SC333 and i’m an outlaw now!

thursday SHEESH!  the best part about it being thursday is that hubby is coming home!  i am drinking a cup of coffee and looking forward to my fave night of TV to try and stay up to see him BUT he probably won’t get home until like midnight and i am so NOT a midnight kinda girl!

the only phrase for pezza today is holy hell.  she is always a handful but some days WOW…it started with her announcing she was playing a game called flying baby with a parachute.  sounds like a bad idea to me…she comes in wearing a grocery bag like a backpack.  then i was on the phone with hubby and said i needed to go so we could bathe before heading to a friend’s house and i hear her from the foyer – i don’t need a bath i already got myself one… and i am thinking this is going to be good.  so i head to the foyer and i find her pretending she is a little bird named chirp and the pedestal sink in the bathroom off the foyer is her bird bath.  YES she was IN it, naked, and soaking wet from head to toe.  how she got her entire self wet in a pedestal sink i am not sure. and that is how the day went without letting up.  totally going to run away from home…


lots of things going on today!

FIRST i am an outlaw YAY!  Colleen of  The Outlawz challenge site asked me to join her Prisma & Other Mediums challenge group and y’all know how i have been loving my pencils these days! Today’s Challenge is embossing so that is what i did on my card as well as using the current SCS sketch.  Colleen has fantastic challenges posted every day of the week over there and often has some really good prizes too!

tomorrow is the SCACD new release blog hop.  members of the design team have been posting peeks all week AND you can win a full sheet of stamps PLUS my Prisma Colored Pencil class!  head to the store blog for details.

Have you stopped by the Through the Craft Room Door site?  Our current challenge is Any Winged Thing and the prize is a $15 gift certificate to Paper Makeup Stamps!  While you are there be sure to check the current calls for submissions too!

kitten pics and updates will be at the end for those keeping track!


now onto my card:

this adorable little flower is a digi from my friend Elizabeth at Soft Pencil.

I used colored pencils but i did it several weeks ago and now i am not sure which brand i used.  i love the bright colors on this one!  i embossed the squares using a provocraft folder and then dotted the centers with Lemon Magic Pearl Pen.  i accented with the larger style Pezabling acrylic squares.

and now on to adorable kitten cuteness!  kittens and momma Josie are doing well.  momma seems to finally be feeling better though i don’t think i will manage to get any weight on her while she is nursing those kittens.  she has been more playful lately too.  she will chase my hair if it dangles down while i am looking at the babies and yesterday i caught her chasing and attacking one of the babies’ tails!  The babies are starting to be able to see now and are paying attention to things around them.  they are also starting to fight and wrestle with each other which is hysterical!  here are some recent pics for you:

could you just DIE at the cuteness???????????????????

We have our first escapee!!! of COURSE it is Gingersnap. She is the runt, the only girl and oh so rotten!

This is Berlioze - the lazy one who's always sleeping. doesn't he look totally pissed to not be sleeping?!?!?

The profile is Oliver - how stinkin' CUTE is that mug?????????

i will venture to guess that by this time next week they will be taking over my craft room……..

time to get myself some dinner – pezza chose cereal so she was easy!  see you tomorrow for the hop!


7 Responses

  1. I can ONLY imagine how Pezza got into the “bath”…sounds like it was quite a day and I’m sure you’ll be VERY happy when Hubby is home!!

    Sorry I missed the CHAT last night…this wet, cold and damp weather has done me in lately and I’m more fatigued than normal!!

    Enjoy your evening!! I hope to make it to watch Grey’s — on of my favorite shows!!

    Sending a HUG….

    PS: Pezza’s imagination is amazing…you need to write a book!

  2. Gorgeous card, Marti! Looove the kitties! So sweet.

  3. Wow…what an adventure at your house!
    How fun to be at the Outlawz!! Fabulous card, so sweet! and adorable kittens!

  4. I am laughing because I remember those days with my son except he never wanted to be clean. I hope you have survived. Stunning card!

  5. OH my gosh it is almost 2 am and I am sitting her laughing my head off at Pezza!! What a hoot! Your beautiful kitties are so precious and watch out Pezza doesn’t give the a bath too!! Love your beautiful card!!

  6. Great stuff!!! I just wanted to pop over and officially welcome you to the Outlawz team!!
    hugs, Bren

  7. Marti, I am floored by how gorgeous the coloring is! I knew you were talented but this one just leapt from the laptop!

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