Dollhouse Day

hi all!

so I am thinking of having a dollhouse day every week on my blog.  i realize the majority of you are here to see papercrafts so you can just skip it 🙂  we have been stuck inside because apparently the rapture DID come and we now live in h*** – oppressive does not even begin to adequately describe the heat.  tack on 90+ percent humidity and it is just fabulous *GAG*


Susana has some new stamps at SCACD – Make It Crafty (seriously cute) including the Emerald Faeries and Kraftin Kimmies.

Have you entered the paper piecing challenge at TTCRD?  There is a gift certificate to Crop Stop up for grabs!  we are finishing up the next issue and it is full of summer fun!  not a subscriber?  make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss it!


what have we done with the dollhouse?  the first step was to measure, count, label and check off everything.  and there are about eleventy bazillion pieces:

i am happy to say we were not missing anything and everything is in good shape – this kit is MDF rather than wood which is a bit nicer and sturdier and does not require sanding.

stack of larger pieces:

box of smaller pieces:

that is a bag of 850 shingles on top there that i will be glueing on one….by…one……

We painted a coat of primer and then our coat of pale purple and yes Pezza helped.

Daddy had to leave the room – he couldn’t watch.  it was a bit tense at times but i kept my cool 😛

Here’s all of the outside pieces painted and ready to go.  This kit also has the siding milled right into the wood – same with the floors for the inside.  they are already done up as hardwoods – sweet!

i was debating about painting everything and THEN beginning construction or not and i think i will just paint as i go…so the next pic you see SHOULD start looking like a building 😛

i hope your week gets off to a great start tomorrow!




7 Responses

  1. Yikes! I had NO idea you had to build them! I thought you bought it (like a pre-fab) and then had the joy of doing all interior decorating!

    WOW ! You have the patience of a Saint…all those pieces…oh my! I’m not sure I could ever do that! 🙂 Bless your heart!

    PS: Our Summer heat is gone and we are back to very cool…in the 60’s weather..but lots of rain and clouds. NO sign of Summer at all here in Mass? Go figure, as we had 90’s on Thursday! Thank goodness for AC!

  2. WOW Marti! You made a great start! Counting all those pieces alone was a feat in itself! I can’t wait to see it come together! You may have inspired me to pull my dollhouse out its box and see about assembling it! LOL…hey I did say MAY have! AHAHA! at least you have help with Pezza and hubby! I will be flying solo!

  3. You are on your way, gal! I’ll keep checking on your progress.

  4. i wonder if a real house has that many pieces? lol
    you are a brave woman!

  5. Wow this looks like an ambitious project! So cute that you’re working on it with your daughter ~ she’s adorable!

  6. We have the heat here too…thank God for AC!

    I’m super impressed that you actually labeled & checked to see that all the pieces were in the box. This has to be the hardest part for Pezza, but once it’s together she’ll be having a ball wanted to try all the furniture out in the rooms. You’ll have to let her make some footstools out of buttons, pony beads, some fabric and a cotton ball as stuffing. We also make lamps out of beads and use the plastic coffee creamer cups as lampshades. If you have any of the little Polly Pockets, they make good toys as do lots of the gumball machine toys. The Fisher Price Loving Family dolls work great for the dollhouse dolls, but the other pieces are off in scale to use in the house. Remember that you can use DP as wallpaper, but I always spray it first with sealer to make sure it doesn’t run. Sometimes it does turn darker. The mirror paper works great, and paint and formica chips really come in handy, too! I make towels from old baby sleepers made of terry cloth…there’s nothing like recycling! I’m sure you’ll love it more once it’s together! Don’t forget to use masking tape to hold stuff together while it dries…I’ve learned from experience!

  7. Hey Marti – I’m so delighted you’ll be sharing this project with us. I love doll houses and I ‘m so looking forward to watching this one come together. Hats off to you for tackling this project. Hugs, Sharon :o)

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