*coloring* white

hi all!

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  i got to sign up for the fun things we will be doing on our cruise next month so i am very excited.  it looks like we are going to have alot of fun!  we are going on a short one – 5 days – and will stop in nassau, coco cay and key west.  trev is bringing his buddy with him so we probably won’t even see them.  pezza is going to play with dolphins with daddy and we are all going to get to hold starfish and such.  honestly i am thinking pez will have the most fun – they have an insane set up for the kids so as long as she can manage to keep her teeth to herself and not end up in the brigg……

i will be hosting a colored pencil class live chat tonight at 7pm eastern time – you don’t have to be in the class to join in!  we’d love to have you!  just go to the Color Me Creative site and scroll down until you see the chat box.

i have been working diligently on Colored Pencil Class 2 and here are the two images for the lesson on coloring white objects:

This stamp is from Susana’s Custom Art & Card Design

and this is Chef Marci from Lala Land Crafts – not all of her is blended  this demonstrates different types of blending methods that can be used.

hope to see some of you in the chat!  or even better in one of my classes!



2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the great samples! I’m not good at coloring white & shading. This gives me some good ideas where to shade.

    Your cruise sounds awesome. I’m jealous of Pezza & the dolphins, but I’m betting she’ll have to walk the plank – lol!

  2. Have a fabulous trip! You deserve a nice LONG vacation and I hope you enjoy every moment!!

    I’ve never been on a Cruise, but someday I’d like to take one to the Caribbean!!


    PS: You are a ROCK STAR with the Prismacolor Pencils…that is definitely your medium and it looks fabulous!

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