decoupage table…CHECK! (& a blog tart!)

hi everyone!

well today was Pezza’s last day of preschool for awhile.  she is having lots of problems at school and we are not getting anywhere with her so i have decided to pull her out while we try some play group therapy to help her with impulse control and general social skills.  i think she is mostly just a whole lotta little person for most folks to handle.  but she does not listen well – has her own opinions and is stubborn as h***!  meanwhile i got some homeschooling stuff to keep her occupied while she is stuck at home with me and she will still get to go to the afternoon teacher once or twice a week – for some reason he can handle her and she does pretty well with him.  i have been mulling this over for a couple months now so i am ok with the decision, just kinda hard…

on the brighter side pezza and i finished the decoupage table i showed y’all and it just ROCKS!  i LOVE it!

first let’s see the before pic:

cute table but a little plain……..what to do…….

i {heart} it!  here are some close ups:

Table Top

Table Bottom Shelf

Drawer front with new glass knob

what do ya think???  talk about an improvement!  i started with various digi collage sheets i got on Etsy – they have SO many good ones!  specifically, the ones used on this table are from ArtCult, CalicoCollage and TatteredVintage.  I printed them on an inkjet printer and they did not smear BUT i will probably seal them with fixative first on the next item i do because the top coat had a bit of a pink tinge to it.

i started by printing out my collage pieces and then tearing them apart rather than cutting so i wouldn’t have hard edges.  Next i put a thin coat of Mod Podge on the back of each one and placed them randomly around the surfaces i was covering, overlapping and changing the angles as I went, until it was completely covered.  Of course there were pieces hanging over the edges so i just took sandpaper and sanded downward along the edges and they came off perfectly.

Once it was all covered i put another layer of Mod Podge over the top – i was afraid if i went right to the polyurethane the inks would totally smear.  i used the regular original nothing special mod podge.  have you been to the mod podge aisle lately?  there’s like 37 different kinds!  i have decided i need to spend some time getting to know them all!

Once the Mod Podge was dry I coated the areas with two coats of water based polyurethane, sanding in between.  then i put my new knob on – found it at Lowe’s.  i really wanted this cool pink one i saw online BUT i didn’t want to wait for it to get here *sigh*

so what do ya’ll think – better?  and hey, if anyone knows why i use “37” anytime i need a random number i will give ya a prize – don’t know what yet but it will be good!  all the folks who answer correctly will go into a drawing – you have until Saturday!



18 Responses

  1. I love the table Marti! Gorgeous!! Sorry to hear about Pezza but glad you have her in play therapy. That is always good for all kids. You have to realize that she was probably born smarter than you or any teacher! LOL! You have to catch her off guard and not react the way she expects you to. I had a child one time pour his milk all over the table and instead of yelling or getting on to him, I said, “Oh no, how are you ever going to have big strong bones if your milk is on the table instead of in your tummy”. He expected me to get upset so he began trying to suck the milk off of the table into his tummy and never tried that one again. Finished his milk everyday and then would want me to check his muscles. Tooo funny. You and the teachers will just have to stay or should I say try to stay one step ahead of her!
    I think the 3 7 is your best hand in poker! LOL!
    Big Hugs!

  2. Oops, forgot to guess what the significance of the number 37 is…. hmmm, let’s see…. how about the year your father was born???

  3. […] no one has guessed correctly on my question yesterday so if you have not given it a shot check it out on my decoupage post. […]

  4. The table turned out beautifully!

    My guess is the age you were when you had Pezza?

  5. Duh, I should’ve looked at the older comments since you said none of them are right.

    I’ll re-guess and that’s how many minutes of sleep you get a night – lol!!!

  6. is 37 how many hours you were in labor with Pezza? YIKES! I hope not!

  7. Congratulations, you now have a very beautiful furniture

  8. I love what you have done! Wonderful job, so beautiful!

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