tuesday? how did that happen?

hi folks!

wow i just can’t seem to catch up with myself!  pezza was back at the doctor yesterday and has a sinus infection so she is back on meds and will hopefully feel better tomorrow.  hubby and i have also been battling allergies – that time of year – and both of us just feel drained BLECH!  not fun when you have a work schedule like both of us do!  needless to say i am behind and my house is a total disaster!  errands and then some cleaning today i think – not fun 😦

my colored pencil class on color me creative is really filling up and i am just thrilled!  we had our first live chat last night and we have one every monday from 8pm – 9pm eastern time and it is open to anyone – not just students.  so if you are curious about class you can come join in!

i DID manage to get a cake done for my next door neighbor’s son who turned 1.  they were very pleased but i wish i had planned it out better:

the lettering and 1 on top should have been much bigger – not sure what i was thinking when i designed it but as i mentioned – i have been a bit foggy headed with allergies so that’s my story! you CAN see how perfectly they were cut though – love my Cricut Cake now that i know how to use it!

the train running along the side was from everyday paper dolls and had no detail cuts.  i think if i do it again i will use some royal icing to add details if the cut i am using doesn’t have any.  i thought the border was kinda cute with the little balls added.

i can tell you it DID taste devine!  i just used a box cake mix – they really are so good – and my homemade buttercream frosting which everyone always loves.

what else did i do this weekend? well i have this table that has been in the corner of the powder room for years:

now i LOVE this table but it is fairly plain (as it should be if you ask hubby!)  every time i go in there i try to think of what i want to do to it and then it hit me – decoupage.  i just need to put the polyurethane on and find just the right drawer pull to replace the plain one and then i will show you what i did!  LOVE IT!

now i am off to run my errands – heading to the mall – not somewhere i like to go but i must have someone in the tmobile store look at my phone 😛

do any of you do any decoupage?  if so i would love for you to let me know.  i have another project idea in mind too for spring…..and by the way, anyone notice how freakin’ many mod podge options there are these days SHEESH!  i would love to hear from anyone with info on the too!

have a great day!!!!


3 Responses

  1. I know the feeling with allergies bringing you down. I hope you all feel better. Cute cake!

  2. The cake is just too dang cute! Love it!

  3. Hi Marti! I hope Pez gets to feeling better really soon. You and hubby too!
    I love the cake! I bet they just loved it! Something I am really wanting to tackle but just haven’t.
    I can’t wait to see the finished table.
    Have a fantastic evening!
    Big Hugs!

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