perfect embellishments!

hi all!

well monday morning and back to work!  i have enjoyed my time off and our trip was great but the catching up afterwards isn’t any fun hee heee!  Pezza is definitely a road trip kid – she did awesome.  we had a great time when we stopped at my brother’s place in birmingham on our way back home.  he took us out to a great bar b q place and then walked us around the UAB medical center area.  he and i are both FASCINATED by old architecture, particularly victorian houses.  he has been doing alot of research on the houses that were in the area before being overtaken by UAB growth.  so he showed me the ones still standing as well as some of the sites of ones torn down and some of the history of the area.  i know i know – we are total geeks – oh well!  anyway, when we went to see his house the next day he showed me old pictures of the houses that were gone.  his house is an old craftsman style from the 1920’s and he has done ALOT of restoration work – it is adorable!  perfect house for him!  i desperately want an old victorian myself but hubby says no.  too much headache.  he says he’ll build me a new house that LOOKS like an old victorian…not real sure that is quite the same 😛

unfortunately poor pezza was real sick when we began our trip home – throwing up no less BUT not in the car (SO grateful) but she was run down by the time we got home so we have not done much since getting back.  yesterday she finally looked like she was back to her usual self.  and of course the easter snake came (for those new here – she hates bunnies and insists she has an easter snake).  she was thrilled of course and has begun making a dent in the giant chocolate bunny.

i arrived home to some fabulous goodies – there is the massive amount of martha stewart glitter and paper pads that arrived on my doorstep the day we left for a review i am doing for craft critique, new stamps for SCACD – oh my are they ever cute, a gift box of goodies from susana at SCACD – so sweet of her, and some little clay molds i had been lusting after for AGES.  of course pezza and i had to get the clay out right away and try out the new molds.

she is an expert as can be seen on her video.  here it is if you missed it:

and what else did we make?

we also used a new type of mold we were trying out but the details are top secret for the moment hee heee!  all of the clay is viva decor pardo of course – it is just so much easier to work with i just never reach for the others anymore!  it softens up so fast and with so little effort!  i have been getting all of my molds on etsy from Sakura – or you can go to Etsy and just google “clay molds” and you will get lots of options.  my fave this time around is the teeny cupcakes (plus the NEW molds but you will have to wait for that!)  this type of embellie has become popular from Webster’s Pages and Prima but i prefer making my own – it’s more versatile and more fun!  i can make any color i want AND ADD SHIMMER – my fave part!  (Pezza’s too!)

here’s the little cuppies – AWWWWW!  we just smooshed a teeny bit of white clay into the icing area and then put more clay on top to fill in the paper area and behind the frosting – SO easy!  then i brushed on some mica dust (Perfect Pearls) and baked!

my second fave – the chrysanthymums:

the top one is done using 2 colors like the cupcakes. they all have green mica powder in their centers.  you can see the difference in the two yellow ones – mica dust versus none.  both awesome!

and one last peek:

what do y’all think?  anyone else like to make their own embellies?  some of these were made by rolling the clay flat and using little cutters too like the purple square with the yellow star.  Look for Makins and Kemper cutters.  i need to do some with little rhinestones embedded……

leave me a comment and let me know what you think – i love hearing from you all!!!!



6 Responses

  1. Glad you had a fun trip!

    I love the embellies, especially the ones with shimmer. I like how the blue fairy kind of looks like wedgewood with the whitish dust.

  2. OMgosh Marti! Pezza is adorable on the video. She is so cute & such a good crafter. Wow! Love the sparkle on the flowers.
    Great job, Pezza!
    Huggies ~

  3. I love these embellishments! Very Cute!!

  4. I love them all Marti! You and Pezza are such enablers! I am waiting for my molds to arrive!

  5. Stunning projects! Looking forward to the new modls.

  6. […] y’all remember my gaggle of goodies yesterday made with pardo clay right?  not all of them were made with molds and here is a card with […]

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