kittens & motorcycles

hi all!

as if i don’t have enough excitement around here guess what we did last night?  (if you read my facebook you already know.)  we volunteered to foster a pregnant momma kitty!  i will give you all the exciting details plus pics after my post for those who want to keep reading.


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Colored Pencil Class

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and now my project for today – i have really been missing my scrapbooking – i much prefer it over cardmaking but cardmaking has really seemed to take over for some reason.  i am finding it very difficult to get my scrapping mojo back 😛  here is a LO i did of some pics of hubby racing on one of his motorcycles:

pretty clean and simple!

the flags and letters are cut on my cricut.  i had trouble finding images i wanted to use and the ones i DID find were like the flag – no layers BLECH!  i am going to have hubby do the journaling and then i will add it.

and now the kitty!  we were in petsmart sunday and they had a cat adoption thing going on.  well of course pezza wanted to pet the kitties and was begging with all her might for her daddy to let her have one – which he said was an absolute no.  then while talking with the folks in charge we got on the subject of fostering cats and then she mentioned she had two pregnant moms needing a home.  so it occurred to me that it would be the best of everything – i would get to raise and play with kittens but then give them away before they become cats – perfect!  i have done 4 litters of my own cat’s kittens and loved it.  i always thought i wish i could do more but of course it is not very responsible to keep bringing more cats into the world.

so we beg and plead with hubby, pezza laid it on super thick and finally he agreed.  they said i could pick the momma up last night or this morning and i decided to get her right away to get her comfie before having those babies.  she came here on a truck FULL of dogs and cats from a kill shelter in GA.  the vet said he thought she was a year or more old and would have the kittens in a week or two.

so we get her home and take her down to the basement and let her out – she was SO skinny – other than the belly bulge.  and no way was she close to a year old.  and she is SO LOVEY DOVEY!  purrs SUPER loud too!  so we let her wander the basement and then i went down and worked on the LO above and she nestled herself way under my cricut table behind my paper bins and stacked boxes of ribbon.  when i was ready to go to bed i wanted to put her in the bathroom – well every time i tried she would go right back to the same spot.  so i gave up and cleared it out a bit and made her a bed.  then i was watching her and i kept thinking i really really think she is going into labor now.  but they did an ultrasound and all and said she wouldn’t….  i watched for a long time and finally gave up but told hubby to check her in a little while and wake me up if something happened.  i wasn’t in bed 20 minutes when he got me back up and said – you have a kitten!!!!

i ran down and sure enough there it was – she needed a little help with knowing what to do with her kitten at first but then the second one came and she was fine.  we went to bed.

of course when i got up this morning i ran straight down to check on her and saw THIS:

THREE babies!!! and all are doing fine!  momma is slightly annoyed and wants to go play and wants constant petting.  but she stays and takes care of them and if they peep she goes back immediately!  all three look good and strong and healthy and momma has been eating and drinking.  YAY!  keeping pezza out of them has been a bit trying but for the most part momma (josephine) likes pezza visits.  but i don’t want her fooling with the babies.  however, the momma is so relaxed with us that it will be super easy to socialize the kittens so they make great pets!

and now we are off to check on them!



10 Responses

  1. Oh that cat and those kittens are just precious! Kittens are so much fun! Enjoy them while you have them!

  2. Awww! I am so happy that you were able to Foster the Mommy and her kittens, after all!

    Bless your heart! I’m sure she is now in a happy home and will receive lots of wonderful caring from you and Pezza!!


  3. oh how cute they are—you were right! LOL! I want one, LOL–NOT, ok maybe………….

    Happy Early Birthday to ya!


  4. Awww, bless you and your family for fostering these cats.

  5. Stunning layout! Super cute kitties and great story!

  6. Oh my goodness, how beautiful! Congratulations to the mommy cat! How wonderful! 🙂
    I am so glad you saved these four angels… 🙂

  7. Oh so cute! I love kitties! Too bad I’m allergic to them! BOO! I have been thinking about fostering one as well! That may be the best of both worlds for me too! That way if my allergies really act up, I can give it back.

  8. Momma cat looks so sweet and trusting. She and her babies have so much to be thankful for. You and your family did a wonderful deed. My family has three cats and a dog all of whom we adopted through rescue groups.

  9. Wow Marti, what a humane and thoughtful thing to do; those kittens are just darling, it sure won’t be hard to find them a home!!

    Love your layout, it’s really neat!!

  10. Momma cat sure looks good after delivery if you ask me! Must be all the love & care extended to her from the “wonderful” foster parents 🙂
    I really enjoy all the inspiration you are so willing to share with us all the time, and I really enjoy your stories that go along with all your work.
    Have a GREAT DAY!

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