My fave Cricut project

happy monday!

yea yea i know!  we are supposed to get into the upper 70s today so pezza and i will be heading to the National Zoo as planned.  it rained last night and will rain again tonight but it looks like the day will be good.  i am slightly nervous as it has been YEARS since i have ridden the metro and it has changed alot.  i have this irrational fear of being lost forever and hate not knowing where i am going or what i am doing to go somewhere.  so i start to get panicky.  which is kind of funny (hence the irrational part) since 1. i have moved and acclimated to new places more time than most people can imagine – my parents joke that i could be dropped from a plane in ANY unknown place and by the end of day 1 i will have a job, a place to live, and several friends 😛 and 2. really.  lost forever?  like i can’t just go up to someone and be like hey, can you help me a minute.  it’s not like i am braving the amazon jungle alone 😛  SO i am sure it will go FINE.

Pezza says she wants to see baby lions, snakes and giraffes.  hopefully she will be interested in more aimals once we get there!


Through the Craft Room Door is ONE year old!  and we are celebrating on the newly revamped Ning site – open to ALL.  you do not have to be a subscriber to get on the site, look around, and play along for some REALLY amazing prizes from our incredible sponsors.  in addition we have a FREE ISSUE up for you to download and browse through.  Our goal has been to focus on things we felt were missing in many of the mainstream magazines – Cricut and Copics as well as projects OTHER than cards.

want to participate in the daily scavenger hunt, submission challenges and messiest craft room contest???  then head on over and check it out!

***Through the Craft Room Door***


And now who wants to see my most favorite of all my Cricut Projects?  This appeared in our July/Aug issue:

This is a Flavored Lemonade gift set – perfect for a summer time party or hostess gift!

The large jar has lemonade mix and the two small bottles have Blackberry and Watermelon flavored syrups.  I used the Preserves Cartridge for the tags and glass etching – which is actually Viva Decor Satine – so much better and easier to use than etching cream!

I sure hope we see you all over at the TTCRD Birthday Party!!!

have a happy day!


4 Responses

  1. Woohoo! Have fun at the Zoo! Just bring you cell phone and you’ll be FINE!!

    I also LOVE this project and it’s so hard to pick a favorite, as I love most all of them!!


  2. Hope you have a great time at the zoo! I always loved exploring on the Metro when I was in DC. I went to the zoo by myself from Georgetown, but that was a LONG time ago, so I’m sure it’s changed.

    My favorite thing at the zoo is the pandas. Are they even still there?

    And I love that project too. I need to try my Satine & this is a great inspiration.

  3. You’ll love the zoo! Took my grandchildren there a few years back and we had a blast! Perfect time to go too! We went in the dead of summer and it was hot, hot, hot! I love your lemonade gift set!! Very nice!

  4. I really love this set Marti! I hope you and Pezza have a fantastic day!

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