hi all!

as usual my day is off to a roaring start.  momma cat still has a bit of diarrhea and possibly fever.  my email has been down since saturday morning.  pezza was behaving horribly and was sent to her room where she proceeded to act atrocious screaming i hate my parents and want them to live somewhere else into the monitor.  well in her fit throwing she managed to whack herself good in the mouth on her rocking chair – blood everywhere.  still might require a trip in to the dentist.  lucky for me the dentist and the cat vet are right across the parking lot from each other.  YAY.  in addition i have poison ivy or SOMETHING all over and itch like i have never itched in my life – i have never had poison ivy before.  at first the doc thought it was some sort of a mite from the mulching i did all week but i don’t know….never a dull moment in the wills household that’s for sure!  whenever i read someone post on facebook that they are bored i think  ooohhhhh boredom…that would be so nice….HAHHAHAHA!  really i don’t think i could do boredom anyway.  i always have way to many good ideas i want to pursue and new things i want to try!

and speaking of new things to try – how about my Colored Pencil 2 Class coming up soon on Color Me Creative!  One of the topics we will cover in Class 2 is coloring things that are white.  today i have a daffodil that is partially white:

The image is from the very first Close To My Heart stamp set i ever bought so it’s about 3-4 years old now and i don’t know if it is still available 😦   it is all colored with Prisma Colored Pencils – no Gamsol or blending solution – just my Derwent Blender pencil. i cut my white base and patterned frame on my cricut using Elegant Edges.  There would have been another layer that would have given me a pretty green scroll up onto my white base but i could not get it to come off the mate without ripping it was so thin and that was with cutting the shape  at 4″!  that is one of my biggest, maybe only, pet peave with my cricut.  don’t get so intricate with the designs that they are just frustrating and impossible to cut 😛  the band of glittery paper is from Best Creations – the BEST glitter paper and it cuts really well in the cricut.  the glitter will NOT come off.  i dug through me old stash of primas and some clay embellies i had and even threw in a felt flower i found to add some pizzaz!  i finished it off with a few pezabling acrylic squares in glittering pink and a studio G stamp sentiment.

another topic covered in Colored Pencil 2 Class is African American hair – here is something i was working on this morning when pezza woke up and i had to quit – the image is from Mo Manning:

isn’t she just darling?!??!

and now i am off to do some running around!  hugs


4 Responses

  1. Ha! I’m just picturing you running across the parking lot leaving the cat at the dentist & Pezza at the vet – lol!!!

    Poison ivy is really nasty & I never had it until a few years ago either. Good luck with it – it’s miserable!

    And I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who hates those delicate cuts with the cricut & can’t get them to work without tearing (although I did have some good luck with a friends e2 & the Wilton Sugar Sheets on the cake machine).

  2. Good luck with your errands! The new class looks awesome.

  3. I’m sorry it was a rough start, hope it turned around!
    Pretty card!

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