SCACD Vault release!

hi everyone!

i love 3 day weekends but i hate how much of a mess i am the whole week after because i can’t remember what day it is 😛  i have been behind on absolutely everything this week!  perhaps i will be able to catch up with myself this weekend…though it is a full one as usual.  tomorrow we are going to go pick up our new camping trailer YAY!  we have a small coleman popup tent trailer that kevin has had since his single, jeep crawling days and we have been talking about getting a toy hauler for AGES.  we went out to look and ended up finding one that was everything we had hoped for and thought we wouldn’t find AND the price was right too.  it is nothing over the top fancy but we are so excited.  do we have toys to haul?  not yet but kevin WILL be able to bring his harley when we go places like down to my moms and stuff.

then on sunday i will be bringing josephine and berlioz to their first adoption event at petsmart (Gingersnap had her spay surgery yesterday and won’t be ready for adoption yet.)  Pics of the kittens are at the bottom of my post.  i am going to stay and help out of course.  don’t forget about the Cricut E2 i am giving away this month too!  you can get the details HERE.  please spread the word on your blogs and in your groups as it is for a very good cause for animals like my sweet little kittens i have been fostering.

now onto some papercrafting/stamping goodness!  every so often susana gets an urge to introduce us to some stamps she has not made part of a regular release.  today she has 4 new stamps from the vault for you and they are fantastic!  There are two adorable flower babies from elisabeth bell and two gorgeous perfume bottles from victoria case.  today I have Hydrangea Hugs:

i LOVE hydrangeas – LOVE THEM.  Pezza and i were in the grocery store yesterday and the flower area was just PACKED with hydrangeas in a full range of pinks/blues/purples and green – GORGEOUS!  of course i tried to replicate what i saw BUT there is just no substitute for natural beauty – however i AM pleased with her!  she has more purple in real life but for some reason i can’t get my camera to photograph purple to save my life!  my paper is from the Basic Grey Sweet Threads paper pad – my fave of their last release.

I colored her with Lyra Polycolor colored pencils (no blending solutions used).  i LOVE the vibrancy and superior blending quality of these pencils!  the bow around her pot is ONE pencil – i just varied the layers to get the depth.

Be sure to head over to the SCACD store blog for a list of my DT sisters that are also showing these new stamps!

and now as promised for all of you who tell me how much you love the kitten pics:

here is momma cat, josephine, and her “baby” – this is actually a stuffed animal trevor got from a girlfriend BUT they are no longer together so perhaps he will let josie take it with her to her new home…she will carry this stuffed animal around with her and when the real babies fall asleep she brings this stuffed animal over and puts it with them.  this morning when i opened the basement door – momma, berlioz AND the stuffed animal were waiting at the top of the stairs!

yes this is my big Tiger cat and little Gingersnap.  as i have mentioned tiger is gradually accepting the presence of the foster kitties and even takes great interest in their antics.  she gave gingersnap a good backwards cleaning while she was sleeping and has given berlioz a few good licks too!

have a fabulous weekend!


9 Responses

  1. What an adorable card! Love it! The fur babies are precious, too!

  2. the cat stories are soo sweet…

  3. Beautiful creation Marti!
    Wish I could take those kitties off your hands, they are both cute as can be!!!

  4. Adorable! Love it – kramis Anki

  5. Beautiful card! Love your dimensional coloring of the hydrangea image!

  6. Great card and love the kitty photos!

  7. Your card is gorgeous and just love your coloring! Your kitties are super cute and I’m a dog person!

  8. AWWW Marti such a sweet creation, just LOVE your colors…awww and look at those darling kitties, love those pics 🙂

  9. Very pretty card 🙂 Love the pictures. Tiger and Gingersnap are so CUTE laying together. Our cat Roux we adopted from the Vet I used to work at we were told he hated other cats (and he does) and we could never get another cat. Well someone brought in a girl kitten to our work 5 weeks old and I feel in love with her so we adopted her, little scraggly looking thing, lol! We were so afraid that he wouldn’t get a long with her and they get along WONDERFULLY!!! Now they are inseperable.She is 4 now and they are always by each others sides 🙂

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