a little birthday card…

hi all!

in case anyone is curious I GOT A DOLLHOUSE – mission accomplished.  and of course now i am obssessed because i just can’t seem to operate in any other mode. 😛  more on that at the end for those who are interested in following that silliness!


SCACD – susana has some new stamps in the store – Make It Crafty.  if you have not seen these before you really MUST take a look – they are REALLY cute!  they come from australia and i can’t wait to get mine from Susana!

TTCRD – have you played our latest challenge???  we are doing paper piecing and you have the chance to win a $15 gift certificate to Crop Stop for each entry!

The Outlawz – HUGE summer bash kicked off yesterday – i really hope to see LOTS of you over there partying with the other members – there are lots of prizes to be won!


my card today is a birthday card and includes cupcakes for Aly’s Sunday Challenge:

i think this little wild sprout from the greeting farm is just SO cute and SO versatile.  she is colored with Derwent Coloursoft pencils for one of the Class 2 lessons.  i love this style of stamp to color because it is uncomplicated and has large spaces.  perfect for learning and experimenting!  i paired her up with some great sparkly paper from a pad i got at Joanns.  the cupcakes are pardo polymer clay and a mold from Shop Sakura on etsy.  the border punch is ek success.  i have paired up pink and yellow plenty of times but i can’t remember throwing chocolate brown in before and i really like it!

now what dollhouse did we end up with???  well we got to ac moore and they did not have all of the ones in the store that they showed online so the small one i wanted was not there.  hubby convinced me to go bigger and we got this one:

it is MDF as opposed to real wood which tends to be easier to work with and with a half off coupon the price was pretty good!  i can also purchase two additions – one for each side, 2 stories so i can add more rooms.  cute stuff eh?  the best part…hubby got it for me!  gotta love prezzies!  and for no reason at all too!  pezza and i are off to buy paint this morning and then we will begin going through all of the pieces making sure we have them, labeling them and painting them.  i can tell you this seems far sturdier than the flimsy wood kit i got as a child….guess i better get those sewing projects hubby asked me to do for him done so i can beg for help on this huh?!?!?!

pezza picked out a few items for her dollhouse while we were at ac moore (she has a big plastic fisher price one).  she got a set of silverware, some wooden bowls and a deck of playing cards……um…okaaaayyyy.  hubby was like uh are you planning a poker and chili party?  hey it’s kept her quiet and occupied for a good bit of yesterday and this morning so i am all for it!



6 Responses

  1. Gorgeous card! love the tiny cupcakes!

    Well… great minds think alike! I was thinking on doll houses too! LOL
    I was reading your last post too, what a beautiful doll houses! I want one! I think it will be my new hobby… 🙂

  2. so cute… i think some of them are sooo… real-like, esp the ones with the electricity and the little lamps and such! I do like the dollhouse thingy, too.

  3. LMBO! As soon as you posted about your latest obsession, I knew you have buy one within a matter of days….

    You were even QUICKER than I had imagined!! I LOVE it and would LOVE to have a REAL House that was so adorable! Have FUN and keep us updated on your decor!!


    PS: It will be a wonderful keepsake for Pezza too! 🙂

  4. I too love doll houses and miniature things in general. As a kid and teen I made my own doll houses out of boxes, swatches of fabric and carpeting…my favorite doll house was one I made for my Troll dolls! LOL It was two stories tall. You remember those Troll dolls? with the multicolored hair? I had a whole family of them! hehe! This one is really cute Marti! I bought a doll house kit about two years ago…a Victorian style one from an online discount store and have not even STARTED to put it together yet! I didn’t even count all the parts to make sure I have everything! It is a bit intimidating! So the box sits…yikes! Maybe you will inspire me to start it! LOL But it takes up A LOT of space, so I realize I will need a dedicated table to work on the doll house as well as a plywood slab to set it on…so that you can move it around easier! I look forward to following your progress as you put yours together!


  5. I see you bought the Allison…good choice! I love Real Good Toys house because of the MDF instead of the flimsier houses. I have one of their houses in my storage waiting for me to finish after I finish the Cambridge by Dura-Craft that’s in my bedroom now. I’ve probably finished a dozen or so houses not counting the scenes, camper, wall boxes and other minitaures I’ve done.

    I was a member of a local miniature group that met once a month. You may want to check and see if there is one in your area. Many can be found through National American Miniature Enthusiasts (NAME) : http://www.miniatures.org/newsite/index.php They may even have miniature shows or house parties around your area. Be very careful when you go to any…they can be very expensive! The items they have at these events will blow your mind!

    I’m sure you and Pezza will love furnishing this beauty when you’re done building it. I loved having my girls’ perspective on things. They definately thought of things that I wouldn’t have imagined. It so wonderful having others to share this hobby with. If you ever need any help, don’t hesitate to ask!
    grandma_lee_t AT yahoo DOT com

  6. Another darling card Marti!!! Absolutely perfect:o)

    I have a doll house for Olivia and it is very tedious with all of the tiny pieces but we are going at it slowly… but we bought all of the furniture we could!

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