so i was thinking…about dollhouses

hi all!

soooooo i am thinking …i SO need a dollhouse…NEED.  this is not a NEW thing necessarily but it has recently jumped to the forefront for whatever reason.  you know those dollhouses you build…oh YES.

you know the kind you build yourself and paint and decorate and furnish OOOOOHHHHHHHH……this particular one is my ultimate dream one.

and no i don’t mean for pezza i mean one for ME!  i got one similar to this when i was about 8.  i was THRILLED.  unfortunately no one was ever willing to help me put it together.  my little brother and i tried, we really did.  but it was way too much for us back then.  these things are not for the faint of heart!  (nor the faint of wallet – PRICEY)

alas it is not in my budget at this time BUT i should start small anyway right?  so we are off to AC Moore with our 50% off coupon to see what we can find.  perhaps something more like this:

so i am curious – do ANY of you have ANY experience with these?????  i would love to hear your thoughts/advice….ac moore here we come!



2 Responses

  1. I feel your pain! I started building one over 30 years ago and my SIL finished it for me. I sold it about 11 years ago to my boss for his daughter. I enjoyed decorating and furnishing it, but the building was more than I could handle.

  2. The only experience I have is that my hubby built one from scratch for my daughter. Good luck with the kit!

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