mmmmmmmm Glitt-tah!

*edited* apparently this did not post yesterday grrrr!

hi friends!

i hope everyone’s week has been off to a good start.  i think most of us are gearing up for the end of school for the summer.  trev graduates so i will have one year free from school stuff and then start over again 😛  and speaking of trevor and school – i will admit i am not a big fan of our school system – i believe it is fundamentally broken.  and this morning i discovered one shining example.  raise your hand if you were one of *those* kids who ended up with detention back in the day *hand goes up in the air*  in my day it was done as saturday school.  can i just tell you how BIG a bummer it was to have to show up at school at 9am m ON A SATURDAY and sit there for 5 friggin hours?????  while there we had to sit in silence and either do homework or read.  no talking, no music, nothing.  well fast forward to today. trevor, being the senior at the end of the race that he is this year, has been staying up way too late and having a really hard time getting himself out of bed in time in the morning.  so i get a letter yesterday – he has had 5 tardies and received 2 days of in-school restriction.  ok what’s that?  i haven’t noticed him spending any extra time at school…so i ask him.  in school restriction means that instead of reporting to class he goes to a different room where he sits and listens to his ipod all day and does school work if he has any – which he does not.  everything is turned in and done.  shoot i am thinking if it was me i would push for some more of that – instead of sitting in class doing boring busy work to pass the time in my class, head over to ISR and do nothing or do whatever i want while listening to my ipod…..and no extra time taken away from me – just what i already spend at school…..

had momma josephine and the babies back in to the doc again today – she is losing fur in giant clumps but the doc says it is a natural hormonal thing after giving birth just like humans.  Berlioz – the one who sleeps ALL the time is 1 POUND NOW!  the other two are close behind.  tonight they are going to try their hand at eating some canned cat food for the first time.  in my experience they end up wearing alot more of it than they eat but momma won’t mind cleaning up THAT mess!  there are a couple pics at the end of this post.

ok enough of my rambling!


Colored Pencil Class 2 is coming THIS WEEK to the Color Me Creative online classroom!  that’s right – it will open on Friday though i believe Suzanne might open registration ahead of time to get folks set up.  i know i have had ALOT of requests for the follow up to Class 1.  In class 1 we covered alot of basics – how to find your light and shadow, different blending techniques for pencils, skin coloring, most hair coloring and a number of different colors.  Class 2 will expand into more specialized techniques and situations – African American hair, coloring white objects, how to ground an image, coloring wood, glass, fur, advanced shading techniques, detailing with prisma Verithins and other topics.  it should be lots of fun!

Through the Craft Room Door challenges and submissions – have you done YOURS???

Our current challenge is *Winged Things* and the gift is $15 gift certificate to Paper Makeup Stamps!  Katie has some really cute images over there!

Our submission call is:

the regular features we would like to receive submissions for:
1. Tips & Tricks
2. Questions
3. Storage/Organization Tips
4. Craft Room pics
Current Call

July/Aug — DUE June 10th, 2011

  • School
  • Summer Fun
  • Mad about ribbon
  • Sketch Challenge – can be a card, tag, scrapbook layout, gift bag or anything else you can dream up as long as it is obvious how the sketch was used!

i think our sketch this month is really fabulous (that’s because i made it HHAHAHAHAHHA!)


my card today is a celebration of all things sparkly for the following challenges:

Paperplay – Sparkle Galore
Stamp Something – Beachy Colors

I was unbelievably fortunate enough to receive the entire collection of Martha Stewart Glitters recently to review for Craft Critique and this is a background I made with Pezza using her fine glitters.  it is super easy and really packs a punch!  just take some of the non stick backing from things like a xyron machine, scor tape or wonder tape sheets or something similar (wax paper would probably work.)  cut the shapes using a die cut machine (the cricut did not work as it did not stick to the mat.)  Next cover a piece of cardstock cut to size with sticky – wonder tape, scor pal sheets or xyron works best.  now place your non-stick shapes to the sticky how you want them.  pour your background color glitter over the whole paper to adhere to the exposed sticky.  shake off and remove your masks – either all or some depending on how many colors you want to use.  here i removed the flowers first and poured blue glitter over the exposed sticky.  then i peeled off the scrolls and covered with glitter.  now spray a light coat of fixative (by Krylon) over the glittered surface and the glitter will STAY PUT.  i added a few felt and skittle flower centers and a base with *hi* adhered to it.  talk about fast & easy!  Pezza’s eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw it!  the same technique can easily be used with flock, or sparkle fibers…

and now for some cuteness…

josephine LOVES to be pet…

and the babies are starting to like it to.  little Gingersnap is even working on her purring – it is much louder now btu totally hit or miss – sounds like an engine coughing and sputtering…..notice how much bigger the grey one on the right is – that is Berlioz, fat little thing.  his belly drags the ground when he walks!

and now i am off to prepare for my meeting with my buddy suzanne tonight – we have lots of plotting and scheming to do!!!  we are having dinner at clyde’s – belated bday celebrations – our bdays are only a day apart!  we have LOADS to catch up on too as we don’t hang out nearly as much as we’d like to!



2 Responses

  1. Enjoy your time with Suzanne! I agree about the school systems and would definitely be doing something to sit in ISR. Every time I hear something new about the school system I just shack my head. Adorable card!

  2. Gorgeous card.
    Thanks for joining us at Paper Play for our sparkle galore challenge.
    Apologies for having to copy and paste today I thought it would be better than not leaving comments, I’m in a lot of pain with my shoulder and it hurts to type.
    OMG those fur babies are stunning
    hugs Mandy xx

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