SC334: Gathering Love

hi everyone!

yet another full day!  dentist first thing in the morning – how fun.  no one had cavities but it took FOREVER for the drama queen to settle down and quit acting like she was there for limb removal.  i bribed her with a trip to the burger king that has a play place.  we had never been there before – oh em gee – nasty!  i’d say the last time it was cleaned was about 1983.  my packets of ketchup weren’t even clean GROSS!  we both decided we would never be going back there again…

a brief run home to feed and check on kittens and then back out for me to see the doctor.  after that the nice long wait for them to fill the antibiotics prescription and we get home and wow – another whole day just about over!

we were back downstairs doing kitten maintenance again and set up a tiny litter box for the babies and the two boys have used it – one of them THREE times.  not Gingersnap though.  they are so so cute – when we go down there they come running for us and are starting to love being held and cuddled.  i have their portrait shots at the end of this post 🙂

i used the sketch on SCS for my card today:

My image is caled Gathering Love and it is from the Natural Beauty collection by Carmen Medlin for SCACD.

She is colored with Prisma colored pencils and a derwent blending pencil.  the papers are from one of the many 66 paper pads available in the store called Vicki by Bo Bunny.  i also used some bo bunny double dot paper which i love.  i dream of one day having EVERY color HAHAHHA!

I cut the flower pieces using the Mother’s Day Bouquet Cricut cartridge and then made the centers using Lemon Magic Pearl Pen.  the magic pearl pen is a semi-translucent sort of iridescent look that varies depending on the color paper you use it on.  neat stuff!

now for some super cuteness for those who like to keep track of them – today we have…PORTRAITS

Berlioze (the fatty who sleeps alot)


Gingersnap (the baby girl)

Gingersnap loves to cuddle the most.

their second fave thing – kitten fight!

and now i am off to bed because i have been up since 3am and i will be again tomorrow!!!  i will be back tomorrow with a layout i have been working on.



5 Responses

  1. Hey M
    Stunning pencil art :o) & the kittens so cuteee!

  2. I am exahusted reading about your day. The kitties are so cute. Stunning card!

  3. Great card and is there anything better than kittens!! They’re more entertaining than television!

  4. Gorgeous card! It has an island feel to it. Love the furt babies, too. They bring a smile to my face!

  5. Stunning Card Marti – You are fabulous with the Prismacolors, for sure!! I wish I could color with them, but for me they are a ‘bust’….

    The kitties are all looking adorable and look so happy and healthy…you’re a wonderful Mom in all ways!!


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