Imagine This Friday: LOADS of Eggs!

hi everyone!

yay for fridays yes?  not sure what is on my agenda for today.  i was going to get together with a stamping buddy driving down from up north but i have not gotten an update so i don’t know yet if she will make it down.  i do so hope she does tho!  it’s always fun to get together with people who are just as crazed about this hobby as i am!  i also have some cake prep to do today for the 1st Birthday Train cake i am making for my next door neighbor’s little boy.  i have the idea worked out in my head – i just have to get it onto a cake 😛

but for now we are going to play with the Cricut Imagine again YAY!  anyone who has been following my blog for awhile now knows my mom throws a family reunion/easter egg hunt/crawfish boil every year the weekend before easter.  AND you also know she has me make the invitations for it.  AND you know she usually has crazy requests but i always find a way.  this year is no different.  she has requested a basket of easter eggs with a crawfish claw reaching out.  of course i can!  i have a cricut!

what do you think???  now to make 26 more…….

quite a task right?  well the Imagine is very helpful, especially with a few settings i will show you today.  For those who love and have been requesting the video version here it is:

and for those who prefer the written one:

I used the Blossom Imagine cartridge for the patterned papers and Doodlecharms for the basket and eggs.  I found that when i did the eggs and the baskets all together i ended up with alot of wasted paper.

So i did all of the egg pieces at once and then the baskets.  as you can see above – I have four eggs – each a different pattern PLUS their four matching shadow layers.  The shadow colors are just the darkest version of each color i found in the color palette on the cartridge.  Size is set at 3.5 on the REL side.  For additional info on these steps see previous ITF tutorials.

Now, I need 27 of EACH of the eight eggs above.  i can just choose the same eggs again, re-size them, and add the pattern/colors until I fill the page.  but that is tedious since each one has to be done one at a time.  Instead i am using the two settings circled in red above.  The one on the left is project quantity and the one on the right is art quantity.  Both of these are only 1 digit so 9 is as high as you can go.  So i can’t pick 27 on either one.  However, i can use them together.  So i upped my art quantity to 3 – this gave me three of each egg without doing each one individually.  this fills up my 8.5 x 11 paper.  Next I chose 9 for my project quantity – so i will print & cut 9 of these pages.  Now if i chose  7 for my art quantity i would have ended up with 2 pages for my project.  then when i upped my project quantity it would include ALL pages in my project.  so now i put my paper in, it prints and cuts all of my eggs, sends it back out and i put it the next one until it tells me it is done.  this is nice because i don’t have to keep track of what i have already cut – especially since i have constant interruptions – i cut these 9 pages and the 9 pages of the baskets over the course of 3 days!  YEP it’s that bad 😛

Now to get out the glue….ACK!

time to design a train cake…..i hope you all have a fun weekend planned!!!!


3 Responses

  1. Good luck with all these projects.

  2. I wondered what happened. I got the email feed & went to leave a comment, but the post was gone! I just wanted to say how much I liked the eggs & can’t wait to see the cake.

  3. what happened to the friday imagine videos?
    Ann W

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