POM Russian Style

hi all!

where oh where have the days gone?  i just can’t seem to kick whatever i am sick with and i am having a rough time!  i DO NOT like being below my usual productivity level!  and of course Pezza insanity level has NOT diminished.  As i briefly mentioned in my last post – we were away on a cruise for a week – for those interested you can check out pics at the end of this post!

We are smack in the middle of the current POM challenge on the Outlawz and it is anything goes so there is no excuse not to join in!!!  you have a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Oozak PLUS 3 free digis from Anne’s Digis – that is one heckuva priza package!!!  My project features one of my lessons from my Colored Pencil 2 class:

it mimics the amazing russian Zhostovo painting style – bright colors on black or dark colored lacquer – LOVE that style so much!!! i am thinking i should do it more often!  I consider this Clean and Simple (even though it is not according to a debate thread on SCS).

i hope you will all come enter some cards or projects over on The Outlawz – it is a really friendly bunch of folks and the prizes are always top notch!

The cruise was on Royal Carribbean – Majesty of the Seas.  The vacation time was wonderful, a cruise as a vacation is fantastic, spending time with my family and getting to know them was priceless.  the best part was the free childcare/kid activity set up so me and kevin got some actual down time and it was far more fun for her than what we wanted to do.  they even came and got her 45 minutes into dinner time so we could enjoy a leisurely meal with everyone and she wasn’t bored to tears.  my only real complaint was the lack of coffee or any type  of snack in the morning – i am an early riser and i could not even get a cup of coffee until after 6am.

here i am with our ship in the background

We drove to Miami – yes drove – pezza is fabulous for road trips.  we got to miami and headed to my aunt’s house for a pre-cruise gathering. i had never met my aunt & uncle and only met 2 of the 3 cousins that were there once before.  the third cousin and i saw each other often as kids.  my aunt had loads of Cuban food – YUM!  and kevin got to try Cuban coffee – so so much better than starbucks type espresso.  my fabulous aunt took me to the Cuban market (the size of a regular grocery store) and loaded me up with all sorts of Cuban goodies to take home with us.  here are a few pics:

we all had dinner together each night

Pezza loved all of the swimming - this is Coco Cay Beach

She got to pet a sea star...

and a dolphin too - we want to go back to Atlantis Resort. The dolphins there were rescued after Hurricane Katrina - amazing story.


Trevor & his best buddy Jack came with us too - this is trev at my Aunt's post-cruise.

ok i am off to go to bed early again – i am really trying to kick this crud i have making me sick!  have a great 4th everyone!!!




4 Responses

  1. Stunning card! I hope you kick this bug quickly. It isn’t fair for mom’s to get sick.

  2. Depending on how you feel, I’d get some sort of stool sample if its in that area! Anyway, I agree about that Cuban coffee- I had it in the Keys and it made my lips tingle…I wished I took some home with me!
    ps..nice card.

  3. Thanks for sharing your vacation! Looks like a really fun time!

  4. Sorry to hear you are still feeling sick!! I hope you did not drink or eat something bad, while you were away??

    The cruise pictures look like you had a great time….! Some day I would LOVE to take a cruise…!! 🙂

    Hugs and Happy 4th!!


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