Imagine This Friday:

woohoo friday!

and a GORGEOUS one too!  mid- to upper 70s!  i was hoping to go to a local petting zoo but it isn’t open until TOMORROW!  DOH!  So instead we are heading over to my buddy Cori’s house for a picnic and some outdoor play.  She has 3 girls that pezza loves to play with and she is one of my fave peeps to hang out with.  i need a break!  the colored pencil class videos are almost done after a near disaster today – 2 1/2 hours of video wouldn’t work AT ALL!  and then hubby came home and i wanted him to help me figure out what happened and TADA it was fixed.  Computers 😛  so look for an announcement later today or tomorrow for the class to go live and ready for registration!!!

So i have a cute project today for Imagine This Friday:

What’s so *Imagine* about this card.  I want to stress that the Imagine can EASILY be used JUST like a regular Cricut machine.  Load colored paper in and simply choose your shapes and cut.  You do NOT HAVE to print too.  The border is from Cake Basics.

And this little cutie is Ballerina Marci from Lala Land Stamps.  I first saw these at CHA and i think they are really cute!  She is from one of the lessons in my Colored Pencil Class i have been working on for Color Me Creative.  She is just colored pencil – no blending methods used.

Off to get ready to head pezza out to school.  have a fantastic weekend!!!


3 Responses

  1. no video 😦 i so look forward to the imagine videos.

  2. Love that it’s a long card..I need to do more of those! So cute!

  3. She is adorable!!! I love this image and I am so impressed with how awesome you did with colored pencils!!!

    Do I detect Cryogen cardstock…I think I see that subtle shimmer that I LOVE!!

    Good luck with you new classes, I’m sure they will be awesome, as always! 🙂


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