an outlawz digi makeover!

hi all!

well we DID go to the zoo Monday.  it was gorgeous weather.  so gorgeous i thought i would have a heat stroke since i wore heavy pants – not really believing just HOW nice it would be.  we got to the zoo no problem.  i did NOT get lost tho it was close.  hubby calls me as i am driving to the Metro (subway) and i tell him where the google map directions are taking me and he says NO NO get off on 7 at Tyson’s – like 20 feet in front of me so i manage to get off and he is like ok i gotta go.  UM HELLO i do NOT have directions where to go from here ACK!!!!!!  so he told me and it was easy.  Pezza LOVED, i mean LOVED the metro.  the first time i brought the boys here for a visit (we lived in MO) and we took our first trip into DC they wanted to skip the sightseeing and just ride the Metro all day.  um no!

we get off at the station for the zoo and head for the escalator…i am afraid of escalators…well apparently we were 37 miles underground or something riDONKulous because that was the highest escalator i have ever seen in my LIFE!  so not only do i have to go on it i have to go on it while holding a 4 year old’s hand AND a collapsed umbrella stroller and NOT panic – i barely made it.

so we trekked around the zoo until we were both hot and tired and cranky.  her fave thing were the teeny amazon, brightly colored super poison frogs.  overall she really loved the adventure and behaved really well!  on the Metro ride home….she pushes the emergency only button.  *screech*  can i not take this child ANYWHERE?  Luckily they did not get mad, just annoyed.


and now onto my crafty-ness of the day!  today it is digi crafty-ness.  i was recently asked to give the Ning group The Outlawz a digi makeover.  Colleen, the owner, told me some basic ideas on theme she had in her head and then i set about refining them and presenting her with some concrete ideas and options.  From there we tweaked and adjusted and I think the final look is super cute!

Here is her banner:

She also got badges for her DT girls and each of the daily challenges as well as a Featured badge for challenge winners – you can see it all on her site – and maybe join in a few challenges as well!

i LOVE doing the designs and working with folks to get just what they want!

here is what Colleen had to say after we were done:

I approached Marti to design the banner, badges, and wanted posters for The Outlawz. She took a boring looking site and turned it into a bright and cheerful place to be! Everything I requested she added with enthusiasm and speed! Being a beginner in graphic designing and adding different components to a “Ning” network I was at a total lost many of times. Marti offered full assistance until everything was in place and working correctly on the site. I highly recommend her for any graphic designing for she is the best!

quotes from folks on the site:

Love love love the new banner and badges!

Love the new look! Awesome! It looks so inviting now!

The Outlawz looks so warm and friendly with the new banner and badges! Very nice change for us and the members!

i was SO pleased she was so happy and did my very best to incorporate all of her ideas and visions into the many items i designed for the site.  here are some of the other items we worked on:

Member Badge for member blogs


Design Team Badge

One of the Daily Challenge posters

What do y’all think??? Are you in need of an update? Just want a fun siggy for your blog or cute banner for your etsy shop? You dream it up and i will bring it to life for ya!

Have a great weekend my friends!


One Response

  1. As soon as I saw the changes over the The Outlawz, I LOVED it and was even more excited when I found out you had designed it!! Way to GO!!

    A woman of many talents! You ROCK!!!


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