Boys are tough…

hi everyone!
first i want to thank everyone for all your words of encouragement and support for me and Pezza. to answer several of you YES she is CREEPY smart and i am sure alot of what is happening is boredom. she taught herself addition and subtraction right after turning three and right after Christmas she taught herself how to read and is now reading Step 2 level books almost entirely on her own. but unfortunately the school system in america is not geared to deal with the really smart kids. SO she is going to have to learn how to jump through the hoops just like her older brother and just like me 😛 truly sad but a fact. in the meantime i think the play group therapy will be extremely helpful for her to learn some critical social skills. teachers don’t really have the time to pay attention to the ins and outs of everyone in the classroom and address it all. i CAN say that on the field trip yesterday it was very apparent that Pezza is not the ONLY one in the class who has problems with aggressiveness. however, i feel quite certain she is the most VOCAL. which is not always best *wink* we loaded up on learning materials and she couldn’t wait to get started so last night she whipped through 13 pages of one in about 20 minutes so i may need to re-think it and get some that are more advanced. i bought all stuff geared to 3-5 year olds.

the field trip was pretty cool – we learned ALL there is to know about butterfly life cycles, got to check out some 1 week old baby chicks, saw the hugest turkey (wow those things are not very attractive) and petted some horses.

today we are off to Open Gym at the local gymnastics facility to play for an hour – she loves that and it gets some of her MASSIVE energy stores released.

i DO have a card for ya today!!! i know when did i do that right? 😛 believe it or not i have also been doing lots of work on a super fun article for Craft Critique too!


Big things going on over on the SCACD blog – a sneak peek of the next set of stamps coming out by Elisabeth Bell for SCACD and oh my are they cute!  Elaine from Quixotic Paperie did an AMAZING job!!!  The official release is April 8th!


but for now:
there is no end to the number of girly bday cards i have but rarely make any for little boys so I thought it was time to do one.  i used the current SCS sketch and papers from my stash.

The stamp is actually a Halloween stamp but i raised two boys so i can tell you a boy and his spider can happen ANY time of the year!  This is Spyder from the Little Acorns set by Victoria Case for SCACD.  I colored him with Copics.

I kept the embellishing to a minimum – i used a cute little banner piece and star from a Maya Roads Mini Chipboard set.  i painted the pendant with Precious Metal color.  Then i smooshed the star piece into my Butterscotch Adirondack ink pad and painted it with Lemon Drop Glamour Dust paint – so sparkly!

no one has guessed correctly on my question yesterday so if you have not given it a shot check it out on my decoupage post.

Now off to get ready and head out to play at the gym.




4 Responses

  1. What an awesome card! Great job!

  2. Great job Marti, but I want to see more pencil work, WWAAHH! Anyway, I used to belong to a gym, and I found that taking Annie to the pool a few days a week, and then the library the other days helped with her social skills, and also ability to focus. I agree 100% that the school system in not equipped to handle uber-intelligent children. Can you afford private? These children have two things going on, inablity to “fit in” and boredom~~Good luck, my daughter is pulling her hair out now that I have moved, hahaha!

  3. Loved the card, but what interests me most is Pezza. There are schools (so I have heard) for exceptional intelligent children. Pezza is one ! She needs to go to one of those schools and I wish I knew where one was. Can you research this ? Hope so for Pezzas sake. Good Luck !

  4. Yes, the schools are not equipped for the smart kids or kids that need anything extra. I’m amazed at how hard us parents have to fight for what our children deserve. Pezza will figure it all out quick enough! I give you huge props for taking the steps you are!!
    Wonderful card!!!

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