviewing an apron pattern book for Craft Critique (article to come soon on their website) and i just LOVE making them!  ours are Halloween 🙂  i can’t wait to get started on this next one – it is going to be so CUTE!

stay tuned – tomorrow cat and i have a special joint post for you – may become a regular thing with us who knows!


One Response

  1. When it comes to you and I, there IS no regular thing! We’re full of shenanigans! LOL!

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my apron-to-be and I can’t WAIT to get it! I kid you not when I say I will PARADE in it! I will wear it to work! Make sure you have a MADE BY MARTI tag somewhere! It’ll be a collectors item! *HUGS* Post is ready for tomorrow!

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