hi all!

i want to start by saying my heart goes out to all of those poor people in the path of the tornado down south.  it ran right along the route we drove and came within a few miles of my brother’s house.  he really dodged a bullet this time.  Hearing the stories of people coming together to help each other does warm my heart but i wish it wouldn’t take a massive tragedy to get to that point…

well stephanie – a long time reader and friend – reminded me that i never did follow up with y’all on the reason i always use the number 37.  i loved reading everyone’s guesses but i was surprised no one got it right (especially you Katie B.!!)  it actually comes from a very funny scene in a sort of cult film classic type movie called Clerks – the first of several movies by Kevin Smith which i LOVED.  so despite the fat that it has probably been well over 10 years since i last saw it “37” is still my random number!

despite my very best efforts i just can’t seem to get ANY time in my craft room these days!  of course, pezza being home all day every day does not help much 🙂  however, i did make a card using the gorgeous Gladiolus stamp in a new group of breathtaking stamps Susana has over at SCACD from I Brake For Stamps.  Now that i have seen them all i think a few more need to come home with me!

the flowers are so beautiful i kept the card very simple.  the pink studs down one side are Viva Decor Hot Fix Embellishments.  You will be able to read more about that topic in one of my upcoming articles for Craft Critique!  Be sure and stop over there after you are finished reading here to check out the Mother’s Day Carnival!  If you head over there before tomorrow at 6pm you can still enter for a chance to win some awesome goodies from Epiphany Crafts!

i just received the first of what might turn into several orders from Art Impressions stamps so i am going to sign off now and try and sneak down to my craft room while Pezza is occupied outside with her bestest bud from next door!

have a fantastic weekend!


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  1. Marti, thanks for replying as to why you use the number 37, I think I vaguely remember seeing that movie, but not real sure! (And thanks for calling me your friend 🙂 !)

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