colored pencil class 2 is now pre-registering!

hi all!

once again my day has totally gotten away from me somehow.  and not because i got so much done either UGH!  but i did want to post a quick note to let everyone know that you can begin signing up for my colored pencil 2 class on color me creative!  class materials will go live on friday!  i know alot of folks have been anxious for me to get this one out!  what does it cover?

This class builds on what we learned in Class 1 covering additional, more advanced topics using Prisma Colored Pencils.  Topics include African American hair, white objects, fur, wood, grounding an object, glass, using colored paper bases, monochrome, black & white, using grays to accurately shade complicated patterned areas & more.  We will also go over other pencil brands and options.

head on over and register!  i am really excited to be able to offer this class and have thoroughly enjoyed my students in class 1.



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