campsite cricut LO

hi all!

happy birthday to ME!  yep today is my bday.  and no there is nothing special going on 😛  or gifts as hubby says my bernina sewing machine has to last for the next 18 months of holidays but that’s ok cuz i LOVE that thing!  i just wish there were more hours in the day so i could use it more!  Pezza has a class this afternoon so i will get a little peace to work!  i have an adorable little dress cut out and ready to sew for her plus some projects for hubby and i SO wanna make myself an apron or two.

kitten update pics are at the end!


y’all have been cleaning me out pretty good but i still have stuff left in the store at 40% off!  go take a look – it is a heck of a good deal!  and spread the word too!


i have another LO for you today:

These are pics of our campsite last year – Pezza’s first camping trip.  she loved it and i am really hoping we can do more this year.  We went to a place out by Catoctin Furnace and it was fantastic!  nice lake for swimming in, some hiking, including Cunningham Falls and not to far to drive.

I used my Camping Cricut cartridge for the embellishments.  rather than cropping down the camp site picture i did my journaling over it before printing out my picture.  this is really easy to do in Photoshop Elements.  it starts with a text path template (sometimes called word art depending on where you are shopping.)  if you have the full version of Photoshop you can make them yourself.  i just got mine but have not even opened it 😛

here’s a close up of the other cricut pieces.  i really like this cartridge.  i added some color to the fire with my ink blending foam tool for a bit more dimension.

and now it’s time for OMGOSH kitten cuteness pics!!!

here is one of them in hubby’s hand when we were weighing them last night.  i LOVE bitty kitten faces and their squished ears way down on the sides of their heads!

sweet momma

little pile of adorableness!

ahhhh momma…

and now i am off to go to birthday lunch with hubby – not sure where yet…



7 Responses

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I sent you a card, but I don’t think it’ll make it in time. Have a great lunch with dh too.

    That last kitty pic is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, the way she’s holding the baby. And they are so precious how tiny they are!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! The scrapbook page and the kittens as well as the mommy cat are adorable! The mommycat has the most beautiful cat eyes I have ever seen, she looks like feline Egyptian Royalty … and her face is so petite and pretty….I love striped cats…I do hope that you will find good homes for the lot of them. I so admire your decision to foster expecting cats!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful lunch with Hubby!

  4. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marti! Enjoy your day! Those kittens are the cutest! and your layout too!

    Hey are you going to GASC in Chantilly in June? I will be going for the first time! EEEk! I am SO excited! I signed up for 3 classes.

    hugs, V

  5. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your lunch! Beautiful layout!

  6. Happy Birthday!! That layout is wonderful and oh my are those kittens cute!

  7. Hope you’re having a FABulous birthday, Marti!!!
    Love those kitties & your great layout!
    Huggies ~

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